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Default Sag Harbor Clothing

So I was at Kohl's today with my Mom and she purchased this super cute shirt and the brand is Sag Harbor. Am I the only one who thinks that that is a bad name for a line of women's clothing? I mean, what is their line for men? Flaccid Cove?!
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There is a village in New York state with that name. Maybe that is where they got the name.
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It's funny that I've been a fan of the brand for years and never associated it with "sagging."

Sag Harbor (the place) is on the National Register of Historic Places for it's business district, whaling port, and writer's colony. So it's a popular tourist destination, with an upscale, "quaint New England village" image. And it's the town's reputation that I've always associated with the brand.
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Sag Harbor is a moderately priced sportswear brand & it's under the Kellwood Group. (They moved from NY out to LA, I think.) The name actually tells you what they offer, with its nautical associations & ring of the Eastern Seaboard: Very traditional American casual, i.e., Talbots-ish for the more budget-minded department store shopper. The test to identify such American-style sportswear lines is to use the brand name to fill in the blank in this sentence: "Oh, Muffy's family has always summered at [Sag Harbor]."

As for me, I often like their prints, I mean the prints on their blouses, usually, but don't like the fabric quality.

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Wink Sag Harbor nightgown...

I always thought I was the only one that thought "Sag Harbor" was not a good name for a line of women's clothes. We have plenty of quaint, seaside New England towns to draw from that would evoke a much better mental image!!
My husband told me that last Christmas he almost bought a nightgown for me, but when he saw the name "Sag Harbor" he thought twice and didn't buy it. He also advised another gentleman in the lingerie dept. not to take one home with that name on it either!
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That is so funny! I never thought about Sag Harbor that way and I've bought a lot of their clothes. I just associated it with the town.
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I used to joke with my mom about this too.
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I never associated it with "Sagging" either. Just a brand name is all it is.
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i'm with the op on this one. why?! especially when they have a plus size line. i'd much rather be at Perky Province then Sag Harbor! hahaha.
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