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oh man... I'm new to the Cat world when my husband brought one to our new home once we got married b/c we needed a "pet".... Stupid cat gets a stinky butt and I'm the only one who seems to care.

Tried washing her once... ummmmm... yeah. . . I didn't believe all the hype about "cats hate water" until that day. She SHREDDED a perfectly good t-shirt of mine and literally CLIMBED the wall and was clinging to the vanity mirror making the most obscene noises I have ever heard (and have never heard since).

Yowza... I've taken just to scruffing her and wiping the stinky parts with a wet washcloth... she doesn't like that either, but at least she doesn't scar me in the process!
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uhhhh, take her to the vet and get her anal glands squished (as I like to call it). Also, depending on what food you feed, it may also be the problem... good luck!
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the only way I'll bath any of my cats is by putting a plastic disposable cup over their head. I know this doesn't sound humane but it is! Cat has no problem breathing, doesn't know what you're doing, and in general is much calmer in the water. Try it, vet recommended, and it actually works pretty good.
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The first Christmas we were in our new house, only been there a matter of weeks, when my parents came to stay with us. I was in the kitchen making breakfast and waiting for my sister and her husband to arrive. All of a sudden our cat streaked past me with something burgundy flying behind him. My dad came around the corner after him asking me where his sweatshirt had gone. The cat flew by again and I was able to grab him. Poor little thing! Turns out the people who had the house before us had a mouse problem they'd not bothered to tell us about and our kitty had found an old glue trap somewhere back in a storage room and it was stuck to his back leg. He must have then stuck himself to my dad's sweatshirt and then freaked out thinking the sweatshirt was chasing him. (but sort of funny).

Well with two guests at our house, two on their way for breakfast and another 10 soon to arrive for lunch/present opening it was not the best time to have this happen. BTW, did I mention this was the very first Christmas we were hosting as a new couple and I'd NEVER made a turkey before?!

Our vet was closed so my DH got on the internet to find out how to safely get glue off a cat. I had to ask my mom to finish making breakfast and start the Christmas lunch while DH and I took the cat into the bathroom to covered his leg and tail with olive oil. We then used a fine tooth comb to get the glue out. I eventually had to cut away huge chunks of fur off his tail that were just too sticky. We finally gave him a bath to get the oil off and wrapped him in a warm towel. He was so sad and he looked horrible with a totally chopped up tail and a bald back leg. It was his first Christmas and everyone wanted to see him. He seemed calm enough to introduce him to the crowd so I held him so he'd feel safe and brought him to the family where he immediately looked around the room and let out the loudest hiss you've ever heard turning his head from side to side to include everyone is his unhappiness. Guess he'd not recovered enough yet to want company. He got to spend the rest of the day snuggled up to his brother on our king sized bed well away from the noise and crowd!

I'll definitely do everything in my power to never have to go through that again, LOL!

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Post Awe!!!

Awe, that kitty looks so scared! I bathe my cat every now and then.
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We had to give my cat flea baths when I was in college...we used the 2 person method. The stronger person holds all 4 paws FIRMLY --2 in each hand, the quicker person does the bathing.

Now in the more modern era there is only ONE way to bathe a cat

Take him to petsmart where they will do it for you.
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what a good idea! I'll keep that in mind if my kitty needs water bath.
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"Cattitude Adjuster" - I love that!!!

These are all hilarious!

We once got a kitten - who unfortunately came with fleas. It would take my dh & our roommate at the time both to bathe this poor little kitten & they did wear welding gloves - one of the funniest things ever to watch!

But it was the older cat, declawed, that was the real struggle. It truly did take the two grown men & everything they had to keep that cat in the water long enough to bathe her.

The only other time I've had to bathe cats was once one walked through a paint tray full of paint - paint EVERYWHERE!!!

Not too long ago my cat sat in this tarry glue stuff I was using in tiling my floor. I ended up having to cut half the fur of his back legs to get the tar out. But only after trying to wash it out. He & I were not on speaking terms for some time after that!
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2 wheels is plenty :D
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And it's Cinnamon Girl for the WIN!! LMAO.
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