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Default Proteins

How much attention to you pay to protein amounts. What's a good carb/protein ratio?
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50% carbs, 25% protein, 25% fat works for me. The carbs are mostly complex. I do not eat simple carbs or sugar, white flour, white rice, etc.) and avoid processed foods. If I don't eat enough protein and fat, I'm hungry.
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It depends on your goal, however protein is very important for keeping your lean body mass and or building on it (i.e. adding muscle). There are different ratios to consider, the best is the one that works for you. It'll take trial and effort to find the right combination.

From what I've experienced and read if your carb and fat intake is higher than your protein intake you'll hold on to fat and convert much of what is eaten into adipose tissue.

Some ratios to consider (and as mentioned most carb in diet should be complex carbs like: brown rice, sweet potatoes, oats, barley, fruits and veggies) 30%p/40%c/30%f or 40%p/30%c/30%f or 40%p/35%c/25%f or the one mentioned above.

Play around with the ratios and see which ones go with your goals and helps curb hunger as well as helps you lose safely.

Hopes this helps.

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I aim for 20% fat/30%protein/50%carb
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