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Unhappy frustrated, burned out, what now?

Hey chickies,

I just need a moment to vent, and beg for a pity party, a pep talk, a kick in the pants...I don't know what I need! I feel like I'm between a rock and a hard place and am not sure where to go from here. I've been with LAWL for over a year, and right now I weigh more than when I started. The lowest I ever got was 16 pounds down. I'm frustrated and burned out on this plan, I don't want to weigh and measure, I don't want to count circles, I just want to stuff my face! I eat a cookie, scold myself, then reach for another one. DH is frustrated because he doesn't want to (and shouldn't have to!) be my food warden, one minute I ask him to "help me" stay on track, then get mad when he does what I ask...BLAH!!!

Sometimes (like now), I think of exactly HOW MUCH of our hard-earned money I've spent in the last year and to date I have NOTHING!!!!!!! to show for it!!!, and it makes me feel so awful I want to cry. I swore up and down a year ago that this was going to WORK, and I'm totally at a loss for what to do at this point. Thoughts? Sigh.
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Fiona -

Trust me, sweetie, we've all been in your shoes. The only good thing about being mean to yourself is if it makes you change what you're doing.

Personally, I think it's the beginning of the school year- it always seems to symbolize the start of a new year, and a time for reflection of the past year.

You have changed SO much in your life this past year - job, house, DD starting school, DS changing job -- maybe you just need sometime to settle?

I guess the main question is -- what do you really want to do about your weight?

We all know that LAWL is not a magic diet - it's just a way of managing our portions. If the diet is too restrictive to you ( like the cookies) then right now, maybe this isn't the right plan for you? Anyway, it's not like the plan is going anywhere - it'll still be here when you're ready to pick it up again.

Can you identify what it is that you don't like about it? Or is just any structure?

For myself, I know that I'm not happy physically when I'm heavy, and I'm not happy where I am, so the only way to try to go lower.

I'm just trying to give you something to think about -- we are always here for you, chick!

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