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Default Is this true?

I was reading that while a person is gaining weight, they (obviously) create more fat cells. BUT, as that same person loses weight, those fat cells do not disappear, but just change shape. SO, that is reason why a formally large person will gain weight so much quicker and easier than someone who has had a 'normal' weight all their lives. Has anyone else heard this? Is this true?? It seems very unfair of our bodies to do this to us!!
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I heard this too and asked a question here similar awhile back. I also read if you gain weight as a kid, then those fat cells are there for good. (imho) I think that is why when thin women just gain weight from pregnancy they are able to take it off more easily.

I think the only way to permanently remove those fat cells is through liposuction.
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This is not a test.
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I dont think this is understanding is that when you are a child then you are creating new fat cells, but once you get to a certain age the number you have is the number you are stuck with, they just get bigger and smaller as you gain and lose weight. So if a person is overweight as a child they probably are more likely to be overweight as an adult, and might be more likely to be overweight that someone who has been a normal sized their whole life.
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Originally Posted by ringmaster View Post
I think that is why when thin women just gain weight from pregnancy they are able to take it off more easily.
Then what about the thin owmen who hog out while they're pregnant and then have trouble going back?

IMO, I think someone who's been overweight, especially as a child, is more likely to lapse back to bad eating and exercising habits, whereas someone who has been an average weight is less likely to develop poor eating and exercising habits later on.
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