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Default when will it show

i'm 19 about 5'11 and i use to weight about 362 now i'm 343...but i dont see a difference when can i expect to look in the mirror and see something change? thanks everybody for your replys
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I don't see it in myself , either. It is harder to see it in ourselves because we are seeing ourselves all the time and the weight is coming off gradually.People who don't see us everyday will notice. I know I have smaller clothes in my closet and all my extra large clothes are gone.Do you take your measurements ? That is a good indication that it is coming off even if you do not see it.Congratulations on losing 19 pounds.
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The best way for you to see a difference is to take pictures. Mirrors are tricky things.

It is really weird. You can lose 20 pounds, not notice much, but then another 5 can make all the difference. I don't know why that is, but I have noticed it several different times now.
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I second the picture idea. My coworker the other day said to me "man your face is a lot thinner, I can really tell a difference" and he is a guy. Boy I was on cloud nine for the rest of the day, cause my weight was plateaued cause my TOM was right around the corner hahaha. Made my day. But yeah I took pics too, very unflattering pics baring all areas of fatness, but hey, when I'm done I want to see where I was and where I never will be again. And besides, ya gotta take pics....cause you know we are all gonna want to see your before and afters!!!!
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I don't know. I'm getting anxious too. I have lost 18.75lbs, and I still can't tell. I did take before pics. I put on the same clothes and re took the pics, and still couldn't tell! LOL!

So, who knows.

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Your always around yourself, lol, if that makes sense. You wont notice a change in yourself, or other people aswell, like that if your always seeing. If you see a friend after a few months and they had dropped it you'd notice it right away, but not as likely had you been with that friend everyday to that point.
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Steps on this journey...
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I think I was about 20 lbs down (from about 250 to about 225) before people were SURE I had lost weight. Before that, they just kind of looked at me but I think they were afraid to ask. Now people just start out the conversation, "oh, you've lost weight"...
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I'm 5'11" too and it's kind of a double edged sword. People would never be able to accurately guess your current weight (they'd always guess low) and it will take them longer to notice the difference. I bought a pair of pants a size smaller than I wear and try them on once a week when I do my weigh in. Then I write a little note about how they fit and the date (Got them on but couldn't zip, etc) That way week by week I could see some improvement even if the scale didn't budge and I didn't notice a difference in the pictures. BTW Congrats on your success so far. That's awesome.
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3 + years maintaining
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Hang tough. I know it's hard, when you've been working so hard to lose the weight and you actually HAVE lost weight (yay!!! and congrats), but the larger we are, the longer it usually takes to show. I didn't really notice a difference til about 35 lbs down. And then not really a lot. But my clothing size did change. And I knew, I just knew that if I really, really stuck with my plan, that the weighth WOULD come off and that there would be many, many rewards further down the road. And there was!!!

Hang tough. You're doing great. Just great!!! Before you know it, it will show - to you and everyone around you and it's incredibly, incredibly rewarding, motivating and oh so very worth it. Good luck.
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2 wheels is plenty :D
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I just wanna say that you are doing this while you are young. It just gets harder later. Not impossible...just harder.
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Height: 5 feet 11 inches


well i was looking at an old pic and i went to put the shirt on it was so lose ...yay no stomach yay thinbyjune you are so right everybody always gusses low on my weight...but im hoping by the time i'm two something since i'm so tall it will make me look smaller lol..i took out some other clothes that i cant fit and put them on a seperate shelf as my goal clothes.. thanks you guys for all your replys...i love this site you guys are all so supportive...
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Eating for two!
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Also, unfortunately, the more you weigh to start with, typically the more you need to lose to make a noticeable difference. Think about it: someone who weighs, say, 150 and loses 20 pounds will see a HUGE difference because that's a giant chunk of what they used to weigh! But someone weighing 300 pounds losing 20 pounds might not be able to notice much of a difference since it's less than 10% loss for that person. I'm really glad you said some shirts are fitting better--that's a MUCH better indicator than the mirror!
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The Radiant One
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If you aren't taking measurements - start right now.
You are getting smaller, but when you are larger it takes much more to have the difference be visible to the naked eye, so to speak.
However, if you take your measurements, you will see that you are getting smaller. An inch off your waist is a lot - but it doesn't show as well when you are looking at it in the mirror.
And you are doing great!
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I am doing pictures weekly and measurments daily??
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I am 5'6" and from past experience, it took about 30lbs before others noticed the difference although you should definitely be seeing progress in your clothes by now.

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