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Default There is a No Lites Plan??

I have been on LAWL for 5 weeks now and have lost about 15 pounds. It is going great, but I refused the Lites from the beginning because I eat organic foods only for the most part. Nobody ever said there was a different plan for me. I have been starving on two proteins a day and no Lites. Why didn't they tell me this?
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I told my center I couldn't do the lites because of money. They put me on plan #2 and gave me a sample box of lites for 4 days. When the 4 days was up, they tried to talk me into using lites, but since I was still broke, I refused. They then reluctantly put me on plan 3. (I am 5'7" and was 198). I know some centers are more adamant about using the lites than others, but I think in most cases, not using them puts you in the next food plan (i.e. more food). Just ask them at your next visit.
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If you are on a plan from your COD and they know you are not doing Lites, then they made allowanes for the differences in calories. I am on a plan with no Lites because I am allergic to soy, the primary source of protein in the bars, shakes and other meals. Because of this, my COD bumped me up a program and that difference in calories makes up for my not having the Lites. Does that make sense?

I would ask them to double check and make sure they are adjusting your caloric intake the next time you weigh in. Also let them know that you are "starving", because if you are constantly hungry you will eventually go off program. That is important. If you excercise more than 3 hours a week, they add more food to make sure you are eating enough.

You sound like you are really doing well, if you were not eating enough calories you would not be losing as successfully as you are. That is why it is important to eat all your servings of your foods that you are given.

Keep up the good work. You are doing exceptionally well. Good for you !!!!


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Default No Lites plan

Could you please post the No Lite diet plan?


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Marcia, the no lite diet plan is generally the next plan up from the one you have doing lites. ie. if you are purple with lites, then you would be red no lites. If you are plan 2 with lites, you would be plan 3 with no lites...

There is no one set plan for not doing lites. It depends on your weight and height.

Hope this helps!
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when I went to the no lite plan they increased my servings by 1starch 1fruit and 1/2 a protein
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