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Default Do you do your own thing?

Some studies have shown that the most successful dieters didn't lose weight through one of the popular diets, but did it by creating their own diet plan based on their personal needs and tastes.

Have you created your own diet plan that you follow regularly and with success?

Please share
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LOL - kind of. I have incorporated the parts and pieces I like best of other plans into my own. At almost 50 years old, I finally think I have a plan that works for me. So, without further ado...
~I calorie count to help me with portion control
~I use volumetrics to help me feel like each of my 6 meals a day is a full meal
~I have been a strict vegetarian (ovo-lacto) for over 25 years
~I try to stick to whole, non-processed foods as much as I can (organic if possible)
~I try to add significant fiber to my daily food intake
~I take a multi-vitamin to help insure that I get balance
~I try to drink at least 10 glasses of water each day
~I add healthy fats and follow some of Sonoma and Mediterranean diet rules - particularly adding dry red wine to my daily menu
~I try to balance carbs/protein/fat -40/30/30 (once I have subtracted the red wine from the total)
~I try to limit artificial sweeteners and use herbal tea
~I eat a small amount (half ounce or less) of dark choclolate (70%) daily

I am satisfied, losing weight, and happy with my results so far. AND - most importantly - I think I can do this from now on.

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hara hachi bu
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I kind of do my own thing, adapting when things get stagnant or as my lifestyle changes.

My first attempt was through Overeaters Anonymous HOW program, which is extremely regimented and requires a nutritionist plan. I lost 30 pounds, but couldn't stand the overly regimented practice and quit, gaining back the 30 plus an additional 30. I liked the nutritional plan, though, which focused on complex carbs and lots of vegetables. When I recovered from the HOW program, I returned to that nutritional plan and modified it to meet my needs.

When I began to take weight loss more seriously I put a Mediterranean spin on things (unsaturated fats, seafood). That eventually evolved into a Superfoods/whole foods approach. When my son moved out, I found that I didn't like cooking at home so much for one person, so I added in a few more processed foods and began more of a calorie-counting approach.

That's basically where I am right now. I stick to roughly 1800 calories a day, trying to make sure to get in four servings of vegetables daily. I make sure that most of my grains have 2g fiber per every 15g carbs. Oh yeah, and I try to only eat meat a few times a week.

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I can't stick to diet plans Too many "rules" and I get bored. So, for the most part I do portion control and some calorie counting. I'm more aware of what I eat now and read labels. And I'm more active.
I needed something that I can stick to for life! This is doable for me And so far it's working, even if the weight isn't coming off as quickly as I would like.
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Same here - I love good food too much to go on any of the really wierd and restrictive diets out there, and I'm horrible at measuring.

Here's my plan:

- I'm attempting to journal every day, and be more mindful of what I'm eating, as well as my water intake.
- I'm cutting out all processed foods, chemicals, refined sugar, and dairy other than yogurt (since I'm more and more convinced that dairy and wheat are the biggest part of my digestive problems and weight gain).
- I'm going to limit refined wheat products. I'm going to eat more fruits, veggies and leafy greens, and increase whole grains.
- I'm going to take my fiber and omega supplements, every day.
- I'm a big foodie and am increasingly interested in making sure what goes into my body is as pure and fresh as possible.
- I'm trying my hardest to make sure my produce is local, fresh and organic.
- I will eat good food. I will not eat crappy food. And I'll finish when I'm full.
-I'm doing power yoga three times a week, and will go up from there. I will make sure I exercise at least a LITTLE every day.

All of this is basic, common sense stuff. I don't feel like I need to subscribe to a system for it - it's just a matter of DOING it.
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I've never done any type of commercial diet. Too many rules...and for me personally, I can't justify spending money on something where someone else tells me what and how I should be eating...when I KNOW exactly what and how I should be eating. I know what's good and what's bad and I know how much of everything I should be eating. So it's never made sense to me to doing anything other than stop eating junk and start eating good food. It really is that simple, no spending $$$'s required. At least for me, I know that's not the case for everyone.

So, I guess my plan consists of regular exercise which has been the biggest key for me. This is actually what's keeping me on plan...or bringing me back to plan when I fall off. Man, I NEVER thought I'd say that before. I could hardly walk a mile and got winded walking up my basement stairs when I started this. I was a HATER of exercise my whole life. Hated, hated, hated it. Hated pushing myself, hated sweating, hated everything about it. Now, I really love it. I love how it makes me feel afterwards, I love how much stronger I am getting (and will continue to get), I love how it's making my muscles pop. Because of the exercise I have new goals, beyond just weight loss goals, I have fitness goals, and the fitness goals are what keep dragging me back to plan.

The other part of my plan is obviously the food aspect. I have been making better food choices (for example instead of a tuna sandwich on white bread smothered in plain potato chips I have an open faced sandwich on whole grain bread), I've been eating smaller portions, and watching my calories. I *thought* I was a calorie counter until I came here and started reading about the women who actually count their calories. Whew, what a fraud I am. *giggle* The calorie counters here are GOOD at it and are really on the ball with it. I'm not like that. I kinda more watch my calories and guesstimate (always on the high side) b/c I can't stand measuring anything or making an effort. I tried fitday and things like that to keep track and I found I ate more when I did that I'm weird. So I read food labels, make better choices, move, and try to NOT stuff my face too much. It's worked well too, my first 25lbs came off in less than three months. I was pretty much losing about 2 lbs a week, until I spent a few months maintaining b/c I lost a little control with my eating. The problem is, controlling the eating and actually staying on plan everyday is hard and more an emotional thing for me than anything else.
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