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Default Those of you on Alli

Hello all~

I went through the threads with those on Alli, but I just wanted to do a thread where I can see:

How long have you been on Alli?

How much weight have you lost?

Would you recommend it?

I am considering purchasing, but I just wanted to see what results for those on it have been like.

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check the actual alli plan website, they have a vast message board that users post on. I used the product for 2 weeks, I lost 6 lbs, but constantly felt bloated, gassy and miserable. I never had any of the treatment effects, but living in fear of them was not conducive for me.

Though it worked temporarily as soon as you stop taking it, even if on the same diet the weight came right back.

I think the eating plan they provide in the book is sound, but the pills aren't the solution.

Good luck =)
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I have been on Alli since mid July. I am down 12 1/2 pounds. I have had one of the TE, and it was nothing major. I have felt great the whole time that I've been taking it. No bloating, etc. The message board at the Alli site is confusing. I would go to the thread here at 3FC. There is one for each week, and the most recent one started yesterday, 9/10/07.

My whole way of eating has changed. I know that the pill is not making me lose the weight, BUT it is making me be accountable because I want to make sure that I don't eat too much fat. I want to stay away from the TE!! lol I am permitted 1800 calories a day and 19 grams of fat a meal. Sure there have been some meals where I have gone over, but I haven't beaten myself up over it, and I just get back on the wagon for the next meal.

I am counting calories and watching the fat grams. I have quite a bit to lose, and I am older. I know it is harder the older we get to lose. I have been on WW, and I lost some. Personally, I highly recommend Alli if you are ready to make the commitment to it. I feel that since I've been on it almost 2 months, I can be pretty truthful about it since I have given it a chance. Everyone that I know who has been on it for a while is pleased.

When you stop any diet, there is always a chance that you will gain back what you've lost. That happened when I would stop following the WW plan, stopped doing South Beach, etc. By getting into the daily habit of watching what I eat, I am making lifestyle changes in my eating habits. More fruits and vegetables. Less fats and sugars. Also, I am exercising more.

Give it a chance!!
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I think Tammy has given a good summary. I'm taking the prescription version of Orlistat (Xenical) and am on my 7th week. I'd lost 15lb at the end of six weeks which I would judge to be more than double what I would have expected to lose without it.

If you can commit to a low-fat lifestyle, I'd say go for it. And yes I agree that the potential to regain weight when you stop taking it is no different to stopping any other diet plan which all need a planned maintenance phase.

Total weightloss

Losing Maintenance Buffer
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Hello Chubbyone

I started Alli Last Wed. and I have lost 5 pounds so far. I feel great- no
Treatment Effects.......I have really been watching it though-- just the
thought of a dreaded T.E. has kept me on the straight & narrow.
Obviously this pill isn't for everyone but I would recommend you try
it, if you can stick to a low fat diet.. Good Luck!!!
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Hi there.
I've been on ALLI since the first of July--down 23 lbs. Although the pills do help restrict the fat your body absorbs, their main benefit to me is that they have forced me to think about everything I eat. I've not worried about calories, once I realized that watching my fat and salt intake pretty much takes care of the issue.
Only one true TE, caused by a couple of days of carelessness about what I ate.
As far as I'm concerned, ALLI is like the Anti-Smoking patches I used a few years ago. It's only a a tool that allows me to change my life style. I'm a believer.
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I have to agree with Beck, it does help absorb some of the fat intake, which is the intended purpose..but it also changes the way you *look* at the food you are about to eat...you have to THINK about it...that is the helpful part to me personally.
GW~155 6lbs to go!!! OMG!!!!

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I've been on Alli since June 22(i think). I went in with a friend and we split a bottle. I have lost a total of 41lbs, although I do not take Alli on a daily basis or with every meal. I eat low fat but I don't deprive myself at all. Now I know that foods that I would have never touched back in the day, I enjoy. I know how to tweak recipes to some of the foods I enjoy to make them healthy and tasty.

I have been busting my butt to get to this point and I know I have a long way to go. But I will get there. No 500 calorie burger tastes better than I feel right now.

I would recommend Alli to someone who is trying to lose weight as a jump start.

I don't plan on buying another refill pack, I'll let everyone know if I gain any weight,
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