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Default I'm just barely losing

OK I have been on this for 3 weeks and have lost a whopping 6 pounds. I know that works out to be 2 lbs a week but c'mon....I see so many people having these great early losses...I am really feeling discouraged and BLEW THE DIET today with pizza and wings. I am rational enough to know it was emotional eating...I am also awaiting some testing in a couple days that has me kind of worried about my health and that is kind of eating at my mind (no pun intended)
I write it down beforehand, I plan my meals but really...I am a nurse and I work busy 12h shifts...I don't always have time to sit and eat when I am hungry and I really can't figure out how to get those 5 or 6 little meals in when I sometimes have barely enough time to go to the bathroom! I try to explain this to them at the center...they are clueless. One girl said yeah, I work 10 hour days here and its rough. Hello dear....if you just SIT DOWN you have it better than I do!
I drink as much as I can, I do my very best. Today was the first official cheat and I know that a little shaking things up can actually help. Not that I am kidding myself that thre pieces of pizza and four wings is going to make me lose weight lol.
I spent the first week starving and thinking I would never get enough to eat. The second week thinking maybe I can do it, and the third week feeling sort of okay. Now here I am and I am just bummed. Yeah, 6 pounds is almost 10 and my jeans are baggy and my scrubs fit better. But its just not what I expected for the money I invested.
I go in that center and I see all those pictures just lining the wall...its pressure. Now they want me to try their CLA pills. I love that they don't know what they are talking about. They are NOT proven in any large study to help and they have been related to a slight increase in cholesterol and fatty liver. Also, if people are prone to diabetes it can increase insulin resistance. I can talk about it til I'm blue in the face and will just get a blank look and a sales pitch. (Have you tried our mint chocolate bars?)
I am just not happy right now. I believe that the eating plan is great but the sales pitch and the weigh ins are a drag. Who needs to get weighed 2 or 3 times a week???? That only sets you up to feel bad. I was excited for the last weigh-in, got there, lost only 2 tenths of a pound and left wanting to cry.
Maybe I am getting hormonal again. I might be since the darn Lites taste good to me these days.
I don't know...I run my butt of four days a week at work, spend my days off cleaning the house and tutoring nursing students (my second job). I can't find time to add an exercise plan and frankly, joining a gym isn't in the budget right now. I'll walk more when the weather clears if I can.
I don't know what to do!!!!
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hang in there. it will all add up soon enough. 6 pounds is really great!
just think, in a few months it will be 20 pounds. Then 40 and so on til you are where you want to be..
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Ok, I'm not on this program, but I have to butt in here. Take a VERY deep breath, Stress is getting to you! If you're clothes are fitting better after three weeks, you are doing FANTASTIC. You can't compare your loss to anyone elses (and as a nurse you know that), even your own at times. My guess is you also are not taking into account % of total body weight. If your clothing fits better after "only" 6 lbs, you probably have a lot less to lose than people who may have made bigger losses. Also some people might lose 2 lbs every week, and others might lose 6 lbs every three weeks, and some people will go along great and then hit a 5 month plateau.

The worst time in my life for losing weight was when I was going to graduate school (psychology) 9 credit hours 60 miles from "home" and 85 miles from "work" while working full-time in a juvenile detention center (swing shift -which swang wildly - I sometimes worked 4 different shifts in a single week, up to 10 days straight, and usually several double shifts a month).

Please try to be patient with yourself. You're doing great!
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I know it is great to hope for 10lb off the bat but the reason this program is designed the way it is and works for many of us is the fact it is a safe and reasonable weight loss. They aim for 2lbs a week, same as WW as that is what has been shown to be more likely for people to lose and keep it off. I have a family member that did Bernsteins and the weight flew off her body.. but she and many others I know gained it back and more and now are having a really hard time losing.. You are not on a diet but making a lifestyle change. I've had many weeks where I've stayed the same or lost .2ozs and nearly pulled my hair out.. but I started end of Sept and have lost 54lbs and 30 inches.. so they all add up. You have to persistant, accountable to yourself and learn to enjoy victories other than just what the scale says. 6lbs in 3 weeks is great, many members of this board would be jealous of this. We are all losing bit at a time but a lot over time..
Keep up the great work and come and vent or look for inspiration any time you feel frustrated.

great job!
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First of all take a deep breath. We've all been through it and we know what it's lilke.

If you're subscribing to LA online, go on immediately and e-mail the dietician, if you're working 12 hour shifts, you should be on Blue and not Gold. Blue is specifically designed for shift workers. If you're not subscribing, next time you walk into the COD, bring your diary, your work schedule, and insist that on talking to the COD manager and having them call the Dietician while you're at the COD. You have to be your own advocate.

I'm a true believer that the scale doesn't reflect all the changes. If you're feeling better and noticing a change in your clothes the program is working. Keep up the spirits and remember you're doing it for you.

I personally try to avoid one Counselor at COD at all costs. Over time you'll learn to do the same thing. Sure enoguh, she was the only one in Friday. Why do I avoid her, because she is clueless--she actually tells me every time that I see her that the reason I'm not dropping pounds is because I do resistance workouts. I'm aggravated every time I speak to her! I've talked to both the Dieticians and the Regional Managers, they have told me keep going with the resistance work-outs and I'll keep losing 3 times the average inches lost per pound. You'd rather be heavy and lean than light and flabby!
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i totally understand how you feel and i know your frustration. i am a nurse too and work very busy 12 hour shifts with a heavy load. and for me the weight is coming off slowly as well. it is hard to get it all in when you don't even have time for a bathroom break. but where there is a will there is a way... you just have to find it. try to stay positive. the way i look at it is .. i would rather the weight come off really slowly than not at all. hang in there... keep trying. pick yourself up... dust yourself off and get back at it. maybe try doing take off and see if that gives you a boost.
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I was told at me center that I only really need to come in once a week because of my work schedule. That alone takes away some of the stress of fitting yet another thing into your schedule and listening to sales pitches. Also, I am praying for patience. I figure that this weight came on gradually and it's going to go away in the same manner. This is my third time on this diet and I've come to know that slower is better. Good luck! If you stick to this, it will work.
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Thank you to all for the support. I know that it will all add up over time but I am just feeing so much pressure. Probably from myself. I was in the center and the one counselor that I really get along with was doing TO and she just looked awful. pale and tired and kind of complaining how hungry she was. Oh yeah, that was great. I (semi-jokingly) said "Hey,you aren't doing much for the image of the company"
I do NOT want to email the dietician because they do not contact me back; they contact the center and then the center calls me. The blue plan offers just a half more protein and an extra starch I think. I think they will probably end up putting me on something more restrictive. THey want me to try TO but seriously---a 12h shift on that small amount of food? There is no way I can do it and I told them that. Severely restricting caloric intake causes quick losses but it also slows the metabolism. I guess part of this is that 'counselor' is not medical. I love that they take my bp each time. They have NO medical background. I was quizzing them---what would you do if a client has a pressure of such and such? They don't know. They don't know high vs low b/p or what to do. Mine gets high d/t 'white coat hypertension' so when it was out of range, they just smiled and didn't really say much as she wrote it down. So I said no more blood pressures on me please.
Ugh. I am back on plan today, and will stick with it since my son worked out that I am paying $400 for each 10 pounds I plan to lose. Wish I'd thought of that before I did this though....
So thank you all for the encouragement. I know my thyroid is going to slow me down and I just get so frustrated. My husband is doing his personal version of Atkins, which is NOT right and NOT healthy. (Atkins done right is healthy enough, but husband's way is not) I watched him eat dinner last night (10 chicken wings) and breakfast today (4 eggs) and thought..well, at least I am eating healthier than he is.
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It sounds like you have the appropriate medical knowledge to supplement the lifestyle change that this program offers - evidenced by your understanding of the difference between the food choices your husband makes and those that you are making. I truly marvel at how folks such as yourself, with the busy, active and stressful jobs that you have, do manage to make these kinds of lifestyle changes work.

So, although I don't have the shift work job that you have, I do have an incredibly busy lifestyle that includes work, university, kids, volunteer commitments etc, and find myself in the same boat as you with the small meal approach. However, I've found a way to make it work! It does involve pre-planning though. I have recently moved from purple to blue plan. I keep a bag with me that has premeasured foods in containers - so that if I get stuck in a meeting at work, I can still stick to plan. The food is just things like melba toast, light cheese and grapes (1 starch, 1/2 dairy, 1 fruit); silken delight from the cookbook (cottage cheese and jello mixed together for 1/2 protein); pita bread and cheese; you get the picture. I also always keep a lite bar and apple handy....and also keep a case of the meal replacement (LA Slimdown?) in my desk. Just some thoughts of ways to help out.

And I also totally relate to the 'slow' loss. I've been on LAWL since October. Set a mini goal of 44 lbs and just this week hit my 30 lb loss. I've been stuck in the mid 180's for weeeeeeeeeeeks now - despite good planning and an exercise regime at the gym. I've had moments of total disheartedness. But then I have a night like last night, where I see friends I haven't seen for a month or so and they say "wow, you've lost MORE weight!" Even though I haven't, it's that bit about the clothes fitting differently, and me feeling better about myself.

Sorry for the novel....just wanted you to know that you're not alone in these feelings of frustration. I hope you find ways to make this work for you - after all, we're all worth it, aren't we?
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Yikes!With your schedual, your stress, your problems with the COD, and dealing with health issues, I am amazed that you have lost steady and are on target for a 2 lbs a week loss! that is fab! I am about to finish up my second week and it looks like I might have lost 4 lbs.... so I am right there with you, but I am not dealing with any of those things and with the exception of yesterday. (oooooh boy dont get me started! after resisting those chips at the mexican resturant I don't even want to say what all jumped in my mouth yesterday!) I have been POP. Go read that one post some one put on here......... sorry I know that is not very specific! but someone will know what I am talking about.... where it talked about how our body works on like one thing at a time. so all this healthy eating may not show up at the scale so much, but you liver may be the bodys focus right now or the kidneys or the thiroid. and when the body builds enough cells and does enough "spring cleaning" on that body part it will be more ready to work on throwing out fat. It is kinda like you can't do taxes and spring clean at the same time. taxes have a dead line so we get those done then when those are all "healed" or finished then we can get back to throwing out the houses "fat" or clutter. hang in there, come here often, I find this board more inspirational than the COD, let thier sales pitches go in one ear and out the other. Tell them you don't want to see what the scale says except on say mondays..... or just go in once a week if you think you can stay focused for 7 days. And keep telling yourself, it is better to lose 6 lbs than to gain them or stay the same. Other wise............. GOOD FOR YOU!!!!! SIX POUNDS!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!
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I'll second what Lettie says, you don't have to look at the scale every day Coop. I went 3 weeks without looking when I was stressed beyond belief with the plateau. Of which at 13 weeks I am the queen of. COD manager actually reccommended that I don't look at the scale, that if I was seeing the scale I would base my planning on the week for that number. I'm starting a scale ban once again this week.

Your body's going to respond differently. For me, the scales been going between 156-159 since before x-mas. However, I've dropped 13 inches and basically quit caffiene in the same period. Your body knows what's best for itself and will adjust.
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Hey Coop,

I'm starting on week 4 today, and like you I've only lost 7 lbs. I am frustrated as well with this slow loss. People keep telling me that slow loss is better so I'm trying to believe it and keep on plan. Actually the only reason I can say I'm down 7 lbs is that I couldn't believe my weigh in Friday night (down .2) so I went back in Saturday morning after breakfast and was down 2.2. I lost 2 lbs overnight!! Water, but I LOST 2 MORE LBS!

I normally only weigh in once a week. If I weigh in more I get depressed. I call in my visits though they don't like that much, but it's quite a little trek for me and as I said I don't like weighing that much. .2 doesn't motivate me.... 2lbs does.

To add insult to injury I had my son take my before picture (another thing they didn't do at the COD). I looked at them last night and I really didn't recognize that person in the pictures. It really knocked the wind right out of my sails. (I haven't had a picture taken of myself since my son was 4...he's 18 now). All I could say was Da*& I'm fat. My son assured me that I am smaller than I was when I started and the diet was working, however, if I looked like I'd lost weight what must I have looked like before the diet?

Looking at that and then looking at my little 7 lbs and knowing that isn't even making a small dent is very depressing. We both have to remember that it didn't come on overnight and it will take time to get it off. Telling you that jams it back in my head as well. We are doing great and we can make this.

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I am also starting week 4 on LAWL. The first week I had lost 6 and the second 4 but last week I was up 2, so I too have only lost about 7 pounds in three weeks.

The positive side for me is that I can say that my clothes are feeling better and I feel like I have much more energy than before, but I have to keep myself motivated and happy with the loss.
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I am a very slow loser. I have been on this plan for 26 weeks now and have only lost 25lbs. That is less than a lb a week. My clothes aren't anymore confortable and still in a size 16. It seems my WL is not coming off of my butt and thighs, but every where else. So I know how you are feeling. And with DH losing over 60 in the same amount of time, doesn't make things any easier. But I know guys lose faster than girls, so....

Hang in there. Remember, there are many of us who are dealing with the same frustration. I had a 6 wk plateau at 180-181. I am going to lose this weight and so are you. I know you can do this. Keep us posted.

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If it makes you all feel a little better, I am almost to my year on LAWL. My "average" is now 1.3 lb/week. It's slow, but I'm not quitting. The difference between this and other programs I've been on is that I would have a week of a gain or a stay the same and then give up. I haven't given up this time and I won't. I've been doing this far too long at this point to give up. I'll get there. Eventually. And you all will too.
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