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Try and try again.
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Cool Buddy Hunting Canadian SAHM

Hey, All...

I'm new around here. I have spent the better part of 2-1/2 years pregnant and am wanting to shed the pounds and do some toning, as well as establish a regular exercise routine and dieting habits. I am a SAHM to two small children and don't get out or do much. I make meals for my small son, but rarely do anything except snack, myself. I am looking to change this, and quick! Having said all of this, I am the type who needs lots of support, help and encouragement to get things done. I am a classic procrastinator and quite often begin things without finishing them. If anyone is interested in lending a hand, please email me or contact me via MSN or on here.

P.S. If anyone happens to live in the Edmonton, AB area, I am looking for a walking partner, if you're interested.
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I understand where you are at. I'm a SAHM with Sylvia 1 yr old. I'd advise getting an exercise ball (kids love to be bounced on it as well). I also do a lot of what I call 'Baby Ups' where I lay on the floor and use Sylvia as a 'weight' and lift her up and down, at 25 lbs she works well. One thing I want to encourage you about is that just picking up the house and sweeping/vacuuming is a workout and counts toward burning calories. The snacking is a hard one though. I've started adding wheat germ to my instant Weight Control oatmeal and don't have as many problems in the morning with snacking. The afternoon is hard though. Good luck! You're in the right spot for a lot of encouragement! Nett
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Hi! Wow...I wasn't sure if there was going to be any Edmonton people here, lol. What part of the city do u live in? I'm on the west end.

I used to have a huge problem with snacking, too...everytime I was bored, tired, angry or sad...or if I had a hard day at work...or if I was watching tv...I would snack. Now, in front of the tv, I squeeze a stress ball instead of putting food in my mouth, and whenever I am home, I keep a bottle of water with a tsp. of lemon juice in it beside me. It keeps me hydrated (since thirst can often be mistaken for hunger) and it keeps my cravings for sweets in check. I also chew alot of gum. Whenever I'm thinking of eating something and I'm not hungry, I grab a peice of gum.

Try distracting yourself with other things. Instead of snacking, get active. Dance. Who cares what you look like? there's no one else around, right? lol Or put music on and sing. Rub lotion on. Remind yourself that if you don't grab a snack, you'll reward yourself with some non-food item, say, on Friday.

IM me back!
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