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Default Guess Who's Back...

To give and accept support, yep this girl!
Hi everyone, it's been way too long, I honestly don't expect most to know me but hello just the same. Grab a cuppa because I want to explain how I went from 301.6 to 209.2 and up to 309. I joined this site back in early 2014 and would go on to lose 92.4 lbs. , only to regain every one of those pounds and they invited guests, ugh. lol Initially I was inspired to lose weight out of my fear for my health, I wasn't yet a diabetic but with my pcos/acanthosis nigricans/family history, it was a safe bet that I was on that path. I calorie counted using MyFitnessPal and lost that weight between 2/2014 to 11/2015. What happened?
Depression, depression is a bi...well you know the rest, it was brought on by multiple factors but one of the biggest was when I lost internet and was unable to properly connect to the community that had given me the most support, 3fc.

By the time my internet situation was sorted out (about 4 or so months after I'd reached my lowest) I was back to my food addiction, and when the rain cloud of depression finally dissipated, it was too late (seemingly), because the same mindset that brought me to my journey had gone with it. I was not at my smallest anymore (somewhere in the 220's) but I still liked how I looked, and therefore didn't feel motivated as I once did. (<this refers to the first half of 2016)

Then before I knew it, my weight was in the 240's (second half of 2016) but I still "liked" my appearance, and for what I didn't like it wasn't enough to drive me as "fighting for my health" the first time around did. Anyhow, by the end of 2016, I had met a man (in my head I'm saying it like the fake Jessica Rabbit in the Who Framed Roger Rabbit movie, yes I'm that old) and we began dating in January/2017when I was between the late 240's to mid 250's. When we started dating he loved introducing me to those he knew, and for the first time I felt like a trophy girl (albeit a plus sized one) and I would continue trying to lose weight but cheating and essentially quitting for the next year.

My weight had gotten to the late 260's in February 2018, and I'd had enough. I decided once and for all to get slim and to do it through weight loss surgery (vertical sleeve gastrectomy to be exact) but it wasn't to be at that time. Instead less than 2 weeks after making up my mind I found out I was expecting my first child, and that changed everything. My happy surprise pregnancy which as a PCOS sufferer I considered a miracle, went well for the most part but at the end when I was 40 weeks pregnant I was induced, and in the hospital my Blood Pressure went to 220, it was confirmed I had preeclampsia. Thankfully I was well cared for, but this could have easily ended tragically, my nurse said my pressure was in stroke numbers, and they gave me Magnesium Sulfate out of fear of seizure (I have no history, but preeclampsia can cause this). I was blessed, it went well. But it woke me up to how delicate life is.

Still, I didn't have my "omg I'm going to leave my daughter motherless if I don't change" epiphany until recently. I love this little girl with everything in me, for whatever reason I couldn't change for myself, but I could for her, she was my reason. Me wanting to be with her as long as possible is my reason. So here I am, and here I will stay until I reach a much healthier size (out of the morbid obesity category). Sorry for the long post, but I left one bit out, at the end of my pregnancy I was around 311, I had edema, and within 3 weeks of delivering my weight was 270.2!! But the stress associated with lack of sleep and anxiety along with caring for my new baby were too much and I regained every one of those pounds up to 309. I'm currently 299, and trying to reach 269 by the end of 2019.

Thank you for making it this far if you did, wishing us all the best on our health & weight loss journeys!
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Hiiii giirl oh my god I'm so happy to find someone on the forum from 2014! I'm back again too after gaining all the weight back just like you i was so happy with how i looked, kept gaining back the weight slowly until it was too late. I met a wonderful guy who asked for my hand but i kinda feel unworthy of his love since i can't love my self first. I went through depression and emotional eating but my life is more stable now. I am determined to lose this extra kilos again and i would appreciate it if we could do it together! Courage ♡

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