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Default Finally sticking to a diet!! Need help x

Hi everyone

I'm 3 days in ( it's the longest I've stuck to something lol )
I have over 150lb to lose and currently using slim and save
I'm having 4 packs a day and also some meat or fish and small amount of veg
Totalling around 750-800 calories a day

Will I lose weight quick with this ? I'm scared I won't be in ketosis/ wasting my time ,
or should I go back to just 4 packs and no extra food ?

I have the extra food as I work shifts doing a physical job and don't have my tea till 9.30pm from working since 1.30pm

Any help would be appreciated and anyone else on this vlcd / lighterlife / Cambridge / sns diet ??

Thanks all !
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Hi, I know nothing about slim and save so I did a quick search. I can't say whether or not you will stay in ketosis with this plan but when you eat that low in calories, you will lose weight regardless of what you eat. It doesn't matter if you are ketosis or not, you will lose weight. Whether it's healthy or not is another question. On that site it says you should be monitored by a doctor when doing very low calories, are you being monitored? I tried to find the nutritional information and ingredients for the shakes and I couldn't find that. Don't eliminate food, if you are doing 800 calories now, that's extremely low already. I really strongly suggest to be monitored by a doctor is you aren't already especially because its an extremely low calorie diet and that you have a lot of weight to lose. I do wish you the best of luck!
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