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Default Ready for change!

Hello. I'm starting my new healthy lifestyle in a couple days. Going to store tomorrow to get stocked up on food food. Have about 80lbs to lose. My worst time for over eating or eating wrong foods is evening. And now with my husband working nights it's even harder. Would love to chat or share tips and support with anyone who wants to. Thanks
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Default me too

I have been trying to lose weight for a long long time and getting nowhere much. I lose a few pounds and then put then back on, off and on, I reckon I've probably gained and lost about 10 stone at least in all that time.
I sometimes get down about all the time I have wasted and think is it really worth it now, struggling with a diet. I have decided not to diet but to try and eat more healthily, eat less and move more to stay healthy for as long as I can.
I am a terrible emotional eater and a binge eater. If I'm annoyed, stressed, fed up, any time really I will turn to food and once I have something that I feel is not 'good' I get the 'sod it I'll start again tomorrow' attitude and eat the cupboards clean.

So what I'm trying to say is I'm with you all the way on the healthy eating and good luck to us both.
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I'm with you both! I am so ready to start a new lifestyle! I have used Pinterest A LOT for recipes and stuff. There seems to be so many ideas for ways to make healthy food also delicious. I also have done what you have with eating when I'm bored and eating emotionally. Have a bad day at work? I deserve a cheeseburger lol that has been my way of thinking for a long time. I am trying to re-wire my way of thinking I guess you could say and not use food as a reward. Good luck in your weight loss journey and know that you are not alone!
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Im here with you girls as well. I am an emotional binge eater ,I will usually stop myself at 3500 calories on a binge day but that still wont get me to my goals.I highly recommend Myfitnesspal app.It has really helped me on my journey.
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