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Unhappy FAT (again) in South Korea

Hello. I'm new to the forum and I'm looking for support for my weight loss goals. I weighed 300 pounds three years ago and then, through diet and exercise and sheer determination, I lost over 120 pounds. Since then, I've moved to South Korea to teach ESL and I've gained so much weight back! I'm disgusted, but I can't seem to find the motivation to stay on a diet anymore. I don't have the opportunity to exercise like I did in the US and it's harder to eat well. Koreans are so small and are very into appearance and I feel so conspicuous and desperate here. I don't have any friends or family here and I work really hard - eating is my coping mechanism for loneliness and boredom.
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So make friends, get some outside of the house hobbies, stop making yourself lonely and bored! I'm sure there are so many things to do and see there. Use all your free time to see the Country!
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Hi Aces959, firstly you've made a really positive start thinking about making the change and finding your way here, and congratulations on your huge loss previously.

DO you have facilities to cook for yourself and access to more western products?

I also work in EFL in Asia and know the feeling of food being a go to comfort when working hard and long without a real support network.

Can you plan out your meals for tomorrow this evening so you wake up with a plan? I find it much easier to make better choices if I wake up with them in my head.

Do you have days off? Are there ways for you to network and meet others so you can focus on something other than food in your off time?

As for tiny people, try not to compare yourself to them.... even with a healthy BMI we would still appear giant like so that is not something to focus on.

Good luck with starting to make some changes, with the knowledge you gained from last time I am sure you'll do well
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Welcome and good luck. I've found so much motivation just having joined this group a week ago. When you're down come here and troll the Goals section. That helped me out my first week which is usually the hardest.
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Good luck with your efforts!!
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Hi access,

Yes it can be so hard when you are in a new country and away from all your friends, and food is a great comfort! On the other hand Korean food is usually healthy and all those tiny little dishes of things should help keep food interesting without going overboard on the quantities!

No real advice for you, jus hello and good luck
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Hello, I am new to the forum as well. I am currently in the final stretch of my weight loss journey and plan on moving to South Korea to teach ESL in a few short months. I am sure that you can find the determination to start back on your journey, especially since you already proved to yourself you can do it to begin with. I lost all the weight once before and gained it all back plus some. I was really ashamed of myself but then I thought "If I did it once before, I can definitely do it again". I know it must be hard in a foreign country without the support you would like, but I'll help support you. Especially since I'll be in the a similar situation soon (living in South Korea with no friends yet, and continuing my weight loss journey).
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Sending you good wishes.

I longed to go to South Korea after I finished my CELTA, but the idea of eating, clothes shopping and, as you say, being conspicuous in the culture there made me chicken out. I've enjoyed my different career in my home country, but it's always going to be a wonder, whether I missed out on something amazing because of fat-fear. You DID MY DREAM....being isolated and miserable is horrible, but please know that you are a bold and adventurous person, and your life is richer for it.

See some good advice further up this thread - keep posting and get into some support threads here...I hope they help you find your motivation.
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