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Default New and starting over....again!


I just discovered this forum while looking up a review for a product I wanted to try. I have had some success with forums for other issues in the past and I would like to try this one. I am looking for some support.

Eight years ago, I decided, foolishly, that I wanted to have a baby. I got off the pill, that I had been on since I was 14, and within 8 months, I'd gained 60 pounds. Still having not gotten my period, I was quickly diagnosed with PCOS. Since then, I have gained an additional 20 pounds after having a child. I am at my wits end. I used to be this cute, thin life-loving girl and now I barely ever want to leave my house. My son is now 3 and I don't want him to have "that" mom. I want to be the mom who goes out and enjoys life. Me and my family may be going on my dream vacation to California in the next few months and I want to feel GOOD on vacation, and mostly, I don't want to look back at pictures and be like "oh, yeah, I was fat then".

I've tried a lot of different things - most of them quick fixes. I tried Atkins, I lost 7 pounds and wanted to kill myself from lack of food. I then tried "eating right and going to the gym" but what I was doing was overworking myself and depriving myself. Then I tried a made-up diet where I ate the same 2 meals for each meal every day (alternating between two different meals for breakfast, two for dinner and two for lunch). I lost 20 pounds. So then I started branching out a little and the weight loss stopped, I got discouraged and quit. Then I started another diet with a woman I knew who lost 170 pounds. We were doing it right - eating clean, 6 small meals a day - but I had a hard time eating so much. And then I went through a REALLY stressful time and gave up. Then I tried Weight Watchers, lost 5 pounds. Then I went on a diet with my husband who ended up losing 25, and I lost 4.

And every time I go on these "lifestyle changes" I tell myself this is the last time, that I can't do it again.

But this time, I really hope it's different. I am going back to a similar eating habit as I did with the friend - having 4 small meals a day - 6 is just TOO much for me! but this time I'm implementing what I never have before - exercise. I have a treadmill and I plan to use it for hours a day while I watch TV. For the past 2 months, I have been going back and forth from eating right, to eating crap. But I notice the gaps between eating right seem to be getting smaller and smaller. So I am hoping that I am starting to make eating right a lifestyle thing. I've also discovered how eating shitty makes me feel vs how eating right makes me feel.

I really want it, sometimes I can almost taste it, but it's the getting from HERE to THERE that I just really struggle with. I LOVE food. This time, I'm also trying PGX and I bought some portion control tools which I am hoping will help me.

Today, I am telling you all how much I weigh - not even my husband knows. As of this evening, I am 222.8. My goal for right now, is 180. My ultimate goal is 160. I start tomorrow. WISH ME LUCK. And I look forward to chatting with you all!!

PS: I'm a writer, so I apologize for the novel!
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Just a word of encouragement, I grew up with "that mom" and had no problems or reprecussions for it Not saying that you shouldn't pursue this journey, just know that you're a wonderful mother and weight doesn't make you a bad one. Being fit for your family is an awesome and inspiring goal though, but it doesn't make you less worthy of being a wife and mother if you're bigger than you want, just less fit. You'll be avgrwta inspiration to your son in pursuing this journey on top of the amazing parenting you already do!

Sounds like you're doing something similar to me- life style change! That's great!! Most people recommend small changes at first. Make a goal to exercise three times this week, etc. Start small and work your way up! You will do great
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Hi there! Well, you seem to have great motivations and dedication (most people I know who say they want to lose weight only say it, but never commit to anything at all, so congratulations on that).

I'm sorry about all these methods not working out for you, I'm so glad you're still giving it a shot. I would've thrown the towel a long time ago!

I don't know if this is of any help, but I love food, too, and I can never go on these extreme programs that rely on calorie counting or require 6 meals a day. I pretty much don't do well under anything that's too specific, that requires that I follow a very specific schedule or keep a certain number as a daily goal.

What I did (and has been helping me a lot!) is just make sure I know the basics of nutrition and make the choices I already know I should make. My dad and a friend who's a nutritionist say the same thing - we basically know what's right already, more than we think! For example, an apple or carrots with hummus or yogurt is clearly a better snack than fast food, I'm just usually making the wrong decisions :P

I don't obsess too much over nutrition, but I try to make the best decisions according to the situation. If I can choose the restaurant, I'll choose a self service place. Since I can choose my food, I can try and get a little bit of everything - meat, rice, beans, veggies and salad. If it's a regular restaurant, I choose grilled meat instead of fried, or a salad as a side instead of fries, etc. Water and natural juice over sodas is another basic concept here. If I don't make the best decision one day or another, whatever, but my overall decisions are for the better. That already has made all the difference to me!

I actually read an article speaking on how 6 meals a day doesn't really make that much of a difference according to research, and that 3 big meals and a snack still renders fairly similar results. Which is why I'm sticking to that - plus, it's so much more convenient for my day to day life.

Oh, sorry for my own novel here haha but what's helping me a lot is trying to really like healthy food. I mean, there are some salad combinations that are just not delicious at all. That taste incredibly plain. So I add sauces I like or find a restaurant where they mix it for you with sauces and it becomes so much better to take in!

This has been long, sorry haha but good luck to both of us!
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Good luck! I have PCOS too, and it bites. I'm trying to manage it with supplements and eating less carbs before starting meds.

I know you can do it!
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Hi Samantha and welcome! I agree with a pp above that I had "that mom" and I definitely survived. In fact, I AM "that Mom", but also working on rectifying that situation as well.

I'm not sure of your age, but we just started a 30-something chat if you would like to join in for some extra support.
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