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Default Hi everybody! New here

Hello, I just joined today and my goal is to lose 70 lbs. I've always been pretty much addicted to food.. Mainly carbs. Pasta, cheese, chips (hot Cheetos are my weakness) pretty much all the bad stuff. And I eat a lot of it. I do have a moderately active job (I'm on my feet for about 7 hours a day) but I have NO motivation to go to the gym or anything like that because I've failed so many times before. My "this time I'll really do it" doesn't last more than a month and I barely lose anything. Any tips?
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Welcome! I am aiming to lose a minimum of 80 pounds and I will admit it seems daunting, but now that I'm a little ways into it and can feel/see results other than on the scale. You are going to have to figure out what works for you (I had my husband hide the scale for a couple weeks because I knew if I weighed and didn't see HUGE results, that I'd fall off the wagon. Another time I had bought some cute watches to wear to remind me of what I need to do, etc).

It may take some more trial and error, but keep coming back here and working on it. (What is working for me is eating 1200-1800 calories/day, drinking 64oz or more of water a day and exercising 30-90 minutes 5 days a week and I've been dropping 2.5-3pounds/week even now that I'm almost 30 pounds down).
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Default Hello

Hi, I am new here too. I started trying to diet in early July and things are going slowly. I am trying to be happy about small successes. Right now, things feel stressful in my life as I am sending off my first born son to college five hours away in less than a week.
I am trying to take it one day at a time and not think of the big numbers. I am hoping to incorporate exercise on a regular basis, but it is difficult because I have three sons and a demanding full time job!!
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Welcome! I am also a hot Cheeto lover!! I have also had many "this times" but This Time is actually working for me. I am also new here and have really enjoyed reading and posting. Good luck to you! This is it!!
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Hi Veronica! It's so great that you've already identified your problem--carbs! It's taken me years to recognize that I have a carb sensitivity. I have tried calorie counting over and over and always struggled. Now I am on a diet in which for 6 days, I cut out breads, grains, pasta, fruits (except the veggie type fruits like tomatoes and squash), dairy (except for eggs and cottage cheese) and sweets, and then on the 7th day (Saturdays for me) I have a cheat day when I eat anything I want (forbidden carbs and all) as much as I want. And since July 19th, I have lost 14 lbs! And the great part is, I no longer have uncontrollable hunger! I no longer count calories and I barely exercise at all. I take walks sometimes. (I need to get better on the fitness part.) Whatever diet plan you choose, good luck! You can do it, and you'll get lots of support at 3FC!
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Welcome, Veronica!! So glad to hear you've decided to go for your goal!
You've definitely got to find what works for you. I know 80 lbs is daunting (I have about that much to lose, and I have days when I feel daunted, too!)... but you can do it! Just remember it doesn't all have to happen right now, right away, or according to a particular timeline. Either way, you can definitely do this and we'll be cheering for you!
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