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Exclamation Can I Do It?

Hi everyone, my name is April and I live in Philadelphia, PA. I am currently 24 years old and getting married in September of this year! I am really hoping to lose some weight before the wedding.

I have struggled all my life with food and the only time I was successful at losing weight was when I was taking the diet drug Phentermine. I took it a few years ago from February to July and went from 242 to 187 pounds. It was great to lose that much weight but I have a huge fear that I won't be able to lose more weight without that drug. It has terrible, awful side effects and actually put me in the hospital for a week because it made me so depressed and suicidal. I am currently 215 pounds and would love to be back to 187 or maybe even lose more. The idea of that seems so incredible.

I joined this site to connect with other people dealing with weight issues and hopefully I can change my mindset around and believe that I can accomplish this without dangerous diet pills.

All the help in the world is appreciated.
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Of course you can do it,i have done the dieting pills more than once, lost weight, put it back on again.believe in yourself, know you are worth dieters we all want quick results and sometimes that isn't always the way to go...i have been on thus ride for 20 plus years and I'm learning that add long as the scale is going down I'm getting somewhere.I wish you lots of luck.
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Of course you can!!! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

Please do it without the meds, you will be so much healthier and happier by changing your diet to protein and fruits/veggies instead of chemicals with horrid side effects.

You will be so happy that you lost the weight for your wedding. I always regret that I didn't lose more for mine and think about that every time I look at the pictures.

And.....I had gained a couple of pounds after my final fitting was done and almost had to have the dressed altered again. Instead I had to go on the Honeymoon Diet for a few days. What's that, you ask?? Lettuce Alone!! (Sorry corny joke, but it's true. Only ate lettuce and water for a couple of days to ensure the zipper was going up!)

Good luck and check in here with us often. This board is the best thing that ever happened to me and my waistline. Good luck and don't stress, we are here for you!!
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You can absolutely do it, go through all of 3fcs success stories for proof that u don't need diet pills. Welcome and best of luck!
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on your upcoming Wedding! if you believe you can lose the weight and have a realist plan in place then I would say YES!!!
Determine a plan of attack and begin the work! So sorry you had a terrible experience of ending up in the hospital..but at least you will be vigilant where you health is concerned.

I would be sure to include your healthcare team in your weight loss plans so you are not doing anything that is contraindicated.
Good Luck, Roo2
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Hi April! Welcome to 3FC
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Hey that's 30 pounds and you have about six months! Definitely do-able. And you needn't suffer either. Eat better, move your body. Get help to stop binging. I have lost almost 20 lb since the beginning of the year doing intuitive eating and having a goal of only just over a lb a week.

Slow and steady. Weddings are great, but they're not the lowest stress things in the world. Enjoy this time. Don't starve yourself.
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Welcome and good luck on your journey!
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