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Red face First post (should I join a gym or exercise alone?)

Hello everyone it's my first post. Hope you're doing good! I'm new to this site and new to losing weight I want to lose around 100lbs, I'm not sure because I can't tell you my current weight since I don't have a scale but I'm asking for one for Christmas. The idea of once I have lost the weight seems too good to be true. It will honestly make a world of difference in my life for me. I'll be able to dress the way I want!

So far eating right isn't a problem, I'm doing good and I don't have any doubt I can't do it... But I am having a HARD time coming up with a good exercise routine, any tips? Do you think I should join a gym???

I'm going to get serious in 2013 but for now I'm taking baby steps
Goodbye - Baby bat: <3 it's not going to be easy but I won't give up.

Thanks for reading.
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Welcome Babybat!
Although exercise is important for weight loss and general health, I keep hearing how it is mostly the food that you eat. Matthew McConnaghey (Sp?) says that it is 90% food that determines your weight loss. I think that most people (myself included) just don't understand how many calories we are eating. I am beginning tomorrow to track everything and I am looking foods up and am shocked at how many calories some foods have. Such as hamburgers.
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Hi and welcome, babybat!

I agree with eclecticgirl, I heard it's more about calories in than anything else. And now that I am consistently losing weight it's proving to be true!

Tracking calories has helped immensly in my weightloss and just thinking about what I used to eat literally makes me sick!

The gyms are going to be really busy soon with everyone joining the New Year's train for their resolution. I find walking in my neighborhood (bundled up this time of year!) or doing online workout videos is much more convenient than having to "go" somewhere to work out.

Good luck with your new lifestyle and try to stick with it, the first few days and weeks are the hardest. I hope Santa Claus brings you your scale for Christmas.
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Hello and welcome

Well I guess I will be a voice of disagreement because I think BOTH eating right and exercise are important for weight loss. The reality is that exercise burn calories, not to mention that it certainly makes you fit!

Whether you join a gym or go it on your own kind of depends on your preferences. Personally I joined a gym because they have a pool, and I not only love water workouts but have a partially disabled hip which makes a lot of the exercises impossible or unwise. Joining a gym can be a great way to have easily accessible equipment, etc. But if you are really disciplined, you could also do it on your own.
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I currently love working out at home with workout videos, walking, and yard work. But there have been times in my life when the cardio machines at the gym were perfect and other times when classes at the gym were what I needed to get me moving. Exercise is best-approached with a lot of enthusiasm and experimentation!

Whatever you decide, you may find it motivating to join our monthly exercise challenge thread. Here's this month's: It looks kind of empty right now, but it will get some activity today with the brand new month!
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I would begin by power walking with a couple of two pound weights maybe for about 15 minutes to start and build up to 30 minutes. Once you are consistent with the power walks then look into a gym or buying equipment for home. Best part walking is free!!
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I also think that exercise plays a bigger role than is often assumed. I've dieted with exercise and without, and while I could actually lose weight more rapidly without exercise (because I could cut calories almost down to zero - if I exercised and tried to do that, I'd pass out). However, every time I've ever stuck with the weight loss in the long term, it has been WITH exercise - and in fact when something would come along to prevent the exercise (such as overtime at work or some other responsibility) the diet also usually crumbled.

What I know now, is that calorie restriction itself is stressful on the body and can cause a variety of stress-hormone related problems - inflammation, reduced immunity, depression, fatigue...

Mild and moderate exercise reduces inflammation and releases endorphins and other feel-good chemicals into the body.

So the dieting may be responsible for most of the weight loss, but exercise often can be the key to staying motivated for the long haul.

As for whether to exercise alone or in a gym, it really depends on your goals and your personality. For me, the place isn't as important as the enjoyment factor. If you can find a way of moving that is more fun than work, you'll keep at it. I can't exercise just for the sake of it for more than 5 minutes. So I have to find or make exercises that are fun.

I LOVE swimming best of all, and I can't afford my own pool - which leaves me the choices of either the warm water therapy or the YMCA. When swimming was the only exercise I really could do, I went to the warm water therapy pool and did my walking at home.

As I did more, I could do more, and the exercises I liked doing were those that weren't feasible in our small apartment. I like the exercise bikes and the treadmill. For me, I find the gym more motivating, because I want to get my money's worth, so I'm more likely to use it. It's why we pay month-to-month rather than by the year. It's more expensive, but I've promised myself that I'm only going to buy next month's membership, if I used this month's. "Earning" next month's membership is actually more motivating to me. So it's a bit of a jedi mindtrick I play on myself.

Your likes, your personality, and your mindset are going to determine which works best for you, and only you can determine which will work best for you. If you don't already know which will be more motivating for you, then try both. See if you can find a short-term or trial membership. Write down what you do and how long so you can compare which works better for you.

I speak as if there's two options, but there are really many more. Some gyms offer challenges and programs that many find fun and motivating. There are countless ways to make working out at home more fun and motivating. Experiment until you find what you like.
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Hi babybat! Welcome to 3FC

You mentioned that you're working on baby steps - that's right where I am in my weight loss journey. I found out that I am only able to take it one step at a time.

I tried weight lifting - got sore, stopped.
I tried cardio - like my cardio, but not seeing alot of weight loss, stopped to re-evaluate.
I tried diet and cardio - got overwhelmed, decided to stick to diet first.

My "diet" (it's easier than always saying lifestyle change) basically involves eating healthy, smaller meals throughout the day and NOT eating after 8pm. So, I'm within my calories, and I'm not eating right before bed.

My point is that I've found being successful (for me) means mastering each part of the weight loss pie individually. I just made it through week 1 of my new diet, and I'm even doing well through the weekend (a new thing for me, lol). I think that after 4 weeks of success that I can start adding in 3 days a week of weight lifting.

I'm sure you'll find a path that works for you - whether its a combination of diet and exercise or just focusing on little changes in lifestyle.

One bit of advice: stick around this web forum. I've been on other weight loss sites, and this one is just continuously interactive, motivating, and positively supportive.

Good luck and let us know how you're doing.
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I'm bringing sexy back!
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Welcome and good luck on your journey. Baby steps are a great place to start!
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I didn't think I could work out on my own. So I joined a gym and hired a trainer. It's more to motivate me to go. Knowing I'm paying for someone who is there waiting on me makes me go even when I don't feel like it (which can be more than I'd like to admit).
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I started with baby steps. I ate the same things I always ate and wrote them down for a week then looked over list and highlighted anything that I could reduce or change for something healthier but just as satisfying.

Then for exercise I started by picking someplace fairly close to my house and decided to walk there everyday. At first it was the post office a half mile each way. I didn't pay attention to the amount of time. In the beginning it was just about getting used to moving some days faster than others. Then over time I lengthened the distance a little each week and started pushing myself to cover the course faster. By June I was able to jog 5+ miles and my stress level was non existent.

If walking is boring try riding a bike, swimming laps, doing a work out video or my all time favorite: Youtubing dance routines from music videos and learning them. Good luck at what ever you choose but in the beginning just getting moving is the biggest step.
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Welcome to the forum! I know for me that a gym is best. I get amped when I see other people working out and looking good.

I just started the zumba classes at my gym. And they are amazing. I work hard, and leave with a smile on my face.

Good luck on your journey!
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Thank you so much everyone!
It means a lot and is super encouraging
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