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Default New and looking for support, encouragement and advice

Hi, im Claire.

I am currently 189lbs and 5ft1ins, i should be around 112.

I dont want to change my eating habits so much so that i struggle to maintain them.
I dont want to crash diet, lose weight quickly and out it on twice as quick.
I want to change my lofestyle long term.
I dont eat particularly badly anyhow, i need to cut a few things out, cut sown my prtions, just a few small changes at a time to increase my chances of sticking to it, plus the dreaded exercise, which i do zero of at the moment.

My main struggle will be tea and coffee and alchahol. None of which i wish to reduce, but i know i have to.

I have a mini goal of loosing 14lb for christmas.

I would like to keep a blog, but have no idea how.

Anyone with any advice please feel free, i would appreciate it.

Thank you
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Hi, Claire! You'll definitely get the support, encouragement, and advice you're looking for here. You're off to a good start already; you know that crash dieting won't work. I've been going up and down (mostly up) on the scale lately myself and finally came to terms that I had to make a long-term lifestyle change and not rely on temporary diets and pills. It's hard, but once you get started, it really does get easier. I'm almost two months in, and before this, I NEVER worked out. I'd do it for maybe two weeks, tops, before I just gave up. This time around I make a point to exercise at least 5 days out of the week, and it has gotten a little easier. I'm at the point now that if I don't work out, I actually feel guilty!

You say you don't eat particularly badly now; what do you think you're still eating that's bad? What are you willing to cut out or cut down on, food wise? For me it was completely giving up soda, even diet and juice. I also cut out most processed and pre-packaged foods and fast foods. I eat way more fruits and veggies than I have in years. I also started eating breakfast, something I've never done. I'm not a coffee drinker, but I do like my alcohol. I did cut back on that a lot, though. There's a lot more calories in whiskey (my beverage of choice) than you think and it's all empty calories. And I don't ever have just one glass, you know? After realizing all the calories I was putting away just by having a girls' night out, I was able to stop. Right now my body doesn't need those calories, and my losing weight is more important than staying out late with the girls. You have to make the cuts in your diet that you feel are right for you, just know that whatever you don't cut or reduce will have a direct impact on your energy levels and weight loss.

If you haven't done so yet, have a look over on our challenges threads and feel free to join whichever looks interesting. I joined a few as soon as I joined this site and they've been very helpful for me. The girls there are very supportive and motivating and the daily/weekly check ins really make sure I stay on plan. I look forward to reading your successes. Good luck!!
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Default I agree

Dieting is hard enough as it is... best thing I did for me is to diet in a way that will work for me on a long term basis. You need to figure out what works for you and decide on a plan of action. I pretty much give it 100% during the week and on the weekends, I am a little more lenient... without going too crazy. It seems to be working pretty good so far

Good luck!
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Awesome! Yes, take things one step at a time if that's what works best for you. Maybe start with keeping a food journal of how you're eating right now for a few days. Then going back and looking at the calories of everything, at quantities of certain things, at the amount of produce you're getting right now. And see what kinds of little changes, replacements and adjustments you want to start with. Read, listen and learn what's better and what's not so good and keep adjusting and getting used to the changes.

Awesome, you're on the right track!!
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