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Default Another Newbie! :)

I am so sick of this “FAT” life! I’m more than DONE!! I am 29 and have been overweight and in denial most of my life! I was always very active, a dancer and an athlete growing up….No matter how many sports I played or how many nights I spent at dance class, I was still always the bigger one! You know the one with the really “cute face” how annoying! My mom actually told me the other day that if I was thinner I would be a knock out! It's no fun being the girl with the "pretty face". I always saw myself as a fit fat girl….is that even possible?? I don’t feel fat…..I don’t get out of breath when I play with the kids…..I can walk the dogs for miles and never get tired! When I look at myself I just see me. That is until I see a picture of myself and think…”Do I really look like that?” A few months ago we had a family birthday party and I felt great that day, I looked and felt good. Or so I thought! Once I looked at the family pictures we took with me and my other siblings (all perfectly fit and beautiful!) I couldn’t believe what I saw. This person was not ME! I have always been very sensitive to my weight problems, I think it was cause I was in denial. In my mind I wasn’t this overweight person…..and how dare someone tell me I was! Talk about crushing!!! I had accepted after all these years that this is who I am! But with acceptance came the realization that I can change it!

Sorry I'm rambling but I do have a few questions.....One of my sisters worked for Slim4life for years and she helped me about 6 years ago do that diet. It worked but is very restricted as to what you are allowed to eat. I can't restrict myself because that just makes me want those things that much I'm kinda stuck right now on what kind of diet to do! I did the slim4life prep the last three days (it is supposed to boost your metabolism) and in those three days I'm down 8lbs.....but I can't stick to their regular diet! My plan right now is to just eat fast food, soda...etc. One of my biggest problems is I'm not really an eater....I don't do breakfast ever....or lunch most days just dinner. I maybe get in one glass of something to drink all day! I figured if I can get in my water and actually eat a balanced 3 meals plus healthy snacks I'll be doing good! How much protien and fiber should I be getting a day and about how many calories should I be sticking to??? About a year ago I hit my highest weight of 256, as of today I was 231. Any help or ideas would be wonderful! Thanks in advance for the support! Hope to hear from you all!
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Welcome, mle0317! I know exactly how you feel. I'm tired of being in denial about my weight as well. I kept telling myself for years I was fine, but I wasn't. I was just getting bigger and bigger and more closed off. I'm finally taking control of this body and I'm glad you are too!

I don't follow a particular diet; I tried and spent so much on so many and none worked. I found that just portion control and better choices work best for me. One thing I have to force myself to do is eat breakfast, and you really should too. So many studies have shown that breakfast really is the most important meal of the day and very key to weightloss as well. I'm not a breakfast eater, so I usually have a V8 (the small low sodium can or one of their fruit flavored juices) and a piece of fruit. You're off to a great start--I also cut out all sodas and juices (except the V8) and most processed food. I don't even eat much starches anymore (and I miss my potatoes), but I can get most of the carbs I need from the fruit I eat for breakfast. Without even exercising, I was able to drop 11lbs. just changing my food choices. And because I don't eat junk anymore, I actually have energy to start exercising, which has allowed me to lose more.

Before I found this site, I did a lot of reading on the Livestrong website. They have a bunch of calculators that'll show you how much you need to burn X amount of weight, how much you burn already, etc. They also have some pretty good workout/food tips. The girls (and guys) here are really helpful and encouraging and there are threads here for all kinds of stuff. I'm sure you'll find out exactly what you need and make some new friends along the way. Good luck and I look forward to going with you on this journey!!
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Hello and welcome. Congratulations on your decision to lose weight and become healthier.

I don't follow any diet either... just eating healthful foods, avoid meat and processed food for the most part, and swim a lot (since I have health problems which prevent a lot of the other strenuous exercises and walking).

You are welcome to join us in our daily check-in thread if you would like. It helps to have some accountability, as well as understanding and encouragement from others facing similar issues.

I agree that you need to start eating three balanced meals a day, as that is very helpful in making our systems function properly.
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Welcome, mle0317!!!
Breakfast? Go simple. I used to rarely eat breakfast, too. I find that a little yogurt, some granola or a whole grain slice of toast & 1/2 a banana or some apple slices are perfect. I find if I had breakfast, I won't binge during the day. That's a big plus!

I know what you mean! I've always been as my hubby calls it peasant stock. I do have a bigger frame. If I drop below like 155 or so, I look sick & unhealthy. So I'll never be tiny. But my eldest sister has always be willowy in build, she got blessed with my maternal grandfather's genes. Me? I got blessed with grandma's genes.
I've never been the "pretty one", so I've always had issues with my apearance. Being overweight just adds to that. That is why I decided that I really can't change my appearance, I can however be healthier. Being happy in my health maybe all I will ever accomplish. And that is good enough for me.
I, too, played sports, danced, hiked & all the rest. But my frame still has the broad shoulders, stockier build & not so tiny waist. Smallest waist I had as an adult was 32 & that was when I was in aerobics classes 3-4 times a week and walking or biking the other days. Go figure!

I am sooo sorry for the hurtful comments from loved ones. So often they think that they are helping...but their wording or timing can be sooooo off. I often wonder if their brain is engaged but their sensativity chip is not. It's like it's not okay to "judge" people for a bad hairstyle or horrible make-up, but it is okay to judge them for being overweight. Or maybe they think they are helping by pointing out our weight issues....uh, we know!!!
My mom used to say things like this to me & it made things worse. It felt to me like she was disappointed in me, which is something I never wanted to feel from either of my parents. I think she saw that it was backfiring & decided to let me come around in my own time. I KNOW her heart was in the right place & that she was worried for my health, but I WASN'T ready. For a person to decide "it's time" to lose weight or whatever, it has to be on their time. Otherwise it feels very judgemental, which is NOT what anyone wants from someone who loves them.
I'm back on my program as of Oct. 5th, and I'm down 10 lbs already. I'm happy about it. It's a good start...I still have about 90 to go. I know when I tell Mom how things are going she'll be happy & that will be a really nice bonus. If you like, check out my blog...I wrote about my experience with her & weight loss.
Keep us posted!!!
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