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Default Any Advice?


I've had some success with a low carb diet but a couple of months ago I had a re-occurrence of pancreatitis which means I can't stick with a low carb diet. If I eat more than a little protein or fat it hurts. So I have to stick to a low protein/low fat diet.

I had basically given up on losing weight until the pancreatitis went away but that is not happening. So has anyone had success losing weight on this kind of diet? I'm thinking it's doable and I was planning on just counting calories. If you all have any suggestions I'm all ears.

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I feel so bad that you suffer from this. I have a very good friend who suffers from pancreatitis. She ends up in the hospital for a week or more and it takes her a long time to recover.
Just wanted to let you know that I have lost 40lbs by counting calories. It has not been fast but it has worked thus far for me. I have also incorporated about 45-60 minutes of exercise 5 times a week.
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Well my pancreatitis is mild compared to most and my doc suspects my gallbladder is causing all the problems and if that is the case he can remove the gallbladder and I can go back to normal.

It's nice to see you've lost some weight counting calories but I should have been more clear. Since I've been on low carb diets I'm kind of carb-o-phobic but now my diet is 70-80% carbs and I was wondering if anyone had, had success eating so many carbs and what kind of carbs they ate because I find it's very easy to overeat rice and pasta.
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Hi MsRedNeck,

When I decided to lose weight, Iíd recently been diagnosed with Hepatitis A and most foods made me nauseous. But I soon realized that wheat was one of the few things that my stomach didnít object to. So I ate mostly carbs for almost 2 months while losing weight. Because of the HepA I couldnít really exercise, but I counted calories and I lost about 10 pounds in 2 months. So it can be done!

Honestly, I was just starting to lose weight and didnít really think about anything other than sticking to my calorie limit, so anything that didnít upset my stomach was fine with me. That being said, I did try to eat more whole wheat/whole grain stuff. But for my stomachís sake, a lot of what I ate was simple Ė like toast, oatmeal, cereal, granola bars, wraps, soup + crackers and occasionally pasta.

It is really easy to overeat rice and pasta, but itís easier if you make sure to measure it out properly so you know exactly how much youíre eating. And I find that when I only put 1 serving on my plate, it normally fills me up.

So donít be scared of carbs! If itís for your health that you need to eat more carbs, then you can do that and still lose weight.
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