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Default Calling all... well, all of you!

Well, I'm going to try this! I need a little more motivation in my life and I'm hoping I can find it through support of those in the same boat.

My name is Erin, I'm 20 years old and a student. I was a chubby kid when I was younger and the weight just seemed to grow with me. I used to figure skate, but have since quit and now I teach recreational skating after and between classes.

My goal? To lose weight (obviously), feel healthy (again, with Captain Obvious!) and... *drumroll* to run a marathon. I have decided that if I'm going to get off my butt and lose this weight, why not train for something I never thought I'd do?

My problem? I lack support. My boyfriend, who I have been dating since high school, is, well... he has the opposite problem to me. He's too skinny. He is fine with eating out of boredom because he needs to pack on the pounds. I am pretty sure his pounds are travelling through a black hole right on to my hips. Nice boyfriend, eh?

So, this is my call out to you, my cry for help. Share your stories, what you have done, what has worked/hasn't. Even if you just want to look for support from me. I'm up for trying ANYTHING at this point.
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Welcome to the forum! You have some wonderful goals! I wish you all the best in achieving them.
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Wow, a marathon! That's an awesome goal, and will keep you going with exercise a lot better than just "lose weight"! Welcome! My husband is the same way... Eats whatever, whenever. Maybe if you express how important this is to you, he can help you out! My boyfriend definitely isnt "dieting", but since I've changed my habits he's less likely to down a full bag of candy (at least, he won't do it in front of me), and eats a lot more whole, healthy foods-- he just eats a lot more of it than me. ;-) anyways good luck and I hope all goes well!
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Hey you.
You are in same boat in which I am for 35 years. I am married to a skinny guy, who keeps on eating whenever he is at home and keeps on offering me different things to eat. He gets angry if I do not share his offers, tells me a chocolate is not going to make any difference, rice does not make you fat, you have to eat fried stuff with tea.....The list is endless. I was 124 (age 23) lbs when I got married to him, Weight in first full time pregnancy 132lb(Age 24) . At 59 years of age I was 184.
I dieted number of time, did not eat sugar for many years. After 5 months exercise was 177.Started following 17 Day Diet and down to 163 after 3 months.
I am Indian currently in USA planning a visit to India in Oct. I do not know what is going to happen after going there.
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Wow! Thank you for the replies!

I did pretty well today, which I feel good about. I'm trying to cut out/bring in something new every week. Last week I told myself to bring a bottle of water with me everywhere I go and to fill it up as much as I can. This week - no "convenience foods", "college student foods", "quick-cook foods". I'm busy, so popping some Chef Boyardee in the microwave is easy - but not good for you.

I'm trying to think of something to add for next week. It's kind of exciting, almost like a "I can't wait for ___ next week because it's new!"

What do you all do when you're lacking the motivation or having an off day? These first few weeks of lifestyle change are hard and I'm sure if I added up all the times I tried to start but didn't finish - well, I'd be at my goal already!
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