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Red face New to forums...Introduction

Hi everyone! I am a newbie! I have never done this before but I really need support! I don't live near any family and don't really trust people out here. I am a military spouse and a recent stay at home mom... I was a little overweight before my pregnancy with insulin resistance... Doctors said I need to loos the weight to get back on track... Right around the time when I started my diet/workout I found out I was pregnant. I was about 15-20 lbs overweight. I am now about 30-40 post partum. I am very short in stature so the weight really shows on me. During all this, I have completely lost all my self esteem. I feel as if my husband doesnt want me anymore, I feel soo ugly at times I take things out on him. He is a really fit guy too. He works out hardcore. When he got back from Afghanistan he was totally cut. He gets pretty into it and working out with him is intense. His hours at work are pretty hard to work with so we almost can never take turns to go to the gym, plus I am a full time student. Now that we have a small child it is really hard for me to get out and go to the gym. I also feel like I am too fat for the gym. (sounds ridiculous I know) But its the gym on base and there are nothing BUT fit people there. Its embarassing. I would much rather workout at home. So i purchase Just Dance 2 for the Wii and was wondering if anyone has heard any feed back on it with helping you to lose weight?
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Default I'm new too!

Hi! I'm new too, found this site because I was trying to find info. on Jennifer Jolan's 1 day diet book. It was expensive so I wanted to find out more about it before I committed! Anyway, I bought it and will be starting the program tomorrow.

I can relate to a lot of your frustrations, I've gained 30 lbs in the last 2.5 years, due to intense family trauma and drama, as well as having to recover from two different knee surgeries and now 4 broken ribs. Broke them Mt. Biking.

I don't want to go to the gym either! I totally get that I'm too fat to work out thing, I am a former fitness instructor and am working with a personal trainer / diet coach. I would be happy to share exercise tips for working out at home, nutrition, and progress on this latest diet I'm on. Haven't tried the Wii, but I do know moving is the key! Exercise of any kind is a step in the right direction. Right now my exercise is limited due to the four broken ribs, I'm not really able to do much but walk, even wearing a bra is painful!

That's why I'm trying the 1 day Jolan diet plan, because it says you don't have to exercise that much, just break a sweat. It's a little different but I'm willing to try anything for some fast results! I want to lose the first 10lbs fast and then mellow out, I just need that jump start to keep me motivated and excited. So will be doing the Jolan 1 day diet plan for 1 mth. Results are suppose to be immediate and the plan is basic! If you are interested in finding out more about it let me know.

I promise I don't work for her, but I have read a few of her books and I like her attitude about dieting and her quirky ideas!

Good Luck! I'm starting tomorrow if you want a buddy!
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Welcome to the forums! Also don't feel too fat to go to the gym. There are plenty of people in the gym who are both skinny and fat. So don't worry about it.
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Welcome and good luck to you both.
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Question Newbie very lost

Hi everyone. So actually I have been a member about 6 months but there is sooo much info on here I never could figure out where to start. So if some on could direct me I would appreciate it greatly. Ok so here is my deal... Want to lose 30+ lbs. I have a cupboard full of medifast, but I quit using it in May because it tastes really horrid and I dont have a lot of time to look up recipes. I am willing to go back on it but not so sure I can stick with it based on the taste but if I find a few simple recipes or rather spices to add to make some thing edible that would help. Also I am single mom of 2 and I have to cook for kids too... Dont want to be cooking lots of separate meals. ALSO OK I am also very interested in "clean" dieting... Not so sure MF is considered clean but I can make my lean and green clean and kid friendly until my cupboards are cleaned out of the MF. (I think it is way too late for me to trade it in). Final piece of me I have recently become very involved with mediphysical healing and prayer. I am truly beginning to love and appreciate my body. I dont want this diet to be about hating my body but rather about loving it and treating it
right. I did check out the religious forums but I didnt find a place where I fit..
I've lived, I've learned and I have forgiven myself...I dont consider
myself a follower of a particular religion... just very spiritual and I believe G-d
is with me. I am looking for like minded people aka thread where "I can move
mountains" because I love myself and believe I can. OK so any one who wants to show me the path? I am listening.
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Welcome to all! There is a wealth of information and support on this forum. Look around, read posts, post questions and you will get answers and support.

To JediMS - if MF does not look for you, look for another food plan that will work. I count calories because I could not stick to a really strict food plan. I keep my calories low during the day so that I can eat diner with my family, although I keep my portions smaller that in the before. Many people have success on WW whose food plan also if pretty flexible. Having a flexible food plan will let you incorporate some of the foods you cook for your family into your plan. Try different ones until you find one that works.
I get up every morning at 5:30a.m. to exercise. I do have some equipment in my basement so no gym for me. Do not be afraid to find some exercise you can do at home, try out some dvds or google floor exercise.
Best of luck to all of you!
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I joined this site some time ago but have not really joined in. I lost about 35lbs in the last year, a combination of Ideal Protein and just giving up soda etc. I need to lose about 45lbs more but I am having trouble getting back on the Ideal Protein and it is soooo expensive. I am thinking about doing the 17 Day Diet. Has anyone tried it? It really did work for me but is so restrictive and I have gained back about 10 lbs.
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Just curious as to how the 1 Day Diet by Jennifer Jolan was going? I get her newsletter talking about it A LOT and can't seem to find hardly any reviews for it. Just wondering if it's a good plan or just something crazy and impossible to follow. In one of her newsletters she touted spinning around in a circle like a child to help the endocrine system. After reading that, I can't help but wonder about her "diets". I welcome any and all feedback from anyone familiar with her 1 Day diet plan. Thanks!!
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I started the 1 Day Diet by Jennifer Jolan today. Got it for $10 through a Valentine's Day special last week. It's very simple but requires fasting at least twice per week if you want to lose weight. However -- it isn't as bad as that sounds! First off, you know you get to eat whatever you want the next day after fasting, so that makes it a little less difficult mentally. This isn't something you have to stick to forever -- it's only one day and then you get to eat normally again (until the next diet day). Secondly, you drink "protein waters" ever couple of hours on the fasting days, which keep you from feeling too hungry. I do feel a bit light-headed right now but honestly I haven't been craving food. I start to feel empty right before it's time for another protein drink, so it's working out pretty well and has been pretty easy for the first day. I say give it a shot.
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Just fyi everybody: I lost 4.2 lbs the first day with Jennifer Jolan's 1 day diet plan. It also made me less hungry today (when I get to eat whatever I want), so I ate less and was filled up faster. Really makes you realize how people eat way more than they need to! Yesterday I climbed 40 flights of stairs and did an hour spin class on less than 500 calories ingested, and - besides the headache from caffeine withdrawal - I was fine. Will keep you posted!
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Hi everyone. I just got all the items I need for Jennifer Jolan's 1 day diet. I plan on starting tomorrow-3/1/12. I'm worried that I won't stick to it. I have to lose weight!!!! I would be happy with 10lbs, but would really like to lose 20-25lbs. Meg327-I'm really curious as to how you are doing with this one?
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Smile New to your site..

[I]Hello everyone, I am looking for some help , I am hoping this site will do it for me, it appears most of you are all on your own different diets, not sure what to try ,guess just start with calorie counting and walking . Would like to lose about twenty pounds , need to lose more but being a senior citizen , I dont think I will ever see 'THIN" again and thats fine, just would like to get healthier and look a bit better in my clothes.. Good luck everyone ..
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Welcome to all the new members!
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