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Jade Lotus Hime-Sama
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Red face Hello from Lotus Flowers

Came across this site a few times, but just decided to sign up. Started dieting around the end of June and fell off the wagon, gained it all back and am starting at ground zero once again. Figured, I need some support to get back on my grind and what better way than to be around people going through the same thing.

It's hard trying to stay focused when everyone around me is either eating everything I can't and trying to motivate them into joining me is like trying to give a shot to a 5 year old (I'm a Medical Assistant, so believe me, its HARD). I literally have to stay away from alot of functions because when I ask if certain foods that I -can- eat will be served I usually get a response like "LOL, What?". (Imagine no salad at a fourth of July party)

I messed my foot up, twisting and ripping something back in Feb but I can now walk without a walker but I still can't hop or run without awkardness or pain but I can definitally walk over 2 miles hands-down no problem (long as the heat isn't beating me down). This has made me customize my workouts where I don't do alot of hard impact on my foot.

My regiment so far is working out 3 days a week, but I'm going to up that to 4 when I work up the stamina for it which I plan to do using vitamins and energy boosting foods. When its not devastatingly hot, I have began to walk a mile around my old high school track and keep track of it using Noom app on my android but so far I've only done that once a week. I plan to do it more when I get some pepperspray so I can do it evenings with friends. My home workout consists of alot of dance aerobics (when I dance, I'm sure to primarily use my left foot and I move everything else wildly lol) using various workouts I've researched that aren't so hard for someone my size. I'm using the workout video from The Biggest Loser and this is what I do 3 days a week for 45 minutes to a hour.

I'm going to start trying to drink more water, but it seems so hard unless I'm dying of thurst. Cutting off sodas and am hoping to replace it with Perrier.

Lotus Flower Hime-Sama (Hime-Sama is just my little inside anime joke of calling myself a Princess, afterall, I used to eat like a uncontrolled Princess. lol) Most of my friends just call me Jade though.

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Made of Starstuff
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Welcome to 3FC and Hajimemashi-te. ( LOL~ The site thought I was saying something extremely naughty and blocked out "shi te")

Sounds like you've got a good start with adding activity and aiming to drink more water

Keep going forward! You can do this

Look around, and post where you're comfortable! See you around the boards~

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Welcome and best of luck! Sounds like you have an aggressive workout routine. Try to add some weight resistance in there to help will lose skin.
Plus I had a trainer tell me that if you do cardio and weight training both in the same day it helps to boost your metabolism.
Best of luck! Stick around for some great support.
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Welcome to the site and hope you enjoy it here like I have. I'm certain that if you have any questions there will be someone that can answer them Goodluck!
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Jade Lotus Hime-Sama
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Domo arigato!!!!!! lol Again thanks for all the warm welcomes! I will definitally add the weights in, gotta dig them out of my closet =)
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Chick on a Mission
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Welcome! So sorry about your foot! Drinking water is definitely a great way to boost weight loss.
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Hi, and welcome to 3FC! It looks like you know exactly what you need to do, so good for you! I'm sure you'll find the support you need here.
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