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Default aloooha , !! excited.

Hey! I have been reading posts on this forum for.. quite some time. Given me inspiration on many occasions.

I am 19 years old.. asthmatic, and really bad. So It sucks for me to lose weight because I stop breathing when I heavily work out. But I am determined.

I am 5 feet tall, and have 60 lbs to lose. I weight 160 right now and would like to be 100 which is healthy for my age/ height

Gooood luck me! (And everyone else of course )
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Hi! I'm kind of new here too (impulsively joined months ago and never returned until now).

Advice to you: try taking it easy at first, with simple things like eating less junk food+more veggies, walking, and drinking more water.

Your weight loss doesn't need to be a horrible streak of hardcore exercise and dieting (which actually could be harmful), so you can relax, but not too much.

And good luck! (I know I'm saying stuff you've probably heard before, but every reminder counts.)
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Hi there & welcome to 3FC!

There's a Dieting with Obstacles board where you might be able to meet up with others who have severe asthma problems. While you're not quite 20, there is the 20-something's board where you're likely to be able to chat with people you're own age.

There are all sorts of areas, so dive on in and post where you're comfortable!

Best of wishes!
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Default Hi!

I am 5 feet also! My goal is 115, but 100 would be amazing. How are you going to do it? I'm not as young as you, I am 31. So it's been super hard to lose weight. Good luck to you!
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Welcome, Highheels!
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I am 5' also, 100 pounds would be way too low for me, even though I am short and small boned.If I could get there it would be very hard to maintain, to maintain 100 pounds would mean I wouldn't be able to have many calories per day.

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Welcome to the board! Good luck to you!
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I am also 5 feet tall, glad to know I am not the only one. My goal is 120 because I am a 31 and a mom of three and I just don't think 110-115 is realistic for me.

I also have asthma, so I find that several short workouts are better than one long one for me. I mean short as in a 10-15 minute workout 3-4 times a day as opposed to 60 minutes once a day. I also like to do low intensity like pilates and yoga which do not aggravate my asthma. You will not get your heart rate up and keep it up doing those kinds of workouts, but that is better then not exercising at all or having a dangerous asthma attack.

Good luck!
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