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Default New and Disheartened

Hi everyone. I am sitting here ready to cry. I am trying to get upbeat about losing weight but am really down in the dumps beating myself up. I had gastric bypass 4 yrs ago , I went from 350 to 250 then the emergency surgeries started and I had surgery every fall for the passed three years.
Second Surgery was Gall Bladder the year after the GB. For the third surgery I was in a cast and bed at home for 3 months and wheelchair for 2 months so I grazed and managed to put on 40 lbs. Last year I was rushed to the hospital for a blockage from the Bypass so the surgeon had to bypass the bypass and reroute the inner workings. I ended up with a staff infection while in the hospital and by the time I got out I had gained 11 more lbs.
While recouping at home from the staff I went to get my bloodwork done at the local hospital and a teenage slammed into the back of my car while I was stopped for a stop sign. I ended up with disk problems, bruised kidneys, a dislocated shoulder and migraines from cervical injuries too.
Ok I am in Physical Therapy now and am working on their exercize machines and the threadmill three times a week. Last week my weight was 301 and that scared me so I have been fighting to get under the 300 lb mark. I am 295 according to my WW scale today.
I have an insatiable appetite and can't seem to get enough food. I have to go for more blood tests to see if I need more thyroid meds. Speaking of meds I'm on more meds now than before the gastric bypass. The GB screwed up my system so bad it made an anemic blood disease I have worse so now when I have surgery I have to get transfusions. The surgery screwed up my thyroid and other things. I could go on with the whine fest but I 'll spare you all.
I am asking for support from you all- to be my cheerleading team and I will be for you. My dream is to lose enough weight to take a trip to England next year. I have wanted to visit there for several years and was supposed to do so after my Gastric Bypass but it never happened because everything else happened. I just want an adventure in my life. I'm 55 and I want to be healthy. 4 years ago thats what was suppose to happen when I had the bypass.
Does anyone here get as frustated and down in the dumps as I do? I know this post may come on strong to all but it how I feel right now. I guess I am tired of being couped up in the house too this cold snowy winter.
Is there still hope for me?
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Always ANNIE, there is hope for us all and the fact that you've dropped in here proves that you can get yourself back on track. If you want something strongly enough, you can make it happen.
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It can be very frustrating when you are just hanging on the edge of a big number. But stick with it! The scale will eventually move in the right direction if you stay strong.

It sounds like you have really met a lot of challenges in the past few years.
But a positive attitude will help you move forward. You survived all of those awful events and you are here to share the triumph! After all of that, you can do anything!

Since exercise is difficult for you, I would feel that just focusing on the physical therapy and watching portions for now will help you on your way until you are stronger physically.

Stick with it and always count your successes!

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Welcome Annie! You have been through so is clear you are a very strong woman. You have come to the right place for support and . Please surf around. We have subforums based on age, eating plan, exercise and more. I highly recommend the 100 lb Club, the 300 lb Club and our Weight Loss Surgery forums.

I'm glad you're here!!
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"If you really want something, and really work hard, and take advantage of opportunities, and never give up, you will find a way." -Jane Goodall

Hi annie,
I think you will get there, because you are still at it after all you've been through. Reading your story made me want to throw my hands up and get discouraged, but you are still going after all that!
I mean, look at what you wrote, are you even aware how amazing this is and what determination it shows? You were in a wheelchair for 2 months and now you are using a treadmill??? that's dancing carrot news!

You came here looking for a cheer leader, but you are mine!

I think you will reach your goal, just keep at it one day at a time. every bit helps. It may not seem like much but as long as it is an improvement from your previous unhealthy ways, it will make a difference.

As far as feeling hungry, have you tried a diet higher in protien and low in carbs? that helps me alot. Salads or cooked veggies or veggie based soups with a little chicken or a piece of salmon? or a few eggs?
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Annie, there is nothing like health problems to make you feel disheartened especially ones as severe as yours. I hope all your surgeries are behind you and you can now start working towards a healthier you.
Keep with the physical therapy and eating the right amount of the right foods and I am sure you will see some change in your body.
As you get stronger you can move onto more challenging exercises, but for now, just keep moving any way you can and don't give up.
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Hi Annie:
I find your story inspirational!
I too get down on myself and feel the frustrations of weight gain due to health reasons- and of course the side effects of medication aren't always pleasant. Take heart that you are not alone- there are many of us out there! One thing that I do is keep a journal which includes not only my calorie count, exercise, but all the feelings I have. It is my alternative to eating- just something to keep my hands and mind busy. Sometimes I go back and look to where I was earlier, and feel sooo much better knowing how far I have come. Keep on moving girl and you'll get there!
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Hi Annie and welcome. I am new here too, looking for support...we can help each other. Sounds like you have beem through h**l and back, but you made it and here you are. As someone mentioned about, the low carb higher protien plan is the only thing I found that works for me. I have lost 103 pounds 4 years ago by doing Atkins. I gained about 30 back, so here I am again before my weight gets out of controll. Atkins again and 10+ pounds are gone. It's a simple plan to follow. Good luck to you.

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You can do it Annie, it took me years but I finally did it. Try to keep strong and it will happen for you.
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Welcome Annie! I'm glad you found us. this is a great site for support. I'm fortunate to not have to go through what you have gone through, but even without the medical conditions we all have bad days, but good or bad we're here for each other. Stick around and make yourself at home and read read read and hopefully soon things will start looking up for you.
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