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Cool New and looking for support

Hi all! I'm new to the world of an online community, as well...

A little bit about me... I'm 27 and have struggled with food and weight all of my life. I know exactly what triggered the whole obsession... when I was 12 (and we all know and remember what it's like to be 12... awkard, insecure, etc), I was overweight. My mother had just lost some weight and we were on vacation down in Florida visiting my grandmother. My grandmother commented on how great my mom looked and looked at me and goes "Now all we have to do is work on you!" ... from that day forward I was so focused on how I looked and how much I weighed. I ended up losing a lot of weight by eating weird foods that would fill me up and then exercising. It was a phase and my eating eventually went back to normal, but I found myself always experimenting with food, etc.

I played sports all through high school and did crew my freshmen year in college, but still was overweight... what can I say? I like to eat! Doing crew gave me a passion for exercise. Although I only rowed for one year, I stuck with an exercise regime that I still follow religiously to this day. I think that has been my one saving grace and an outlet for stress and other anxiety. My weight has fluxuated over the last 8 years depending on what is going on in my life... job, boyfriend, stress level, etc.

I don't have as much weight to lose as many that I have come across on this community, but it doesn't mean it's any less hard for me. Clothes are fitting tighter and I'm finding myself becoming frustrated, discouraged, and depressed... which makes me want to eat more... I'm sure many of you can relate to the vicious cycle... you're depressed because you eat, and you eat because you're depressed. I have seemed to lose my motivation and I joined this community hoping to get it back. I work out every day and I know I just need to concentrate on my diet... I just need support.

I can't really talk to friends or family about what I'm going through because they don't relate. They just say "Oh you look fine"... and perhaps I do, but in my mind, I don't... and my main goal is to be happy with me. My goal is to lose 20 pounds, but more importantly try and work on having a better relationship with food and a better body image. I feel better when I eat better. It's a constant battle and something that is always on my mind from the moment I wake up to the time I go to bed.

So I'm looking forward to reading your posts and gaining support and finding more people like me that can relate to how hard a weight loss and maintenance struggle can be and offering my support and possible tips and advice.

~ LadyLex
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Hi LadyLex

Everyone at 3FC can relate to how difficult it can be to lose weight & change our relationship with food. That's for sure!

You might like to check out the 20-something's as well as the Featherweights area.

You're already doing fantastically with exercise. You're very lucky to already have that foundation. How have you decided to work on your food? Counting calories is really easy to do and cheap. There are other sorts of programs that work for everyone, too, of course (I'm following WW, myself.) If you aren't sure, maybe you'd like to take a look at Diet Central to see what's working for people around 3FC.

You've joined a great group of people.

You can do this! Best of success!!!
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HI there LadyLex! I hope you find this site very helpful, and that you find a program to compliment your lifestyle. We will be here for you, if no one else in your life is ready to listen. I have about 26 lbs to go, so I know how a seemingly small amount of weight can take an incredible amount of effort to drop.
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Hi, LadyLex!

You should definitely check out the 20-somethings forum (of which I am a member ) if you haven't already, but everyone on this site is fantastic!

Best of luck to you!
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Hi LadyLex,

Welcome, i'm a newbie too.. the welcom here is wonderful.. and you will find all tehsupport and help you need.

Good Luck.
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