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Default is it just me?

I have been on a "diet" for as long as I can remember. and I have never once(when I am losing gainging, maintaning whatever) went a whole day and not "cheated". It drives me crazy. I can eat vegtable soup, lean protien, kill myself at the gym. And it is not enough to deteir me from waking up in the middle of the night to eat ice cream. it's like I self sabatoge. Does this happen to anyone else? Also I just relized LAST NIGHT. That my mother was always very beautiful and thin, however she felt like that's all she was worth. I wonder if I have interalized that, and now I stay heavy so people are forced to get to know my personality, and not just see me as a pretty woman. Even when I start to lose weight, and men look at me or talk to me...It pissess me off and I think "oh what i am in your weight range to sleep with, date, etc." I wonder if I need to get past this so i can lose the weight. I have a wonderful fiance, and i have actually told him " I am glad you met me fat, because I would trust you if I was thin". am I crazy???
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I need something sweet everyday. I understand what you are talking about and what I do is I have things in my freezer (for that ice cream kick) and fridge that I am not going to feel terrible about eating. Low fat fudgesicles, yogurts and low fat puddings.
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Try getting the ice cream and other junk out of the house entirely. I have a kid, and he was pretty sure he'd die without it, but that was what I had to do at the start. Now, he can have some of his treats, and they don't tempt me, but I still can't have ice cream in the house. Since I've gotten away from all that stuff, I find that the Yoplait light yogurt (100 cals) is my new "ice cream", and I just leave cals for it in case I have a middle of the night attack. It's really being thirsty for me, so keeping a bottle of water next to my helps keep me out of that most nights, but at least if I do have a yogurt, I'm not blowing my plan!
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The yougurt sounds like a good plan...Now If I could figure out how to not go thry the fast food window on the way home from work...I tried keeping almods in my car...but I get sooo sick of eating them
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Welcome, Mixie!

You're not crazy at all. I understand what you're saying. I remember being ticked when men would look at me. I felt like saying, "Look into my eyes and see the worth within." Now that I'm 43, I don't get so many looks. Wait for it.

The yogurt is a great idea. I think sometimes we completely deprive ourselves of things, forgetting that there are alternatives. I love grapes, but always thought of them as an extravagance. Until I realized, "Hey, I can buy myself a big bunch of grapes instead of this big bag of chips!"
Keep something yummy in your car as well as the almonds. Those can get pretty boring. Add up how many calories you eat after going through the drive-through. Even if you keep something in your car that's half the calories, you'll be one up!
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