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Recovering perfectionist
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Smile Just stopped in to say 'Hi'

Like many others here, I am back on the 'weight loss wagon'. Last time 'round, three years ago, is when I found this site, but I didn't join. Stubborn, perfectionist me believed she could do it all on her own. Perhaps if I had signed up back then, I wouldn't be where I am today. Ah well, it's all part of the journey, eh?

So, I am late 40's, happily married to a wonderful woman (yes, you read that right, and yes, I am gay ;-) who is SO supportive, despite the fact she's one of those I-can-eat-anything-and-not-gain-an-ounce people. We have been together 12 years now. We have the obligatory Lesbian pet: a year-old Lab-Bernese mix. I also have a wonderful daughter who has left the nest and is doing well in her own life. My work involves sitting at a desk, reading. Not quite the 'L Word' lifestyle, eh?

Preparing for retirement, my spouse and I split our time between our typical work/home life here in the 'burbs, and our future retirement home in a rural setting where we live the outdoorsy lifestyle. We get about 5 days there every three weeks. It's also where we have done a LOT of less-than-healthy food and beverage consumption.

The last time I succeeded in managed eating (I despise the d-word), I lost 30 lbs. and managed to keep most of it off for about 6 months. Then I slacked off, and regained those 30, plus another 5 for good measure. Subsequent attempts to curb my grazing lasted no more than 2 days. Having been quite active up at 'the cottage' over the holidays, I didn't gain an ounce. But, by the end of January, I had gained 5 lbs. and was at my all-time high of 250 lbs. Enough was enough.

I started counting calories February 5, and cut out any starchy carbs that weren't whole grain. I also started exercising again, walking on the treadmill. So far, I am down 11 lbs. and it's going well. The cutting out of the white rice/pasta seems to have had a positive effect on my cravings.

I fit into several categories here, so I will be hangin' on a few boards, I guess. I am determined to make it to my goal of 160, and to maintain. I want to retire fit and healthy, and that's in less than 10 years!

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Hi DAFFY . . . from another Canadian. I'm originally from Toronto but have been living in Nova Scotia for about 15 years now. I'm retired and although my family keeps bugging me to move back to Ontario, I kind of like the slower pace of life down east.

I notice from your avatar information that you are in both Ontario and Quebec . . . does that mean you are of those border babies who live in Hull and work in Ottawa? Or is the upcoming retirement in one and the current working burbs in the other -- just curious, feel free to tell me to mind my own business.

BTW . . . we do have a Crazy Canuks Cluck Club here at 3FC . . . hope you will get a chance to drop in and say HI from tiome to time.

Have a great day, Chickie.

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Daffy, congratulations on the 11 lb loss already!

Not sure if this interests you, but a bunch of gals just started up with the Couch to 5K program (C25K), which is for folks that want to get into a running/jogging program. There's a thread going for that in the Exercise forum, called (I think) Mar 1 C25K Starter's Block. I still haven't figured out how to link to other parts of the forum, sorry!

I'm calorie counting, also, so maybe I'll see you around the forums. Best of luck with your weight loss!

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Recovering perfectionist
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Hiya Meowee: Thanks for the warm, colorful welcome! Yup, the daily grind happens in ON, the future retirement property is in QC, close to the Maine border. I'm an Air Force brat, spent a good chunk of my childhood in Greenwood NS...spouse and I did a quickie Down East tour in (I think) '03, taking in PEI, NS and NL...I'm with you, stay Down East!

I looked for the Canadians group in the 'groups' sub-forum, but didn't see it...point me in the right direction, and I'm there

jamsk8r: Thanks for the support. I noticed the C25K thread...I may very well check it out...I hadn't planned on trying to get back into running until I was down closer to 200 lbs. in hopes of sparing my knees and ankles some abuse. I'll definitely see you in the 'Counting Calories' section, tho'.

Thanks for the welcomes, ladies!
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