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Question Hello! New and lost in so many ways!

Hello! I am new to the site, and I must admit it took me a while to find my way. I have heard mention about this site and how great the support is. Support is something I desperately need! I recently had a doctors appointment and was startled to see my weight has jumped to almost 210. I got so depressed, yet the only thing I was able to think about was chocolate cake. I have always been overweight and was always teased for it. Im 23, never had a steady boyfriend, the only guy who came close decided he'd rather date someone skinnier to "fit his ways". I don't have any friends, mostly due to the teasing. I suppose I always worry it will be like school all over again. My weight is the adversary that has defeated me time and again, and it has to stop! I know I can't do it alone, but I also have no idea where or how to start. If anyone has any ideas, tips, anything, I would appreciate the help so much! I suppose getting here is the first step, but where do I go from here?
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Hi Rainie.. I just joined today myself. I know how you feel. Are you a stress eater? Seems like it, only because I kinda am too so I guess that makes us in good company (not that we weren't already!). That's a shame that you've had so many problems. I'll admit I didn't really have problems with my weight until after high school, but gaining or just being unhappy about yourself is never good anyway. I've heard alot about the support here too, that's why I joined. Looking around it seems like a lot of honest opinions on diet and exercise which is what people like us really need. No fluff. My suggestion as far as where to go next would be to scope out weightloss options if you haven't already. Really sit down and keep a journal of what you eat and when. I did and it really helped me pinpoint what was going on and why I did or didn't eat certain foods. I then made a schedule a week ahead and only bought foods that fit my schedule and planned meals. That way I only had certain foods for certains times. I know that for me personally, if I schedule everything out I don't really have a way to deviate from it. I make myself eat certain things at certain times because I don't have a choice and it creates a pattern. That may or may not work for you. Don't get discouraged if you try something for a few weeks and it doesn't work. Not everything works for everyone. The point is that you're trying. Anyways, hope to see you around the boards and welcome to 3FC!!
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Don't worry Rainie, this is exactly where you need to be. I just began posting on the forums, and started my own blog on the 1st, and have recieved an enormous amount of support. You sound frazzled and nervous, so here is some basic advice:
1) Start on your self-confidence. You will have boyfriends, and friends, because you will begin to really love yourself, especially for changing your life - your weight may drop, but everything else will go up from here. This is the very beginning.
2) Cut calories - you should still eat at least 3 healthy meals a day, but stock up on fresh or frozen veggies; FRESH lean meats [if you eat meat] (dont buy the already frozen stuff that has too much salt and preservatives), you can buy then, cut them up into small portions, and freeze them yourself; fruits, and nuts (like almonds, maybe 8 at a time). Start with smaller portions than usualy, and remember, you can eat anything you want, but only a bit.
3) exercise - just commit. At the beginning, do anything that gets you to move, and do what you enjoy
4) water, water, water! Around 8 glasses a day, sounds like a lot, but just keep a water bottle with you.

So those are the basics. Of course, this is just a life-change on the norm - there are a lot of specific diets out there that might work for you. I suggest you cruise the forums and the blogs to get ideas that jive with you. And make it a fun project, so you can stay with it. Check out the cute diet tickers we all use! I'm "girl toward svelte" on the blogs if you want to see what's up with me, I post at least every day. I wish you the very, very best my dear. If you take control, it can only go up from here. Take care.
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Welcome to 3FC! This is a great place for support and ideas no matter what plan you're on.

My favorite tips (in no particular order):
1. Drink lots of water! It helps keep you full and hydrated and happy.

2. Find low-cal foods you love. Eating is part of life, and life is no fun if you're eating things you don't like. Take your favorite foods and reinvent them to meet whatever plan you choose to go on. AND, if you find foods that are lower calorie, you can eat more of them - a big plate of food for the same calorie cost as a much smaller amount of high-cal foods. I make low cal versions of fajitas, spaghetti and sausage, pizza, pasta with "cream" sauce, etc - happy to share recipes if you want them-send me a private message or post here.

3. Get moving! Exercise is SO crucial not only to losing weight, but to having a nice toned body when you get to your goal weight. Even if you're doing 10 minutes of exercise, its better than spending that 10 minutes on the couch. And strength training is great for getting nice, lean, strong muscles.

4. Find solutions that fit on your plan for your common cravings/problems. I know my life would be miserable without a couple things - Mexican food, dessert, and something sweet for when I'm hormonal. The Mexican food has been addressed with my fajita recipes, and my mexican grilled veggie and chicken salad. Dessert? I make a stuffed peach half filled with oats, a little brown sugar...baked its delicious, especially topped with some light whipped cream or a little ice cream. Grilled pineapple drizzled with a teaspoon of honey and served with sorbet...even low cal chocolate souffles. I keep 100-cal packs of sweets on hand for those hormonal moments...and I'm set!

5. Watch the alcohol. It makes it hard to control your eating, and has a lot of calories besides. A glass of wine is OK, a bottle usually is not. On the same token, try not to drink your calories - they aren't as satisfying as the calories you eat!

6. Stay on 3FC! Post here and you'll have tons of ideas other than the ones written here.

Again, welcome - can't wait to get to know you better.
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