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Default new and frustrated

I started today with an eggwhite sandwich with lowfat cheeses and whole grain bread lunch was a grilled chicken sandwich and a salad the my hubbie came home with chocolate cones,ice cream and popcorn DARN IT!!!! I see it I wanna eat it! I am a mom of three boys 5'5 190 pounds I need to lose this weight ! I have had 2 back surgeries and hernia surgery so exersize scares me I walk a lot but thats it I have to diet -but I loove chocolate and I cannot stop eating !
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Hi Gaylos!!!!!
What if you kept some stuff like Skinny Cow ice cream cookies in the freezer just for you? I love them and they dont blow my diet! I dont know what diet you are following but i am on WW.
I also love the vitabrownies (but they are bloomin expensive) with some fat free cool whip!
I love eggbeaters. I can make a good size omelet for just two points with the eggbeaters. i dont eat popcorn but do know there are products like microwave smartpop which are very diet friendly. My current love is Frito lays light brand of potato chips. It does have olestra in it but it doesnt seem to bother me.
Good luck and post often!!!! This site seems to have a wealth of information on it! I love it!!!
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Hey gaylos!

Yeah, those are the challenges of our lives! You can find a way, though! What plan are you following? I'm a calorie counter myself. We have forums on many different weight loss plans as well as reviews of different plans.

Look around, see what you find!

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Hello all..I have looked up recipes on this site for WW and have found some good eats! I am serious now and want to lose weight. I started today with a walk and getting ready for yard work. This site seems to be very supportive with a lot of information. I just wanted to say hello to all.
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Welcome Gaylos!!!

The hardest part in losing weight is the begining!!! the temptation but u just have to find it in yourself to have the will power!!! Whos stronger here you or your cravings???? I am also a fellow chocolate lover I live in a town with one of the hershy factories and when its about to rain it smells like chocolate sometimes when u go outside u can actually taste the chocolate and i swear u can gain weight just by the smell ha ha ha ha

anyways so ya take charge of those temptations but also give urself a little treat maybe 2 or 3 small pieces and the secreat is to take forever eating them i ate one hereshy kiss a couple weekends ago and it lasted me like 2 hours ha ha ha

well this site rocks with info alot of support im pretty new myself and have already made some great supportive friends

good luck and u can do it Oh and u were saying that all u do is walk!! But walking to me and from what i have read is one of the best excersises cause u can do it in so many ways fast slow tighten ur tummy while ur walking um tighten ur leg muscles slow or fast walking always does the trick maybe add some weights or jog a little longer ever other day

all i have been doing is walking and then i do the body ball situps 3 times a week and maybe some 2lb weights when i sit to watch all my children!!

Stay strong and just think of the possibilities

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