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Question Swai: is it too good to be true, or could it work?

I'm new, hi! * waves *

So, this might be a bit of a word jumble, but I hope you can bear with me/make sense out of it!

I love eating the different kinds of fish on IP (phase 1), because there are larger portions than of the other options, it takes longer to eat to where it feels more like a “real” meal, etc. My go-to is tilapia, the 7 oz that the form specifies. However, I recently discovered – and am extremely interested in – swai, which is not under the approved section of fish on the form.

The nutritional information on both for comparison is as follows:

Plain tilapia (Per 4 oz serving)
110 calories
3g fat
0 carb
0 fiber
0 sugar
21g protein

Plain swai (Per 4 oz serving)
60 cal
1.5g fat
0 carbs
0 fiber
0 sugar
12g protein

Now, as you can see, the swai is almost exactly half for all of the nutritional facts down the board – virtually the same ratios for everything. So, hypothetically, if I were to eat swai, maybe I could have more – to where the nutritional facts add up to more or less the same as 7oz of tilapia?

Plain tilapia
(7 oz)
192.5 calories
5.25g fat
0 carb, fiber and sugar
36.75g protein

Plain swai (12.83 oz)
192.5 calories
4.81 fat
0 carb, fiber, and sugar
38.49g protein

12.83 oz of swai is virtually identical to 7 oz tilapia. This means that I would be able to enjoy a larger meal. By just looking at the numbers, I would say it is pretty safe to make the substitution. However, I know that lots of seemingly small things make a big difference on IP, like how you can have uncooked onions but not cooked onions, because the composition changes. I'm not sure if there is a similar situation going on here. So, does anyone have some insight? I've tried searching for info about usage of swai on IP, but it must be a very lesser-known fish because I've had no luck at all.

Thanks for sticking with me through my first post!
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I got this
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Type in swai ideal protein on your search engine outside of 3FC to find some threads about swai. Apparently it is a form of catfish or something which is allowed but nothing about how much you can have so...

I'd treat it like you'd do catfish regardless of calories, etc. but I'm not on IP, so I could be wrong.

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You must have an old p1 sheet
Newer ones don't differentiate protein amounts between fish and other meats. It us 8 oz for all. Newest p1 sheet is in the stickies
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