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Default Shamelessly looking for praise :)

Okay - I'll be the first one to admit that this is a totally shameless "I want acknowledgement" post but you guys are the only ones who really understand the week I've had - so I wanted to share:

The day before Father's Day, I was out of town at my parents and my husband called (from home) to tell me his father was doing very poorly, so I immediately got in the car and headed for home, not knowing when things were going to happen. On the way, I called my coach and told him that I wasn't going to have enough food, (and by the time I got back into town, the office would be closed) so he left food for me that I went to go pick up. By that evening, his father had passed and we were on the road again to Iowa. (a 14 hour drive) Throughout the week his family (his mom is passed too, but he has a big family) spent wonderful time together, surrounded by food, chips, alcohol, and I stayed OP the whole time, running out to find my lean protein, and passing on food during the lunch after the funeral. I missed my WI yesterday but according to my scale at home, I've finally hit One-derland. It's been such a long week and I'm so exhausted, but I learned that no matter what the situation, I can still be in control of what I put in my mouth - this is huge for me, because in the past, I wouldn't have wanted to "be a bother" but I wasn't willing to make what was a rough time for us all also become a reason to sabotage my progress. Believe me, I know this past week wasn't about me, but at the same time, I know you guys would understand my specific challenges in it all.
I'd love to hear other stories about challenging times and how you made it through.
Have a great Sunday
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Started IPD Dec 1, 2011
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Excellent! Good job! No excuses like we hear from other people! You walked the talk!
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Congratulations and way to go keeping OP and reaching one-derland!
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drakegirl! You should be so proud of yourself! Excellent on the move planning and most importantly you did exactly what you were supposed to put your oxygen mask on first so that you could help the people around you! Thank you for such an inspiring story. You confirmed to me that no matter what the situation with a little bit of thought I should be able to continue to honor myself and whatever is happening in life.

Please accept my condolences on the passing of your father-in-law.
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I thought I already replied to this thread but must have messed up.

You did well. I like the oxygen mask analogy. Very true. Great work.
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Condolences to you and your family. I am not on IP, but your story is very motivational for me, because I often use excuses to go off plan when my normal routine is disrupted. Even though circumstances might not always be in our control, what we put into our mouths is. Thanks for being a good example!
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From me too - condolences to you and your family. I'm also not on IP but your story can apply to anyone and deserves a massive well done. It's all too easy to slip because of circumstances and the fact that you stuck to it amidst all that is, in my opinion, massive. It shows your determination and also your strength and that is what will carry you over the finishing line!

Well done
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I'm so sorry for the loss of your dad-in-law, and hope you and your family are coping OK. Amazing job for staying OP through this difficult time, and you are absolutely right, with enough planning and determination, this diet is TOTALLY manageable and can be done even under the most extreme circumstances.
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You did great! You are an inspiration. I will be having this same challenge, in August, when many family members will be swooping down on me for a week long visit. So excited to see all of them, but I've been fretting about being able to have the willpower to pass up all of the yummy foods that will be in front of me.
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YOU are in it to WIN IT....You stayed focused even though you had all of that going on. Its determination like this that will get you to your goal. Sorry for your losses and a very BIG pat on the back for looking out for yourself. It is only YOU who can look out for you, I have always said YOU are the ONLY one who controls what you put in your mouth, If you are committed you will over come. You my friend are committed, determined and have strong will power, YOU GOT THIS!
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I Will do this....
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My journey began the week my Father in law passed away from Cancer. It made me stronger and made me realise that "this time" I would not be derailed. Well done you for taking your life in your hands x
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Under such trying circumstances you managed to stay OP....WAY TO GO! It helps to show us that no matter what happens in life we can still remain strong and in control. You really held it together! I'm sorry for your loss...stay strong!
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Congrats on staying focused! My condolences to you and your family for your loss.
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Drake Girl: Congratulations on sticking through on program. I don't know about you, but I've been conditioned to eat any time there is sadness (or happiness for that matter). To make it through a stressful week with losts of family and a death while still taking care of your physical needs is a great accomplishment.

Meadow Wheeler: Totally of topic here, but love your garb. Viking?
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It is VERY hard to not derail when it feels like life is. Congrats. What a fabulous example to us all.
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