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Originally Posted by esammy12 View Post
Hi - I think it's important to remember that with lower carbs comes lower seratonin. It's easy to pump up your seratonin levels with some sugar but we can't do that. I frequently feel low and depressed on this diet. I have to remind myself that all of the stored up toxins (and that includes feelings) are being released from the fat and circulating throughout the blood stream and have to be worked out. This was addressed by the woman from IP who first gave the presentation on the diet and I'm reminded of that by my coach. Losing the weight isn't just the fat - it's some of the stuff that was stored in that fat - hormones (both estrogen and testosterone) that make you feel crazy or angry, or morose, or helpless or full of rage. I definitely get that, the trick is telling your mind that your feelings are just temporary and probably chemical.
I did not know that esammy. I did not get that presentation. Thanks for the info. It makes sense. That's why I always think about those forbidden foods at times like that. I did see a special on addiction on HBO a few years ago. It talked about the release of dopamine that many addicts are after. Sugar causes an immediate release of dopamine - as do illegal drugs. Not sure about alcohol. Perhaps it varies because I am able to have alcohol in moderation but not sugar - and there are some people that have the reverse problem. That will definitely help me. Because the things and people that were annoying me have been annoying me for years...many, many years. LOL! Couldn't figure out why it was different now. I thought maybe I had just had enough. But I think it's trying to deal with all these annoyances without my "go to" comfort foods. I think I'll just yell at them, "What's the matter with you lunk heads?! Don't you realize I'm not having as much fun without chocolate!! You better shape up or ship out!"
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