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Default Cabbage

I am new and I am going to start on Monday. I have a question about cabbage. I thought I read on here that we could not have green cabbage but when I asked my coach she said we could have green cabbage because bok choy is the same as green cabbage. Just wanted to be sure. Thanks
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You are correct. My coach said that the green cabbage is included. The items in the parentheses next to cabbage are the cabbages included.

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hmm I just looked on the updated Phase 1 sheet and your right it does say cabbage but (red, pak choi, bok choy) doesn't say green cabbage. But I guess it is up for interpretation
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Originally Posted by 2RIDEROLLERCOAST View Post
hmm I just looked on the updated Phase 1 sheet and your right it does say cabbage but (red, pak choi, bok choy) doesn't say green cabbage. But I guess it is up for interpretation
Where is the updated Phase I?
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I'm not on IP yet, but I would assume (because it's generally how parenthesis are used in a list of items) that if cabbage was listed outside of the parenthesis then what is in the parenthesis are generally examples, not an all-inclusive or exclusive list unless specifically stated. That is, I would expect all cabbages to count unless within the parenthesis, I saw words to the effect of "except for these" or "only these").

What makes the example hypothesis even more likely to me is the cabbages that happened to occur within the parenthesis. Pak choi and bok choy are actually different names for the same vegetable, and some people aren't aware that this vegetable IS a cabbage (because cabbage isn't in the title). Red cabbage would be another good one to include because at one time red cabbage was often excluded from allowed cabbages for dieting, because it was assumed that like red onions the red variety contained more sugar (which for cabbage, I don't believe is actually true).

All varieties of cabbages (in fact, all the brassicas which include broccoli and cauliflower, mustard greens, kale...) are extremely low-calorie, low-carb, high-fiber "super food" vegetables. It would seem to me very odd to exclude any of them (especially if broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, and kohrabi are also ok).

There are dozens of varieties of cabbage, so listing them all would be cumbersome. Listing cabbage instead, and then in parenthesis listing a few varieties would make the most logical sense (and seems to be confirmed by the coaches' ok of green cabbage, even though it wasn't specifically listed).

Green cabbage isn't technically the same as bok choy (though bok choy is a green-colored cabbage). Green cabbage (also called white cabbage) is a head variety cabbage, and bok choy is a stalk cabbage. I would take the list examples to show that both head and stalk cabbages are ok (so nappa cabbage and savoy cabbage would likewise be ok).

Anyone who doubts this, of course should ask their own coaches (and I'd be surprised, but very interested to know if I'm wrong).

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