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Default Rhubarb

is considered a veggie??? This is why we can have it stewed with some splenda to make it feel like a fruit? lol
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Who would have thunk it haha... Yummy except for that weird film it leaves on your teeth.
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I think it's a little too tart to have too much of it at one time. It is a very nice sweet treat though!
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I'm not on IP (not yet, anyway), but I'm on an exchange plan and one cup of rhubarb is considered a veggie, but three cups can be considered a fruit or three veggies.

That's not really my point, my point is that if you can have rhubarb and splenda, you can eat the rhubarb raw too (unless that's forbidden for some reason on IP).

I slice rubarb into sticks (like celery sticks) and then measure out a little Splenda to dip the rhubarb into or sprinkle on the rhubarb sticks, and eat - sort of like pixie sticks (you definitely don't want to eat more than a cup of rhubarb this way though, as raw it tends to have a mild laxative effect that isn't so mild if you overdo the rhubarb).

I've also used the dry sugar free flavored Jello powder for dipping, so you possibly could use the IP gelatin packet, but you'd probably want to then drink the water that you would have made the gelatin with. I don't know if it would be as filling done taking the components seperately, but I don't see why not.

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I love rhubarb! It's my favorite vegetable at the moment. I usually make it into sauce, because I just find eating the stalks to be too intense for me!
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