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torchlaker 12-01-2009 12:24 AM

Ideal Protein Diet - December Chat
I dunno if I did this right. I forgot from the last time....(age...~ ~)

Josh....that is amazing. You are my new hero. How did you do over Thanksgiving???

Well, it is officially December. A light snow is fallling outside...makes me want to hunker down and hybernate all winter.

I rarely exercise anymore.....I SHOULD - because I think that will be key in maintaining my weight loss. I just seem to have this mindblock against it. Plus, with fibromlaygia...I am always exhausted afterwards (no excuse, tho!!)

Ogdog13 12-01-2009 07:59 AM

Torchlaker, I posted a bunch of high protein, low carb shake recipes on the recipe site. Let me know how the pudding works out. I'm hunting for more pudding recipes for you.

torchlaker 12-01-2009 09:03 AM

OgDog - boy, some of those look really good...(crabcakes....mmmmm). Thanks. Where is "Spring City" in PA? We used to have a cabin in CookForest near Clarion.

Ogdog13 12-01-2009 10:48 AM

Torchlaker, Spring City is in between Pottstown/Limerick and Philly on 422. Not close to Clarion. Did you ever get to Philly?

Lilita175 12-01-2009 11:56 AM

Still in Phase I, looking forward to Phase II someday............

I have lost another couple of pounds since Thanksgiving. I am down to 186.4.

When I hit 185, I will be down 25 pounds since October 14, 2009.

I will never forget Oct. 14, my first day on IP, because I went to a big fair that day! Have you ever heard of fried twinkies? No? Fried avocadoes? How about roasted corn on the cob? LOL.

I made it through that gauntlet day by eating a chicken and veggie shish-ka-bob and then a shrimp cocktail, lots of water and iced tea. The rest of the program has been soooo easy in comparison (well, ahem, except for Thanksgiving Day.)

I weigh myself every day.

Wt. gain does not send me on an eating binge.......it just helps me get back on track. Usually, I go and drink a big glass of water whenever I notice a wt. gain. (start flushing.)

Since, I am rambling, here's a few more thoughts:

I have heard of carb. cycling. Aka the "Wendy Plan" over at Weight Watchers, also known as "eating whatever you want on Sunday" in the Body for Life program. Aka as "eating all your carbs within one hour" of each day at some other program.

I have heard and tried all the tricks. They didn't work for me simply because I am a Carboholic. I can't eat "comfort carbs." and then stop.

I want the whole bowl of mashed potatoes, I want the whole pumpkin pie, I want 2 corn on the cobs.........get it? It just doesn't work for me.

IP is a low calorie plan. I am hungry some of the time during the day. I could easily eat a big bowl/plate of carbs to satisfy that hunger. But I won't.

I drink water and eat a package of IP. No, it is not the greatest tasting food in the world. But it is a substitute/crutch/friend/treatment/ whatever you want to call it to make it through the day. And then I have a great meal either for lunch or dinner.

Yesterday I had roasted chicken breast, cucumber and cabbage salad with olive oil, cilantro, chili and lime dressing.

The day before I had sliced Tri-tip over lettuce salad.

I am making the best of this program.

Because this is the last program for me. I have had such great (and fast) results and I am not going back to being over 200 pounds ever again.

I feel great. My clothes are sooo loose. My daughter told me I need to get new clothes. But I am NOT going to spend money on size 14 clothes because
size 12 is just around the corner!


Ogdog13 12-01-2009 12:06 PM

Lilita, I understand your carb-cravings totally...mine is a big huge plate of whole wheat spaghetti, and seconds! I can't carb cycle because I'll just go back to eating the way I did....I need the structure that IP provides. I'm on the same page with you regarding pants size. I put my size 14 jeans on this weekend and am only a tad away from being able to pull them down over my hips without buttoning. I don't know how much weight loss I've had (go in tonight for my weigh-in) but the size 14s being large....WHOOHOOOO!!! :carrot:

PRINCASS 12-01-2009 01:06 PM

Things I've learned on IP
I cannot believe its December already. :o

Things I've learned with IP

1. I know what foods I LOVE and foods I HATE.
-vanilla premaid shakes-wow amazing.
-rasberry jello-again amazing.
-vanilla pudding-cake batter!!
-carmel bars-good treat
-any soup

2. Eating vegtables are totally rewarding. :broc:
3. Creativitiy is a must.
4. Salad is not THAT bad without dresssing!!
5. I cannot live without CHEESE! :cheese: I had a few sneaks over the holiday and wow how I've missed the cheese!
6. I love seeing results.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week. Cheers to more loss!! :goodscale:goodluck:

Ogdog13 12-01-2009 01:06 PM

For those of us who want to cut back on cost, who like making our own food, whatever the reason:

We've all got our own quirky taste and texture preferences, even for simple protein shakes. Here are a few techniques you may find useful in preparing your next protein shake.


If your protein shake is:

Too Thin:
Try adding a few ice cubes, frozen fruit, or a tablespoon of sugar-free instant pudding mix to thicken it.

Too Thick:
Some protein mixes have guar gum or other artificial thickeners in them. Instead of throwing them out, you can make shakes using only half the packet, mixing in a regular whey protein to cover the protein gap.

Not Creamy Enough:
Try using a tablespoon of sugar-free pudding if you make your shakes with water or milk. If you use milk, you can try using milk with higher fat content (1 or 2% instead of skim) or just use a tablespoon of dry, sugar-free instant pudding mix.

Not "Foamy" Or Frothy Enough:
Extend the "whip" time in the blender to "fluff" the shake.

Won't dissolve:
Solubility problems usually have to do with the particular brand of protein that you buy. Your best option is to first blend your liquid and ice and slowly add the protein to the blender. Look for an "instantized" protein that blends with a few shakes to avoid the problem all together.

Not Sweet Enough:
Add a packet or two of Splenda or a small piece of banana. Fructose (fruit sugar) is 70% sweeter than sucrose (table sugar) so even just a small piece of banana or other fruit go a long way in providing sweetness.

Weak Vanilla Flavor:
A tsp of imitation vanilla flavor or tsp vanilla extract will enhance the vanilla flavor without adding calories. Alternatively, you could add a tablespoon of sugar-free instant vanilla pudding for just 13 calories.

Weak Chocolate Flavor:
A teaspoon of real cocoa powder will give you a nice chocolate flavor without adding the sugar that comes with using chocolate syrup. This is a great idea for those on tighter budgets that can only purchase one flavor of protein at a time because you can add cocoa to vanilla protein and make a chocolate flavor.

Protein Sticks To Blender Glass:
Always add the liquid to your blender or shaker first. When blending thicker shakes, try pouring the protein into the blender as it whirls or lightly pushing the powder down with a spoon to ensure it mixes.

Sandrab 12-01-2009 01:13 PM

well tis the season!! this is going to be a tough month for many people with all teh "extras" that the season brings. i am trying hard to stay focused for my break at christmas eve / day and stay on track for the rest. For added incentive, my husband and myself volunteered for Operation Red Nose throughout the holidays. We have done this before, it is fun, festive, gets you out of the house, but also eliminates or at least cuts down on tempting christmas drinks/parties. We do have several of those as well, but luckily enough one is a catered turkey dinner so can find what i need there, and the other is restaurant order so can do the same. And again, offered to DD those nites to keep me honest!! I can do this knowing the enjoyment i will get on my little break right at christmas. seems worth it - if i have to choose, and apparently i do! so good luck to all of you who are similarily trying to plan this season!!

echobaby 12-01-2009 01:51 PM


Sandrab 12-01-2009 09:53 PM

Weigh in day today!! down 3.8lbs and 4.5". so just when i was feeling a bit hopeless, my meeting put me back on track....how can it seem soooooo long and yet so short at the same time! seems forever since i started, but yet when i look at the dates and the weight lost.....i know the stats are good. so going to keep on truckin!! good luck to you all...


watermeyer 12-01-2009 09:54 PM

Hello! I'm new here! I'm 38 and hoping to be close to or at goal when I turn 39 in March. Today is my first day on IP and so far so good. Mild headache and hungry, but not famished. I'm so excited to be here! I read all of the November Chat posts over the weekend and feel so much better prepared! Thanks to all of you who have gone before me and provided so much motivation! I started the day with the Wildberry Yogurt Drink and it was much better than I was expecting. For lunch I decided to get the Leek Soup over with. I steamed some broccoli and used the water from the broccoli to make the soup, added the broccoli, a little Mrs. Dash and my sea salt. I was pleasantly surprised. I'm about to try a pudding, we'll see how that is.

Thanks again for all of your awesome posts.


LuvMyMarine 12-01-2009 10:15 PM

Hi. This is my very first post here, so I hope I am doing it right. I'm planning to start the Ideal Protein diet this weekend, and I am excited and nervous at the same time. Excited about the wonderful results others have had, and nervous that I might not be so lucky.

I just wanted to say to Torchlaker that I've enjoyed reading your posts as I've been researching this diet. You're an inspiration. And I am so sorry for the loss of your husband. We may have some common ground. You see, my husband is employed by KBR and works as a safety superviser in Iraq. He works closely with the firefighters, and has for the past 5 years. It is entirely possible that he and your husband worked together at some point. My husband has been at a few bases, including Striker, Ramadi, and Al Asaad, with the majority of his time spent at Al Asaad. Just thought it would be interesting if they actually crossed paths. Stranger things have happened...

As I mentioned, I am planning to start this diet on a weekend because I understand the first few days can be tough. My boss started a week ago and experienced headaches and stomach upset the first few days. I figured I'd rather experience these symptoms at home, rather than work. On a positive note, she has lost 10 pounds and her blood sugar has normalized! YAY for her!

torchlaker 12-01-2009 11:56 PM

Welcome watermeyer and Luvmy marine: I am excited for you both to start your new journey.

Luvmymarine: My husband worked for WSI - a subsidiary of KBR. He spent his first year at Scania, and was at TQ when he died. Who knows? Maybe they actually did meet each other. I meet a WSI firefighter up here in the "wilds" this summer. He remembered when Eddie died (Eddie was the first firefighter to pass over there). I was able to give him a hug...

I am really nervous about my weighin on Thursday (usually it is on Tuesdays). I have tried substituting the bars that I got from Netrition. My scale shows a 3# gain! I decided not to get on my scale until I weigh in...I have been depressed all day. This was my biggest worry....what happens when I go off IP? Granted, I only plan to be off the 3 weeks I am gone...but I am still eating lowcalorie/low carb...and l think I gained. Decided the scale just depresses me too much.

Started taking Milk of Magnesia for my "inerd" problem. Worked great yesterday....not today. I am worried about that too.....since I have had problems with this ever since I started on IP. I thought it would straighten itself out....we have tried so many things.

So I finished altering 3 tops today....and when I put them on..they seemed tight (well, tighter than I am used to).....seemingly reaffirming that I have gained something. I have never had a gain while on IP.....

SandraB....you are doing amazing. You have steadily gone down every week....I think we are just needing to be more creative or something. Both of my last 2 dinners were terrible.

EchoBaby: We used to have CarbCountdown milk around here. Haven't seen it in ages. Wish I COULD find it. I couldn't make myself make the pudding because of all the carbs and calories in the Lactaid...I thought it would make me gain MORE weight.

Ogdog13 12-02-2009 07:47 AM

Whooohoooo, second weigh-in and 10 lbs in 3 weeks (and that is with cheating a bit here and there). Now I really want to hunker down and not cheat here and there. Still my size 14s are almost slipping off my hips!!

On another note, I just can't eat fish anymore. I was a vegetarian before this diet and went back to fish and seafood to lose weight. My mind is getting the best of me with the little fishies. So, I'm going to try this diet with vegetarian foods instead. Please be patient with me while I attempt at losing weight veggie style.

Torchlaker and Ecobaby, you've been on here a while, any hints for us veg-heads?

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