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Default Goal! 82 Pounds Down: 217 to 135 (pics)

Today is the day. I officially reached the goal I set for myself just over nine months ago. This site has been an invaluable source of information and support to me along this journey. I set this goal back when it seemed completely far away and unattainable. Now that I'm here I realize I still have plenty left to go, so I've reset my goal to 125 and I'll see how I feel once I get there. Despite being only 5'0, I have a very large frame, so I can't imagine getting much lower than that, but time will tell.

I began my journey shortly before Memorial Day weekend, 2011. I had no specific plan, but as May became June, things started falling into place. I started at 217 and weighed in at 134.9 this morning after tap dancing around 135 for a couple days.

I have PCOS and insulin resistance, so low carb (60/day) low calorie (1200/day) with a splash of calorie and carb cycling to keep my body guessing was how I achieved my results. In addition to cardio and strength training (mostly resistance bands as I still detest weights, despite trying to like them). I also take part in intermittent fasting (fast from 7pm-noon) because it seems to work best for my lifestyle. Eating breakfast always made be nauseous (despite breakfast being some of my favorite foods). I had what I'd consider a severe carbohydrate addiction. Kicking that was hard, but freeing. I love that I no longer crave food and I don't miss carbs at all.

On to the pictures...I do not have very many pictures of myself before I started my journey. I avoided the camera, so I did not take official before pics. The best ones I have are from a May 2011 trip to Alaska, which was about two weeks before I started, so they're exactly my starting weight as luck would have it.

Here goes....the Before at 217, wearing size 16 jeans and XL/1X tops:

And the After...taken tonight at 134.9 pounds, wearing size 6 jeans and a small top:

And a bonus shot with my faithful yellow friend, Henry - he loves the camera, LOL!
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Getting back into it
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You look (and are) amazing! You must be so proud of yourself! What an inspiration to keep going. Thanks for posting these pics and your story.
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Woooohoooo!!!!! Amazing job! Congrats! You look great!
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You look fanastic. Congrats on comming so far and reaching your goal
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Hello There
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wow congrats! you look amazing. you have to take more pics now with your new fun self!

i have pcos and ir too. i'm such a carb addict and have just started lowering my carb intake.
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You are an inspiration! Only 9 months. Well done, and thank you so much for sharing.
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I love your story (as a fellow PCOS and IR gal) you give me inspiration to continue this battle. You look fabulous and should be so proud of yourself. Great job!
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Amazing accomplishment!! You look fabulous!
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So amazing - Congratulations!
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wow! you look fantastic! in such a short amount of time too. well done you are such an insparation xxx
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Amazing! You look fantastic!
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That is just soo fantastic...

Really is a new you ... so well done.
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There is no try.
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Default re:

What an amazing transformation! Henry looks pretty happy too!

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Congratulations! You look great!!!
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