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Leveling Up
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Default 80+ Pounds Lost!


Update 8/13/12 - new pictures, I think they're nicer

Update 5/22/12 - I added a link to a picture of my torso

Update 5/13/12 - New picture of me at 115 (finally, right?) and I updated my measurements.

Update 1/12/12 - I'm trying to figure out what exactly happened, but it turns out my scale was off by 10lbs...making me weigh 10lbs heavier than I actually was. My starting weight is still 200lbs because I weighed that much at the doctor's office just before I went to college. I also know I weighed more than 200 pounds at some point...meaning I must have lost nearly 100lbs over all, but nearly 80lbs since that moment before I started college.

Since I'd started this journey though, I've lost 69 pounds. I don't know if my pictures are accurate or not, but I've still lost the weight and that's what matters.

I've fixed my progress pictures to better reflect what I actually weighed.

You can read more about this here

Update 12/28/11 - I added two new pictures of me at 133 pounds and before and after measurements.

Okay, I think it's time for my goal post You all have helped me so much so time to give back and inspire some others!

I've lost 65 pounds in total and it's been a really wonderful and interesting journey to get here. Technically I've lost the majority of this weight since May, but I really began a whole "living healthy" process about seven years ago, when I was 16. Seven years of changing my habits and slowly moving toward a healthy life have gotten me to the point where I am now.

As I continue I look forward to my new challenge: maintenance.

My story begins in childhood. I was overweight and always the fat kid for as long as I can remember. My mother tells me of a time when I was underweight—before kindergarten apparently—but I don't remember it. The only memories I have are growing up overweight and wishing that I were thin and pretty like the other girls. In addition to my weight I was different in that I didn't like "girly" things. I would much prefer to play video games than put on makeup or play with a barbie…this only made it harder for me to make friends.

In most of elementary school and middle school I hated myself. I had friends but I felt so alone. I was convinced that losing weight would make everything better that I twice tried to do it. When I was 12 I tried starving myself but only lasted a day and when I was 13 I rode my bike every day in the summer. That was my first success; I managed to go from a size 16 to a 14. Although that particular pair of jeans when compared to ones I have now is a bit smaller than the 14s I wore this time around.

When I entered high school my weight ballooned because I was no longer playing soccer. I likely weighed much more than my starting weight here, but I'm unsure what it was. I was a size 18 and despite the fact that I was my biggest ever, I was also very happy. I made wonderful friends and learned to love myself.

It was during high school that my mother took me to the gym and I began taking step classes. I loved it!! I went down to a 14/16 (thus, probably losing weight. I don't know how much).

In college I started eating healthier and made even more awesome friends who taught me to love myself for who I was I know my weight entering college was 200lbs because of my doctor's appointment and I remember not really caring all that much because I was pretty happy with myself. In college I also started lifting weights and went down to a 12/14 without losing weight.

In graduate school, December 2010 (a YEAR ago! ), I decided to cut my portions not to lose weight but to stop myself from feeling so sick and full after meals. I lost eight pounds as a result. I unfortunately went back to old habits but maintained that 8 pound loss throughout my last semester in graduate school.

In May, just as I was getting ready to graduate I decided to try again. Eventually I added calorie counting to the mix and…here I am. I never dreamed I would lose 65 pounds in my life. I never thought I could weigh this little.

I know there are some folks out there that would be mortified to be on the high end of the healthy BMI, but I'm really happy with my body right now. It's not perfect, but who is?

One piece of advice to anyone thinking of beginning…learn to love yourself. It was because I learned to love who I was that I was able to begin losing weight.

And now for what you've all been waiting for…the pictures!

Starting Pictures (200+ lbs)

Taken in Summer 2008 when I was in Venice. Still is one of my favorite pictures of me

Taken May 2010, just before I finished my undergrad.

Transition Pictures

Haha one of my favorites again! Nintendo World! I'm 150 pounds in this picture. I love living in New York

This one is taken at the end of August 2011 in Philly. I'm 147 pounds here

High school reunion!! October 2011, 136 pounds.

125 pounds - reached 12/12/11

I didn't lose weight, I'm just more concentrated awesome.

I'm a size 2/4 in the above picture

123 pounds

111-112 pounds

Yes, that is a Gir bag

This chart is a little inaccurate. My scale was weighing me in 10lbs heavier, but you can still see the rate at which I lost weight

I weigh daily and I started charting my progress at 192 pounds on May 3, 2011

I'd like to thank all of you here at 3FC. I joined up when I had lost 30 pounds and with all of your support I was able to lose another 35. Thank you all SO MUCH for being there for me and giving me a place where I could talk about my successes and struggles.

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Every pound is a victory
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I've been waiting to see your final pictures--you look fantastic!! So happy for you!
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Back to Basics!
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Look at that steady weight loss...you go! I'm just awed...you look..AMAZING! It's obvious that you enjoyed life, no matter what size, but now you can enjoy it with a bangin' body! CONGRATS!
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CONGRATS.....You look awesome!!!! More than the pictures, I LOVED your story and your obvious love of yourself and your life. You deserve to feel great!
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You're a Rock Star! Congratulations!
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Progress not perfection
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Great JOB!!!!
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Knocking down walls.
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WTG sontaikle! Good job!
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WOOHOO Congratulations!!

I must say the very first photo looks as if its something from lane bryant or some high end clothes magizine!! Very professional looking and must say your beautiful
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over and over again
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U GO GIRL!!! U look so great and so little.
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WOW- you look SO amazing!! Love your confidence- and that hair!!!
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Leveling Up
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Aww thanks so much everyone!! <3

I love my hair and I was so glad I didn't have the problem that some people did where they lose some due to weight loss. I was so happy I avoided that!

It's been so interesting losing this weight and while my life has improved I'm glad I enjoyed life as I was and didn't wait until I lost weight. I've had a lot of interesting experiences and I wouldn't trade them for anything!

Originally Posted by qtkitty View Post
WOOHOO Congratulations!!

I must say the very first photo looks as if its something from lane bryant or some high end clothes magizine!! Very professional looking and must say your beautiful
Awww Thanks! I have a lot of nice shots from my study abroad because I happened to go with a lot of art majors who were into photography.
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'I didn't lose weight, I'm just more concentrated awesome'

I love this, congrats! You look great
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I think you look fantastic! What a great story you have about your journey.
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Congratulations! You look amazing, and add me to the list of those loving your hair.
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Congrats! You look beautiful
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