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Question Has anyone tried eDiets?


I was just wondering if anyone has tried I am somewhat hesitant to pay a membership fee when there are so many free diet websites out there! I'm not too good with following set meal plans, but I feel like I need something with a little more structure and accountability. If anyone has tried this program I would love to hear your opinions!

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Default I'm an e-dieter

Hi Lexxy,
I'm currently on e-diets. I really like it. The menus are really flexible and the dinners are pretty tasty. What I like about e-diets is that if you are not going to reach your goal weight than they adjust your calorie intake accordingly. They have an incredible support system via the message boards. I lost 24lbs about a year ago but managed to gain it back because I went crazy with my eating and stopped exercising. I'm back on it now and trying to re-lose that 24lbs plus about 16 more. I must admit though that this time around I've decided to do slim fast in the morning and afternoon but eat their dinners. When you fill out their questionere (sp) make sure to be honest so that they can come up with a meal plan that truly suits you.

Now that said here are a couple of the downfalls:

The recipes are only for one which means I have to quadruple my recipes (my husband eats two servings and my sister eats over alot). The recipes are not kid friendly. There are those on the boards that will say they make it for their kids too - there are recipes that this is actually possible to do - but there are also some that they would not get near if I paid them.

Grocery shopping can get expensive. Even though they use totally normal ingredients buying fresh everything gets pricier than the normal way of shopping. My plan calls for frozen entrees for lunch - which is what I asked for - however, doing slim fast is actually a whole lot cheeper than buying 7 frozen entrees every week. There are several ways to view this - one of them being that you're saving money by not buying junk food. I also find that I save money because I don't hardly eat out at all when I'm following the plan. I guess bottom line for me is that it's easier to justify spending the money when you consider the fact that your eating healthier. There's also a couple of boards that have postings on ways to save when on e-diets.

Bottom line to this entire book is that e-diets is great. I have also checked out diet watch and they seem to be really good too. Neither are telling us anything we don't already know - it's just more structered than doing it on your own. They give you the menus and a shopping list for the week. I think Womens Day just did an article on a gal that lost a hoop of weight on diet watch. So check them all out and choose what ever one fits your needs the best, factoring in food choices and on-line support.

Well, I know I've went on and on - feel free to e-mail me with any more questions or post them - hope I've helped.
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Default Thanks for the advice

I appreciate your response. I'm going to think about it a little more before making any decisions. I didn't realize that Dietwatch was a paid service now. I seem to remember joining it back in the day when it was free to everyone.

I guess times have changed!
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DietWatch is still free.. it's just that if you want them to do any eCounseling (helping with menus) they charge $9.95. Cyberdiet is the same thing. All of the same info is there.. but if you want it personalized, it's $9.95 a month.
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