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Angry just starting michael thurmond's body makeover program-any advice?

Hi, everyone! I just received the Michael Thurmond body makeover program today in the mail, I did not pay for speedy shipping and I got it in 11 days from when I ordered it, so I am
happy about that. Let me introduce myself, my name is Karen,
I am 39 years old, I am 5'6" tall and weigh approximately 286.
According to the program, I am body type A, endomorph.
I really like the sound of the program, meaning regular foods,
no diet pills, etc. I would really appreciate any input from those
of you who are currently on the program, advice, etc. I gained
all of my weight during my pregnancy--16 years ago! and never lost it, it just has continued to creep on over the years, and
have found myself eating for comfort, or under stress, etc.
I have high blood pressure, am on medication, and it has helped
a lot, but I know that permanent weight loss is essential to my future health. I come from a family of mainly overweight people,
with high risks for cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc, so I need to lose this weight and I am motivated to do so. So I look forward to hearing from all of you, thank you and God bless you!
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Hello GLY!

Welcome there are several of us on the pgrm. Read our posts on the original thread and get to know us all. It will also give you some tips. I just started a new thread labled #2.

You are welcome to share your experience with us.
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Talking Hi Karen!

I'm thinking maybe you were trying to post under the Michael Thurmond Body Makeover thread, but ended up here?? If so, when you're reading a post and want to reply, you hit the "New Reply" button, not the "New Thread" button. Anyways...

I wanted to say hello, and invite you to join the moment we are on "Michael Thurmonds 6-week Body Makeover #2". Some of us haven't gotten the program yet, so we haven't started, but there are a few going strong on it! (I suggest you take a read through thread #1 to catch up & get to know everyone!)

Hope to see you over there!!

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Default 6 week body makeover.......

Hi- are any of you still using this program? I want to buy one- but it can take up to 6 weeks to have it delivered!

If you are still using it, how does it work?

Thank you
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Default Tootsie - and anyone else reading this...

If you're debating about the Thurmond program...why not give Body for Life a looksee?

Rather than spending $160 or whatever on a kit, go to the bookstore and spend $20 on this very easy to read book...or if you don't want to lay down the bucks...go to the library and see if it's available there (it was the best selling fitness book of 2001 so it's a pretty good bet your library will have it).

From what I've gleaned about the Thurmond program, it's basically a 'copycat' of BFL - although perhaps not as intense - except Thurmond focuses more on scale weight while BFL puts more of an emphasis on losing bodyfat while building muscle (and as you may know already, muscle burns fat 24/7 - so having more muscle is a GOOD THING!).

I cordially invite you to review our threads, lurk, ask our BFL thread here at 3FC...and also urge you to go check out and check out the transformation gallery there...see what living the BFL lifestyle has done for so many ordinary folks...

Anyway...over and out! have a great holiday weekend!
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