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mompen 07-16-2001 07:51 PM

Success With Slimfast#?
Hi Ladies! I don't know which number it is on.....lol but I wanted to start a thread. I just started slimfast on day three. I have hit a plateau and wanted to boost my weight loss! How is everyone else doing on it? Any feedback would be appreciated! Thanks Penny

Cowgirl 07-21-2001 01:56 PM

It's #6. I'm glad to see someone here. I had noticed posts had declined latley and was getting lonley. I guess summer vacations are keeping everyone off line. Well I am doing great and have lost 60 pounds. I have 80 to go. I mostly use Slimfast but also Power bars and I like the new Sam's Club shakes from Wal Mart. They tast as Good as if not better than Slimfast and have slightly less fat and seem to me to be of a smoother texture. Also they are $1\case cheaper. Ho[pe everyone out there is enjoying their summer. :):wave:

swimmerbabe 07-22-2001 11:18 AM

Hey! I have read the other threads and think this is great!!

I have tried slimfast all week and lost 2 lbs on it in 6 days!!

Can't wait to lose the whole 10 or 15 i want to


Cowgirl 07-26-2001 10:02 AM

Hey welcome and congrats on your loss. I am getting ready to leave on a trip to Cleveland this morning but wanted to check in first.I'm doing prety good and really noticing a big diferance in how I look. So nice to see my feet again!:o Sometimes you might find yopurself not loosing weight even though you stick to the diet. Don't be discouraged. This has hapened to me several times but it only lasts a week to a month. Realy not a big deal. I have lost 60 pounds so far. Never dreamed I could do it but here I am. :cool: This site is the best for when you need encouragement.

Chi 07-26-2001 07:05 PM

Slimfast diet
Hi, I am just starting a new diet. This time I want to make it work. I was thinking about the slimfast diet. Sounds like it is working for a few of you. Iwould like to lose 10 to 15 lbs in 3 months is this possible. i am planning on exersing 1hour each day.Walking and taking a class at the Y.


Tiger Lily 07-30-2001 11:08 AM

Hi Slim Fast Group!

I've become a convert. I was trying unsuccessfully to do Weight Watchers. I stay too focused on food with the points plan, it's all I think about so I figured maybe Slim Fast would be easier. I've been following the plan for 3 days now and it's great! I only have to think about one meal instead of totaling points all day and trying not to go over. I can't wait to see what my results will be when I weigh on Friday! I hope you all don't mind if I join in with you here!


ElaineR. 08-01-2001 01:17 PM

Hi Tiger Lilly,

You know, I joined this board in August of 99 also, and I think I remember you!

Anyway... Weight Watchers did not really work for me either.. for the same reason.. it was just too much focus on food. I lost about 25 pounds.. but then gained it back.

I do much, much better when I don't have to think so much about food choices.

Anyway.. I am just beginning the Slimfast plan.. but I have my meal at lunch because that is simply what works better for my lifestyle.

I need to lose about 55 pounds :(

Glad to see you here!

Elaine R.


Tiger Lily 08-01-2001 02:04 PM

Hi Elaine!
I've been here for awhile, that's for sure. I'm really enjoying the Slim Fast Plan. It hasn't been difficult at all for me. I'm also eating my meal at lunch. It's great only having to worry about one meal and not keeping track of all those stupid points. I was constantly thinking about what I could and couldn't have. It drove me nuts. Good luck and maybe we can encourage each other!


ElaineR. 08-01-2001 05:03 PM

Hi Tiger Lilly,

Yes.. encouragement would be most welcome! I need to lose 55 pounds. I am 5'5", am 43 years old, single, and currently weigh 195 (ugh!). Well.. gotta start somewhere, right?

Today is my first day and I feel fine. How long have you been on this program again, and how much do you need to lose?


ben&jerrys 08-02-2001 07:30 AM

May I join you?
Hi everyone! I am just starting the Slimfast plan today. Like others here I need to freedom from thinking about my food. Afterall it is just something we should be using to fuel our bodies and get us through the day...why does it consume so much of our thoughts? We don't spend so much time considering what gas to put into our cars.

Anyhow, I am looking to lose over 60 pounds. I hope this will give me a push in that direction. I am planning on using it in conjunction with WW in that I will count the points of the shakes and snacks and try to keep my dinners sensible. So far I figure my shakes (they are chocolate soy shakes) are 3 WW points. Once I eat two pieces of fruit for a snack, I will be at dinner with 8 or 9 points used up for the day. This will give me a lot of freedom for my dinner since I could eat 8 to 15 points and still be okay by WW standards.

I am going away with friends this weekend. I am going to focus on eating sensibly because I don't want to bother with the shakes. I may buy some meal on the go bars to pack in case I need to do a meal on my own.

Have a nice day!



Tiger Lily 08-02-2001 09:00 AM

Hi Elaine & Kirsten

Elaine, I need to lost 95 pounds, but I'm looking at 5 pounds at a time. I weighed 240 when I started the Slim Fast plan last Friday. It's been almost a week. I'm really enjoying it, it's not been had at all.


Good luck, maybe if we take the journey together it won't seem so tough.


ElaineR. 08-02-2001 09:45 AM

Hi Kirstin, Janet...

Its interesting that we all have about the same weight range to lose... 60. 55. 95....

Kirstin... Don't be so hard on yourself for not being able to think of food as just fuel. Food is more than just fuel... there is an emotional attachment to food that we can't deny. I am looking at this diet as an opportunity to really change my relationship and approach to food.. but I don't think we can really disconnect from the emotion of food. Skinny people obsess on food as much as we do... they somehow manage to manage their obsessions. Good luck this weekend, and its great to have you here!

Janet... I like your idea of setting your goal at five pounds at a time.. I feel overwhelmed by how much I weight I have to lose.. setting small goals is really smart.

I've decided to only weigh myself once a week.. that is so hard for me to do... but tomorrow is my designated "weigh-in" day.


Day Two


Tiger Lily 08-02-2001 10:20 AM


That's exactly why I'm setting my goals smaller. If I think about the big picture it scares the crap out of me and I get the old self-pity and doubt going. I plan to reward myself for every 5 pounds I lose too. This week I'm getting a new pair of walking shoes and a new CD. I know this seems a little extravagant, but it's been so long since I've been able to stick to a plan for an entire week. Plus I need the walking shoes. My next reward will be less expensive, maybe a new tube of lipstick or something like that. For every 20 pounds I lose I plan to buy a complete new outfit. That means outfit, new undies, shoes, jewelry, and purse if I want it. This is going to be a tough road and the only one who's going to be kind to me is me.

When I reach the crossroads of my journey (when I'm at goal and begin the lifelong process of maintaining) I'm buying myself a new car. A laser red Mustang GT! How's that for motivation?


ben&jerrys 08-02-2001 10:47 AM

I love an active thread
It is so nice to see an active board...it does so much to help motivate me.

I know that if we stick with this we will see results. I am really looking forward to taking this journey with you all.


ElaineR. 08-02-2001 12:07 PM

Hi Janet,

I have a reward system setup for myself too! This week, I am also being a bit extravagent and getting hi-lites in my hair! As for your walking shoes... that is a great reward!

Fashion is definetly one of my biggest motivators. For most of my adult life, I was a size 8.. and still have a closet full of beautiful size 8's that I haven't been able to wear since I gained my weight.. which was in the summer of 95.

I was a binger who maintained a low weight by extreme dieting and extreme exercise. By extreme dieting.. I mean I would eat nothing for three days.. then everything for three days. Since I never dealt with my real food issues.. when I began eating and letting go of the exercise.. I really ballooned up really fast. Since I had always been able to take it off fast... I kept telling myself I would get back on track "tomorrow". Tomorrow didn't come until 4 years later in August of 99... and I did lose about 25 pounds... but then lost my motivation and gained it all back.

Anyway... I feel very determined this time to just do this and be done with it. My head is in a much better place.. so I feel very optimistic that this will be the time for me that I do this.


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