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Default MsLiz...

Nah, don't worry about it. That whole myth about 'aspartame disease' that's been going around for years is just one of my hot buttons...

Anyway, back to BFL!

Tomorrow's the end of my 9th week. After my UBWO today, I went to Spinning (yeah, I know cardio and weights aren't to be mixed on the same day but I just LOVE that class!) as I do every Friday. The instructor, Curt, came up to me and went "WHOA DUDE! Your arms are lookin' HOT!!" He wanted to know what I've been doing and I told him BFL. I have total respect for Curt since he is not only a fab instructor but also a hardcore competitive cyclist (he also went from around 300 pounds to a lean, mean cyclin' machine some years back) so it was great to hear his praise. Of course he made me flex my bicep for him! "Girl, you're looking GREAT!" Warm fuzzies...

I'm really looking forward to this coming weekend - have a riding lesson and will be cleaning stalls too! Should be fun (believe it or not). I think my riding is getting better, at least I'm not nearly as sore as I was in the beginning. See ya guys!
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I hope everyone has a great weekend. We are headed out of town to a real city - Indianapolis, IN Should be fun. I got get my cardio in first thing in the morning - then I can shop.

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Sorry Miz Liz, i over reacted, its coz i'm diabetic so u can imagine i use sweetner in and on and i panicked, sorry, thanks for mentioning it though...
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Default I'm back:wave:

Hi everybody! I just got my new hard drive set up and i'm back on-line~YEAH.
I had alot of catching up to do. Welcome to all the newcomers~Cris, Shelly and Penguin!
Oh my God, Susan and MrsJim~I saw your new pics on L&S. You guys are doing FANTANSTIC!!!!!!!! Thanks for posting them because it is living proof that BFL works on the average person. (not that either of you are average ) I'm sooo proud of you.

I just started week 6 and I'm having the best time at the gym. I started out doing the program at home using dumbbells and a cardio bike. Just joined the YMCA last week and I'm addicted!!!
The first day on the EFX kicked by butt but I'm loving it. I have been doing cardio on my free day. I know that I shouldn't but like I said~I'm addicted.
As far as weighing on the scale~ I agree with MrsJim. It's what you see in the mirror and how the clothes fit that counts. This is coming from a person who weighs herself everyday. I have been 'stuck' at the 123 for the past few weeks but I see a change in how I look. I think that as we develop muscle, scale weight doesn't count as much as it used to. Although I'm sure that I will get on the scale occassionally, I will not worry about what it says because I know that I'm eating and exercising right.
I will still have to get my WO's at home on the weekends,as my hours don't fit into the Y's hours. I hope that I can make the adjustments without much problem.

Everybody have a great weekend~MrsJim, have fun on the horses!

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Mrs. Jim- My husband's sister lives on 60 acres in Tennessee, and they have 2 horses, 8 cows, yada, yada, yada. Anyway, the horses are a Tennessee Walker and a Quarter Horse. When we went up there last summer, the horses had never had saddles on them before. My brother-in-law put saddles on them a couple of days before we went up. Needless to say, the horses were a bit nervous when my girls rode them. My girls also enjoyed cleaning stalls, etc. It IS a lot of exercise!!

Just finished my cardio. I did a 20 min. jog with faster jogging each couple of minutes. After the 20 minutes were over, I did a slow jog back home for a total of 35 minutes. My arms are very sore from yesterday, but it feels great!!

Susanje--We need you back to start a new thread!!! This is taking sooo long to load!
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Mrs. Jim: I have a friend who has become a BFL devotee since the beginning of this year and he's looking and feeling great. I've enjoyed reading the BFL posts here about how well everyone is doing. That's fantastic and I find the posts here inspirational. However, I am a Covert Bailey devotee and felt I must jump in to defend him. I've noticed in a few different forums that there is a misconception that Covert Bailey does not advocate walking or gentle, moderate exercise as a way to get lose fat and get fit. That just isn't true. What Covert says is that walking and gentle, moderate exercise is great for the beginner exerciser or for the unfit. It is a great way to start an exercise regime and to get the fat-burning engine inside all of us (our metabolism) revved up. However, to continue to get fit and lose fat our bodies eventually will need some form of cross-training such as what all of you have mentioned: weight training, kickboxing, an aerobics class, etc. For the walker to continue to get fit they will need to step it up and even add some "wind sprints" e.g., short jogs throughout their walk. Covert's regime and the BFL regime are not all that different. Covert also advocates "eating to lose" by eating small amounts throughout the day to keep the metabolism working as it should but, of course, just like BFL, he advocates eating the right foods and not junk. Anyone wanting to learn more about Covert Bailey and his approach to health and fitness can log onto his page on under the "Nutrition and Fitness" link.

By the way, I still own and use the Health Rider I purchased six years ago…and love it! It gives every muscle in my body a workout. Believe me, at the end of my 50-minute workout I am definitely sweating, and then some!
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