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Default Excess skin

I am 20 years old and over the last 2 years, i Have lost just over 5 stone.

I am a healthy 8 stone 13lbs now and 5ft 2.

However i have some excess skin and fat around my lower stomach area that hangs and it causes me so much unhappiness.

I have achieved a lot with my weightloss but this issue really affects my confidence, nothing seems to be able to shift this last bit!

Any advice would be appriciated

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Save for surgical intervention, you can't do anything about loose skin. All you can do is continue to lose fat until you're at a lower bodyfat percentage (20% BF is a good goal for women) and gain some muscle to lessen the visibility of loose skin.

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I would disagree about nothing helping the loose skin. Have you read the Obesity Code? get it from your library if you can, because you don't likely need the weight loss aspects. However, fasting (more EF) as described, promotes "autophagy" which helps with the loose skin. The Dr. Fung who wrote the book has only referred one patient for skin harvest surgery post weight loss. He has dealt with people who were far more obese than you. I have lost 30 pounds so far, and no flabby loose skin so far. And its been relatively rapid, with most of it happen in the last 3 months.
You have also accomplished something wonderful, and I hope you can get the rest of into shape to help you feel really good about yourself, inside and out.
Keep exercising and toning yourself, you are young and ready to be in great shape for your life!
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