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Default Fasting

Anyone else using fasting as a way to lose weight and get some control over excess eating?
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Not quite traditional fasting, but I do intermittent fasting! (One of many pages going over what that means can be seen here: A majority of people either do the 16:8 or the 5:2 variations, and I do the 16:8. My "eating window" is usually between 12-8pm, since that is what works best for my lifestyle. It helps with moderation, but I do still track my calories to make sure I am staying in my range, because it's still easy to do some damage in something as flexible as an 8-hour window.

What kind of fasting are you considering?

Also, I'm glad you joined the threads over on the more active "Support Groups" sub-forums. I think you will get a lot more feedback in those areas of the site. I feel like a lot of the more general forums of the site have died down considerably over the years. I only found your post here because I ventured into other sections of 3FC to see if I could link some helpful tips for navigating the site for you, since you'd mentioned on the more active threads that you were trying to figure out your way around

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Thank you Casey. I have tried and been successful with intermittent fasting in the past and have recently started using it again. I like the eating window idea as it helps me control the habit of eating/ binging at night.
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Hi i am a Muslim and this week my 30 days fasting ends. Every day from the past 30 days i have fasted from dawn till dusk. No doubt it is very good to health but when your aim is to lose weight and you want it fast then the fasting is not the only solution. Most people think they can reduce weight by just doing exercise or by just controlling their diet. But let me tell you that you have to find the right mix of it. Diet and exercise both goes hand in hand. There are some vegetables and fruits which speed up the process of weight loss.
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Hi Catherine: not a lot of answers on this thread, and I know its a month old. I started IF a few weeks ago. Someone posting about reaching goal told me she did IF and followed advice in the books by Dr. Jason Fung.
I have read the books, and connected to the facebook page.
Today (well, last night after supper, actually) started a fast for 42 hour, or possibly more. I have previous done a 36 and a 42 hour fast, one in May and one early in June. I plan to do about one extended fast per month.
A lot of people do Keto with it. At this point, I would say I am "low carb" by my definition, most of the time, but not strict about it. Last night I was at a friend's place for supper and had a few pieces of potato and a bit of dessert with the supper.
I mostly avoid too many carbs because I am addicted, and find I have trouble limiting my food intake if I get too many starches or sugars in my food. So I am doing higher fat with my low carb meals to avoid hunger. Today I did have some cream in my tea to quell the breakfast time hunger, but otherwise will stick with water while fasting.
I find this the easiest WOE I have ever tried, and the weight loss can be quicker. I am not in a big hurry, but still, quicker than other plans I have tried.
I would recommend the Obesity Code or the Diabetes Code if you are interested in pursuing this WOE.

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Scientists have proven that fasting is a healthy habit but for weight loss, I'm not sure. You can try the ketogenic diet though, it has become really famous nowadays, a friend of mine has tried it and he lost about 4 kilograms in just 10 days which is magnificent! I've also been adviced to try metabolic cooking, I still didn't but I've read this article about it, which was a little bit helpful actually, although I didn't try all of its content yet, I thought I should share it with you, it might be helpful.
Metabolic Cooking Full Review -
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The way I see it is there will be a moment that you will stop fasting and then you will gain all the weight back. Or are you planning to do this for the rest of your life ? I couldn't do it, I know I would give up after a month or so but unfortunately I'm not a particular persistent person.
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