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Snowey 04-09-2003 06:00 PM

Good day everyone,

What a beautiful windy, windy day here in calgary. I was out for my walk and now my hair looks like I combed it with a blender!!!!! I wonder if Ill even be able to get a comb through it. I should of put it in a ponytail. Of course some would say that the wind blown look is pretty sexy, but not on this middleaged grandma, I look like friggin rat-woman !!!!! :lol:

My tan is looking real good, this tanning salon that I walk to the best one I have ever been to. I started out in the lay down beds and then switched to the stand up. I have always said that tan fat looks better then frog belly white fat !!!

I am almost all packed for my trip on Friday. I am so excited that Ill be seeing my kids and grandson !! The sad part is that Ill be away from the hubby for six weeks.

I leave Friday morning from Calgary and fly to Minnapolis and then St louis. I ll spend the weekend in St louis at my best friends house and then I go to my daughters in Illinois and then on Thursday I go down to Keesler Air Force base In Biloxi, Miss to spend 2 weeks with my son, dil and grandson and then back to my daughters in Illinois for 3 weeks and then home to Calgary on the 24th of May. What a trip eh?
I am going to try my very best not to use this vacation as an excuse to pig out on food !!!
As soon as I get back from vacation I will find a WW meeting hre in Calgary and start back up with my meetings. I did not enroll as soon as I got here as I knew it would only be 2 weeks and I would be gone for 6 weeks.

Amy~~ You are doing wonderful ! The weight is just coming off of you . Your hard work and dedication is paying off big time for you.
You are such an inspiration to us all!

Holly~~ I know your road trip is coming up soon, Please have a great time and stay safe on the roads!

To the rest of this amazing group a big hello also and keep on smiling :)

Ok here is what I had to eat so far today:

Breakfast~~ 1 cup FF yogurt = 2 points
~~ 1 cup Cereal (mixed in yogurt) =2 points

Lunch ~~ Subway 6 in Veggie w/cheese = 6points
~~ Baked Lays = 3 points
~~ Diet pepsi = 0

Dinner (still trying to decide)

Snacks ~~ Pep bar = 3 points

Total pt so far for day = 16 out of 27

See you all later !! :wave:


Snowey 04-09-2003 06:02 PM

Holly,, we must have been posting at the same time!!! :lol:


willbe 04-09-2003 06:18 PM

Hi All,

Ideal - I'm with you...I'm feeling fat today too. and I can't say it's the snow since it's now snowing here...I just ate too much since late last week :( .

It's been a very busy week. I have been trying to find tile for our master bedroom ensuite for the new house and I was having so much trouble. I just hate picking out these kinds of things, it's so hard to picture how it will look. Finally, yesterday I found something I like (and it's in stock- bonus).

Today I've started packing. We're planning on moving June 11th and while that's still 2 months away, I have so much to go through before packing it all. I really don't want to take 12 years of junk with me to the new house.

One good thing...all this busyness has kept me from eating too much. I did my workout this morning and really should take the dog for a walk yet before the kids get home from school. I have a hard time getting all the water in though. I don't like to drink too much if I know I won't be close to a bathroom.

Have a great holiday Snowey. I'm sure the time will just fly by and you'll be home with hubby before you know it.

Aphil: looking forward to seeing your new avtar. I loved your post about your hubby's comments on your new figure...too cute. Isn't that just like a man to make a backwards compliment like that.

I better get going here and get back to work. Take care all...

aphil 04-09-2003 08:38 PM

Hi everyone,
My son's birthday party is the 19th (his birthday is the 18th) and I am 2 pounds away from my mini-goal of 175 by then...let's everyone cross fingers and hope that I make it! :)
We learned some new choreography last night in class to the song that we have been using...we have about half of the song choreographed now.
My teacher said she is very impressed with our class...that we are learning all of the new moves and combinations so well...she said that our technique is excellent, and that the only way she can tell that we are still newer students, is that we are not as relaxed and confident acting as the advanced students...she can tell we are still "concentrating." :lol:

missymont 04-09-2003 08:51 PM

Vermont Mom, that just burns me up! Oh well. Live and learn. But all the advice she was given was still good as gold!

VermontMom 04-10-2003 08:55 AM

Good morning all!

Aphil, I meant to comment a few posts ago about your continued success!!:bravo: :strong: That is SO great about getting the compliments! and yes, that sure keeps ya going strong!

Nancy, you are TOO funny - about your blender-combed hair!:lol: :lol: Wow, you leave tomorrow...will you have access to a computer so you can keep in touch with us? If not, have a WONDERFUL trip!!!! and like I said, I'll be within a few hundred miles of you, I think, from the 29th to the second of May, in the St. Louis area. I'll be thinkin' of ya!

I'm glad the tanning is working well for you. I'm just getting a darker pink (like a roasted piglet :D) instead of tan. oh well. Our place doens't have a stand-up, just the lie-down, and I see along my sides some un-exposed area. My original idea was just to get the warmth and seratonin therapy, but I agree, colored flesh just looks better, to me, than white!

Hello to everyone else! The sun in shining here, and I'm "willing" the thermometer to climb upwards, so we can ride!

Your friend,

aphil 04-10-2003 09:54 AM

Holly-I worked with tanning for many years in the salon, and I found the best advice for getting your sides a little better is to lie half of the time with your arms down next to your sides, and the other half with them up above your head...your arms will not get quite as much as usual, but they will get some sun, and your sides that are usually blocked more by your arms will get some color...and your armpits will get some as well-which normally wouldn't much-so you will be more evened out.
I have been holding steady at 177 all week...hopefully the numbers will go down again soon.
Today is my cardio day...so I plan on dancing...we are going to start using finger cymbals (zils) in class in about 3-4 weeks, so I am excited about that. I have been using them at home, learning a few rhythms...it will be nice to use them with all of the other women. I love dancing with props...I am really looking forward to someday dancing with a sword...learning to balance it on my chest, side of my hip, thigh, and even head! :s: When I can balance it on my head, that will DEFINITELY be my avatar here!
My daughter has been so excited about Raiden's upcoming birthday...she has been counting the days. We are doing his party in a construction theme this year. It is my biggest thrill to always find a really cool theme and totally do the whole place up outrageous. (For the newbies. Jasmine's last party was Disney Princess-she had a cake we designed to look like a castle, with tiny Disney figurines around it, and I made her a costume like the ball gown Cinderella wore in the movie.) All of the plates and cups and balloons and such are black and Tonka Truck yellow...with Tonka style trucks on them. I found some real yellow and black "Caution-Construction Zone" tape, and we are going to string it all over the house. His candles are shaped like little orange road cones...and I found some cheap yellow hard hats at the Dollar General to lay around as centerpieces for only a dollar. Would you believe, I actually found a brand new grey sweatshirt for Raiden at the Goodwill that says in the same yellow and black (like a road sign) "Caution: I am Two." Talk about actually jumping up and down in the silly thrift store! :lol:
My kids don't usually get stuff or toys at Wal-Mart and such when we go each week, like some kids do. We like to save it all up for Christmas, birthdays, etc. and do it up then...to make the times when they do get things really special. We like to keep holidays special. My uncle's kids-it seems like they have new clothes and toys all of the time, and when their birthdays roll around and they open their stuff, it is just like any other day-they just aren't that excited...and it is so hard to buy them a present-because they already have everything! :?:
Well ladies-I need to run. I have to get my workout in and get to the sewing...everyone have a wonderful day, exercise and drink plenty of water. When you feel like you are ready to binge or you don't feel like exercising-think of all of the reasons that youw ant to be fit, and think of why you are worth it-why you deserve better.

Idealperson 04-10-2003 11:55 AM

Hello everyone... It's great to hear from everyone again! Today is my company's annual meeting and I am introducing the board of directors and giving an award to the circuit court judge. I feel so much more confident now that I am 35# lighter than last year. And I have to say my outfit looks great, too! Wish you could all see me...ha ha! Aphril, I appreciate your encouraging words for us, I've really feltl stressed these last few days and just want to go out and eat candy, chips, etc... last night my daughter was eating Ben & Jerry's Chubby Hubby ice cream-my fave! I ate 3 bites, I wanted more, but at least I did stop after 3! Why couldn't I have been born thin instead of rich?-just kidding! I'm far from both! Have a good day and drink alots of water....:lol:

Snowey 04-11-2003 12:00 AM

Well girls, the airport shuttle picks me up at a very early 5 30 am . I just wanted to pop in bye for now, but Ill be sure to check in the first chance I get and say hello. I am sure the six weeks will fly by so fast . I cant wait to see my kids and grandson!!!!

Take care everyone and keep smiling :)

Nancy :df:

willbe 04-11-2003 01:01 AM

Have a great time Snowey!

Ideal - How did the big meeting go? I can imagine how great it must feel to be down 35 lbs. Good for you for not eating more of your daugher's ice cream. Sometimes all it takes is a few bites to satisfy the craving...the only hard part is stopping after just a few bites and letting the satisfaction sink in before polishing off the whole thing :^: .

I like the idea of tanning this white flesh. In fact the girls at my Curves class were talking about just that as well. I doubt I'll ever go though...my hubby is a little bit paranoid of the sun and the whole tanning business. He's got a good point though about the rays damaging your skin. Aphil, since you worked in a tanning salon, do you know the effects of using the tanning bed? Is it as bad as the real sunlight? Maybe I can gather some information and convince hubby it's not so bad. He's a shade lover (and looks like Casper the Friendly Ghost in the summer time too :lol: , other than his neck and forearms that get really brown from working outside).

Today I did my Curves workout and I walked the dog twice for 1/2 an hour each time. Phew, I'm pooped. My food intake wasn't so great though, so hopefully the exercise will make up for some of the food. My son lost his first molar, so I took the boys to the ice cream/candy store for a celebration treat after school. I gave in and had an ice cream cone with Hedgehog ice cream. It wasn't even that good :( .

Last night I sat for about an hour pouring over colour charts trying to pick wall colours for the house. I finally settled on a nice yellow shade (not too bright, or so I thought). I met the cabinet guy today and they had just started a new kitchen in their showroom that had the exact colour I had chosen, only I didn't realize it was my colour until he mentioned it. Oh My Goodness, was it ever YELLOW :eek: - bright as the sun :cool:. Those little itty bitty chips the paint stores put out for samples just don't give you a good idea for what the colour will look like on the wall. Now I have to find another colour...oh well, this is supposed to be enjoyable, but I'm too afraid of it all looking awful when it's done. I suppose I should be grateful I found out how it would look before all my walls were covered with it :o .

Well, I better run and get these kids off to bed. They've been staying up tonight to watch our Canucks in the playoff hockey game. We're not doing to good :( .

aphil 04-11-2003 10:25 AM

willbe-you can email me at [email protected] if you want some decorating help...I am good with colors. ;) I guess I am the designated Martha Stewart of this group...:lol: What color are the cabinets and flooring? What is the style or "look" that you are going for?
As far as the tanning beds...I am more concerned with your husband needing to wear sunscreen or sunblock while he is working outside, than I am with tanning bed safety. Skin cancer in men is predominately in their head, neck and areas exposed over years of working outdoors-such as construction workers, farmers, etc.
In my experience, I find that tanning beds are safer than actual sunbathing for a few reasons. The sun has three different type of UV rays...tanning beds only have two-the lesser of the three. If you get burned outdoors, it is always more painful and peels more than if you get a little burned in a tanning bed. Another reason I believe that tanning beds are safer is that you have more control over your environment-outdoors the intensity of teh sun can greatly vary day to day-have you ever noticed that on certain days you can be outside all day and not get burned-and other days you come in after only an hour from mowing the yard looking like a beet, and in pain and peeling all week? They actually have ozone cautions on the news sometimes when it is pretty bad...the suns rays depend on the time of day, the month, the ozone layer over your area, and many other factors.
In a tanning bed, you have more control...you if you are light complected and go to a salon where they have 20 minute beds, you can start your first session at 5 minutes...if you do fine, then the next time you can go for 10-and slowly build up to going the whole 20 minutes over a few weeks. I usually start at 10 minutes for 4 or 5 sessions, and then 15 minutes for the next 4 or 5-and finally to 20. I tan really well once I get a good base tan, but that is the part that is slow going for me. Redheads and other very fair people may need to stay at the 5 or 10 minutes a little longer-and others that have darker complexions-Italian or Native American backgrounds for instance-may be able to go 10 minutes a time or two, and then right to teh 15 or 20 minute session.
I definitely do not recommend that you go the entire 20 minutes the first time...it is best to go about every other day while you are "building" your tan, and then you can maintain your tan after you have it by going once or twice a week for the 20 minute session. There is no need to have unlimited tanning after you have a good tan and continue to go every single day...you know, the people who look like beef jerky-we had a few of those in the salon. Unlimited tanning packages are great for the first month or two when you are getting your tan and going more often to build it...I usually spent the first month getting my tan-and after that maintaining it with once or twice a week. I have actually worked in 4 different salons with tanning beds and booths-3 salons, and one place was tanning only-when I was going to cosmetology school, working my way through it.
I still wear sunscreen when I am swimming outdoors, and slather it on my husband and kids religously. My husband is half Native American-so I usually just use SPF4 on him-enough to keep him from getting burned...but the kids get SPF8 (they both get dark like Jason), and my caucasian butt gets SPF8+ when we camp or swim outside. :lol:
I just finished my lower body strength training...and had a little fruit salad for breakfast...cut up banana with some pineapple chunks in juice, and a few grapes tossed in-I am getting ready to do my abs and upper body-and then I have a massive amount of sewing to do-I found out there is a pretty big sci-fi convention in July-and I need to get these dance costumes done, so I can get some more things made for Jason and I...there is a party one night there that is themed "Moulin Rouge Night." :devil: I have suddenly gotten the urge to wear fishnet hose, some black granny boots, long gloves, and something with tons of ruffles and sequins....

silence 04-11-2003 10:53 AM

I exercised! :eek:

It's a miracle! ;)

For the first time since I found out I was pregnant, almost a year ago, I have motivated myself to exercise.... really!
I pulled out my Denise Austin DVD... power yoga or whatever its called.. and I did the pilates segment. Its only 20 minutes long and yes, I had trouble with it. I guess this happens after a year of no exercise.. blah! But, I'm hoping to keep up with it and improve. I'd actually like to get a new Pilates DVD.. I'm not crazy about the DA one... but until I prove to myself that I'll actually do it, I guess I shouldn't spend money for a new one!!
Any suggestions for a good workout DVD when I get to that point? Nothing aerobic-ish.. more pilates or toning workouts?

I'm also being good with my goal this week.. and drinking more water than usual and only diet beverages otherwise (cept my daily cup of tea or coffee.. i can't drink those without real sugar!)... and it appears to be showing on the scale.. back down 1.5 lbs as of this morning.. hopefully its a number I can record on Monday!! :D

Sorry that I don't respond to everyone else specifically.. I'm lucky I have enough time to come read and post.. I feel soooo worn out!! This is why the exercise is a miracle ;) But, things are starting to feel easier already, now that Kai is 2 1/2 months old and sleeping 7+ hours most nights! What a wonderful child! :lol:
Hopefully things just keep improving!!

I got me a new digital camera for my birthday.. been playing around with it.. perhaps I can get my hubby to snap a photo of me this weekend to use as my NEW 'before' photo... and if I'm feeling really daring, I'll share it with everyone ;)

Hope ya'll are doing great and keep it up!! I'm still 'using' you guys for my motivation. Hope you don't mind!

174/174/130 (yes, I'm back up to 174)
mini-goal: 169.. I CAN DO IT!!

missymont 04-11-2003 03:59 PM

Way to go Silence on getting back to exercising. Sorry I can't help you with any good videos. Keep up the good work. Slow and steady is the key.

How is everybody else?


willbe 04-11-2003 05:59 PM

Hi everyone :D

Aphil: thanks for the offer on the decorating. I may take you up on it yet. I feel like I've got a handle on things right now (my SIL gave me a colour suggestion which is really like)...but am just waiting for the cabinet guy to drop off a sample of the cabinet wood with the stain on it so I can work on the colours. My husband is a builder and in the early years of our marriage we built and moved, built and moved...and I have the experience. Only thing is, we've been in this house now for 12 years and I haven't put a house together for so long that I'm kind of nervous. So far it's looking great though. On the outside we went with a barn red cedar siding, white trim and we'll have black shuttters, black front door and garage doors. I'm pretty excited....can you tell???
Thanks also for the tanning advice. Hubby uses #30 sports sunscreen so I think he's pretty safe, even though he gets pretty brown on the neck and arms. He's just very concious of the sun's bad rays and he doesn't want me to be foolish since I LOVE to sit in the sun and tan.

Silence: Congrats on the excercise and good food choices. WTG girl! It must be hard to fit it all in with such a new babe. I mean, I find figuring what I'm going to eat and keeping track always takes a fair bit of time.

I had my quilting group over today and my fingers are aching!!!! We always have a coffee break and someone brings something delectable to eat. I make tea and lattes...but I haven't been able to resist the goodies yet. At least I make the latte's with 1% milk. I just have to add a little sugar. They stayed for lunch as well today since one of the girls just had a baby girl 2 months ago. They're having her dedicated at church on Mother's Day and she's asked our little quilting group to sing a song (we all go to church together and have known each other a very long time). We've been practicing, but I'm really nervous about singing in front of the church. We're a very close group and we'll probably all start crying. This baby is a bit of a miracle. After about 17 years of trying and even doing the in-vitro thing (they got their 11 year old son that way) they were suddenly pregnany last June. Little Hannah is now here and is pure joy. Anyway...I gave the ladies lunch of hamburger soup (good choice, lots of veggies) and cornbread (bad choice, especially with butter). I will not reveal how many slices of cornbread I ate (yes, I added butter), but let's just say I really must go work out this afternoon. Of course, all my girlfriends are slim (even the new mom) and I'm the only chubby one in the group. Don't you just hate it when you're the only fat person around?

Anyway, I'd better get going here and get some work done. I've just been visiting and quilting all morning, and now I'm sitting here at the computer. Talk to ya later...

Kanola 04-11-2003 10:58 PM

Playoff Hockey!!!
Hey Girls!!

Another good week for me.... I am past the 150 mark!! down to 148.5!! Woohooo!!! I took measurements this morning and I am finally losing in the abs!! I put on my power suit yesterday because I had a job interview.... and looks like I will need to buy a SMALLER power suit!! It was loose in the back & butt!! Gotta love strutting into an interview in a suit that is a bit too big, when last year I could not even do up the zip!!

Willbe - OMG... I never noticed you were from BC!! How awesome!! I grew up around Edmonton and lived there before I moved to Aus.... I am sitting here in the southern hemisphere, listening to the Oilers and Canucks games on the internet... wearing my #35 Salo Home jersey!! How geekey eh?? I have an uncle in Cloverdale (suburb of Vancouver) and one near Kelowna too. I love hockey and have missed it heaps since I moved here. We have cable tv, (satellite is not big here) but only ESPN2 and we saw alot of Detroit games this year, not a single canadian team :( not even Ottawa!! When I was home at Xmas, I went to an Oilers/Canucks game... the one the Canucks won!!! he he he

Silence - I have 4 yoga DVD's that I love... the ones with Rodney Yee and Susane Deason, as well as a Yoga Zone for back strength which is my favourite. Sitting on my butt in front of a computer all day is havoc for my back. I really love yoga. I have a Tae Bo DVD too which I rarely use anymore since I started going to the gym and taking a combat class there..... but I don't think that is what you are looking for???

Aphil - SPF8??? They don't even sell that here in Aus..... I wear SPF 30 and still get burned!!! Very evil sun down here! I have been meaning to ask which Bellydancing DVD/videos you recommend... My work schedule is too crazy to sign up for classes, but I would like to try it out.... any suggestions?

Snowey - Have a great holiday!!

Holly - I am sending you some sunshine!!! and warmth!!! Not much longer until the great trip!! Rubber side down girlfriend!

Hi to everyone else!! Hope you are all on plan, exercising, drinking water, getting ready for your nothern hemisphere summer!!!!


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