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aphil 04-01-2003 10:32 AM

Doin' it the Old Fashioned Way #16
Hello everyone!
Since this is our 16th thread, the girls have asked that I do sort of a "roll call"-posting a brief summary of what our group is about, and everyone starting their first post here with a little information about themselves and how far we have come together.
I started this thread almost two years ago when I first discovered this website. At the time under the general diet plans section, there were threads for just about every organized diet plan under the sun-Atkins, Slim-Fast, Sommersizing...you name it. I didn't see a thread for people like myself-who were wanting to lose weight with good old fashioned exercise and better eating habits.
Most of us here are calorie counters, but everyone doing a balanced plan, such as using food exchange plans or counting WW points are welcome. What you won't find here are fad diets such as juice fasts or anyone using gimmicky products such as diet pills. Most of our veterans here consider what we do as a lifestyle change, not a diet. We have all learned that if you go on a diet, you will gain all that you have lost when you go back to your old lifestyle. We are commited to making better choices for the rest of our lives here. :)
I like to also stress the importance of not relying on the scale 100% for your results, and encourage everyone to either have their body fat percentage checked periodically, or to take measurements of their bodies once a month. If you are exercising regularly, you can lose inches without losing a pound on the scale-so it is not always the best as far as showing your true progress.
My name is Amy, and I am in my late twenties. I have ALWAYS had to watch my diet and exercise regularly to keep my weight under control-even in high school. The only thing that has ever worked for me is to count calories, and to exercise. Things have always been under control until I was expecting my first child in 1998-I found that I was a gestational diabetic (diabetic when pregnant) and it causes extra weight gain in the mother, as well as larger than everage babies...among other complications. After my daughter was born, I was at 200 pounds and a size 18. When my daughter was a couple of months old, I lost my aunt to diabetes complications-this was my mother's YOUNGER sister, and she was only in her early forties. The longer my weight stayed high the more at risk I was to become a full time diabetic-and I knew I had t do something about it.
A year and a half later I was 50 pounds lighter, and was fit and felt great...then I found out I was pregnant again. :o I had a gorgeous son in spring of 2001, and afterwards my highest weight was 211 pounds-a size 18/20. I have since lost 32 pounds and am now at 179, and a size 16. I still have a ways to go, but I have lost a lot of body fat, and through weight training and other exercise, I have gained a significant amount of muscle.
I cross train, and my exercise regime includes a lot of weight training, yoga, Pilates, and bellydancing. I also include walking when the weather permits.
My husband is an engineer at an automotive glass plant-they make windshields and windows for major automobiles, such as GM and Dodge. He also rides a Harley. I am a licensed hairdresser/cosmetologist, but I stay home right now with the young children and devote more time to my true love-costuming. I creat costumes for lots of things, including replicas of costumes seen in movies. I am currently making costumes for my dance instructor's troupe for a show this May, and participate in lots of high scale costume contests.
I have three tattoos, I love sci-fi and fantasy films, and am a huge Seinfeld fan, and we have one cat named Gollum.
Well, that about sums me up!

Idealperson 04-01-2003 12:11 PM

Good Morning and Happy April! A little about me...my name is Marina and I am the mother of four children (two boys and two girls). My oldest son is attending the police academy and my youngest son is 1 1/2 years old. My girls are in the middle and they are 16 and 9 years old. I was a teenage mother with my first born and was 36 when my latest was born. In high school, I could eat anything and never gained an ounce-I was also very active (115 lbs.), but after my fourth child I weighed 202 pounds! OUCH! I was in a tight size 16! I have since started to eat healthy and exercise. I joined weight watchers on Jan. 9 and Curves last week. So far I have lost 32# and I am in a size 12- I am 5'8" and have alot more energy now! I have a desk job-I am a juvenile probation officer and hold the court ordered parenting classes for our county. My husband is very supportive, he is a city building inspector and we live on a hobby farm. I have no tattoos (only because I am afraid of needles) and I am deathly afraid of animals. I once had a frog outside of my door and stayed home because I could not walk past it! I like to read, decorate, and watch Seinfeld, King of the Hill, and American Idol (corny but true). That's all about me...:^:

aphil 04-01-2003 12:42 PM

deathly afraid of animals, huh? Better than my fear/phobia....worms. Any type-earthworms, maggots, mealworms...I refuse to walk out of the house in the dark if it is or has been raining (when they come out on the sidewalks) and I hate it when it rains during the day and they are everywhere...yuck. I don't even think I could pick one up for a suitcase full of cash. It started as a childhood thing...my cousins used to chase me with them and throw them at me when I was a little kid. I hate most bugs, spiders, centipedes, and snakes...but the worms have to be the worst.

Rapunzel2 04-01-2003 01:50 PM

Help! I am so ready to binge.

I'm due for a meeting in my boss's office in 45 minutes to discuss why things have been so tense around here, and I am seriously ready to eat anything and everything. I don't want to give him this power over me. He's a tyrant and a horrible manager, so why should I give him power over my personal health?


But the stress is overwhelming to me right now. I'm in the middle of a job hunt in a horrible economic climate and that isn't helping either.

Sorry about this tale of woe....

tryin'hard 04-01-2003 01:54 PM

Great idea, Aphil!
Without going into my whole story, let's just say that I lost 103 pounds and have been working very hard for the past 9 months to maintain my loss. (I typed the equilvalent of a novel in the "Success" thread if anyone really wants to read about my journey called weight loss.)
I am a mom to a 10 year old daughter and my husband of 15 years is my best friend. I am a teacher at a small Catholic school in Connecticut and love my job (most of the time!). My husband is a City Building Inspector(Marina--does your husband constantly look for exit signs and sprinkler systems???)
I am a size 8 after getting rid of my XXL's and hope to never see them again! I am 40 years old.
I am a walker--every morning at 5:30 a.m. and have started to run a little bit. In the warmer weather I love to roller blade and ride my bicycle. It is only through exercising every day that I know I can maintain my loss.
I am a very healthy eater. Lots of fiber, veggies and low fat. I love my diet ice cream and I am addicted to diet coke.
Well, I can't wait to read everyone else's bios.

RavenToy 04-01-2003 02:10 PM

Hi there - I'm really new to this thread, and I don't keep up with things the way I should. :o But I read it constantly, because the whole principle is exactly what I'm striving for. This is a life change, not a diet.

Lessee now... I'm 42 years old, I have a 14 yo daughter and an 11 yo son, both of whom are now thinking I've been taken over by a pod person. I am a loner, a geek/nerd/computer type, and a hermit to a large degree. I love the net and 3FC because I can be alone .. with all of you! It's wonderful. I've had times in my life when I was incredibly fit - I was a powerlifter at the University in Alaska, I have a blue belt in Taekwondo - I think I really want to go into kickboxing instead of back into TKD, though. Now I want to get back to where I know I can be.

I have a great dane, a rat terrier, 7 snakes, 2 geckos, a cuban rhino iguana, a red bearded dragon, and Harley, my hedgehog.

I also have a BF (he's a computer nerd too). And a tattoo. And a tongue piercing. Uhm.

I've been fighting my weight since I was about 10 years old. I've tried a few things, but ultimately I know what works for me, and thats to watch my caloric intake and exercise. I'm doing interval training (walk/run), free weights, pilates, and WATP at this point in time. Skinny Cows are my life saver. Right now I've been OP for 6 weeks and I've lost 12 pounds.


Hockeychic 04-01-2003 03:54 PM

Can I join in again. I have been here before but I keep jumping off the band wagon. Again I am back to my high of 185. I am 37 married to a husband who tells me over and over I am beautiful and don't need to lose weight......no he isn't blind.........lol I have 2 kids DS is 13 DD is 10 DS grad is end of June and I don't wanna be the fat mom. I am not following any plan kinda counting cals but basically just trying to make better food choices and exercise alot more. My routine is now pilates Tues, Thurs and either Sat or Sun. Upper body weights Mon, Wed and Fri. Plus a 60 min walk with DH every night. My son does Taekwondo and just tested for his green belt he should get it on Thurs. DD plays rep hockey and I am the manager of her team. I work full time outside the home so time is always a issue and I hate waking up early but i am trying. The walk is always done at night.

That's basically all about me.

Everyone have a super day

tryin'hard 04-01-2003 04:40 PM

Welcome back, Hockeychick! Glad to have you back!
Rapunzel--hope your meeting went well!

missymont 04-01-2003 04:59 PM

Hi all to the old-timers, new-commers, and somewhere in betweeners like me!

Lets see, I don't know my current weight, because I am too scared to get on the scale. I've had to cut down my exercises this past week because of my knees and I slipped far, far off the wagon as far as eating healthy. But good news, my knees are feeling better, just a little stiff, I did my full weight training today and 20 minutes of cardio. I will officially start counting those calories tomorrow. Today is grocery shopping day, so no more excuses.

I'm married, no kids,but I have two ferrets and one blue heeler. I work part time at home on the computer. I have one tattoo...a cute little bear holding a bomb about to explode...showing that I am as sweet as can be, but don't test me. I love to read, Dean Koontz being my favorite author, and surf the web.

Rapunzel, hang in there...turning to food will only make you feel worse as I am sure you know this. I hate when I feel like this and there is no one to talk to. Is there anybody who would like to exchange either AIM, MSN, or Yahoo Id's so we can IM each other in a time of need?


Snowey 04-01-2003 06:27 PM

Hey everyone, I am back !!!!
Hey girls !!! :wave:

How the heck is everyone??? I sure have missed you guys !

I am now living in Calgary ...Yippee for me.. it feels so good to be back with my hubby once again. Being apart from each other for almost 4 months was a little too much !!

The move from BC was a real pain. Bruce had to fly in from Calgary to Kelowna BC and the catch a ride with his niece to Kitimat and then we had to pack up the house and get it loaded so the trucking company could haul it out. Bruce sliced his hand open and that required stitches, we had to take a Greyhound ( as my car was in calgary)from Terrace BC to Prince George BC where we took a plane to Calgary. I meant it when I said I felt like I was living on the end of the earth, just look at what you have to go through to get the heck out of town!! :lol: I tell you I am so happy to be back in a real city!!!! :lol:I have only been here a week and I have been to Wal mart 4 times!!!!!!!!!!! :eek: The house in Kitimat has not sold yet but I know it will eventually.

My eating was totally off for almost 2 weeks but I am proud to say that I am back on program and doing good. Between eating wrong and my thyroid acting up again, I gained back almost 9 pounds, but am back down almost 4 of them. I am really working hard to get it off once again. Next friday (April 11th ) I leave for a vacation to the states to see my kids and sweet grandbaby. I am looking so forward to it. But poor Bruce will be on his own once again.

Ok so for those newcomers here is a bit of info on me.

I am 47 years old, I have 2 children my son is 31( I was a child mommy also just turned 16 when i had my son), married and is a Lieutenant in the USAF and is the proud father to my sweet little 2 yr old grandson. My daughter is 24 and works for the Department of Children and family services and is not married but has been with her boyfriend for 4 years. My husband Bruce is the sweetest man I have ever known, we will be married 2 yrs this may 26th. He has 3 grown children.

My profession is Human Resources
Mexican food is my favorite food in the world.
I hate bugs and possums(they are just too creepy ewwwww)
I love music and have always wanted to be a songwriter ( not too many people know this about me)
My favorite perfume is Design by Paul Sebastian and then Clinque Aromatics.
I love to go to the movies and I also love to bowl.
My children are my greatest achievement and they make me very proud.

My highest weight was 304 pounds and my lowest must have been my birth weight :lol:
I follow the WW program and love it! It has helped me lose 120 pounds that I have kept off for many years and WW will help me lose the remaining 30 or so pounds.
One day when I reach my weight loss goal I hope to become a WW leader.

ok, I guess I could go on and on but why bore you any longer :lol:

Im outta of here for now.....it feels so good to be back !!!!!

See ya all later


Highest wgt 304
current wgt 184.5

Kina 04-01-2003 07:06 PM

Introducing....KINA the great!
...and the crowd goes W I L D!!!!! I wish I had a lion clippie to put here. It would have gone so well.

Anway...My true name is Corina. I am 29 going on 30 in just 13 days! The countdown begins!!! I am married; we have four children(2boys, 2 girls) ranging from 1st grade to 6th grade. My husband and I are raising a H.M.O (His Mine and Ours) family.

I am a college student, my major is Paraprofessional accountant. I decided to go back to school in Spring of 2001, without the total support of my husband. Now after all these semesters he is my biggest supporter. I have a long ways to go because I have planned to take 2 classes at a time and I don't attend in the summer because the kids are home.

I have not always been overweight but once I started to have children was when the weight creeped up on me. It was only until 2002 that I got serious about my weight because I noticed I was heaving after going up a half flight of stairs at school. It is hard enough being amongst so many young girls but then to top it off with being overweight was the cherry on the top. I have been able to drop 30 lbs and have managed to hold it down for now a few months. Which is amazing in itself.

I crochet and knitt blankets for family and friends. It has become my stress reliever. What more can I say about myself? Hmmm...I like to cook; which could explain my weight problem. I love life. I love smiling. I love family. Okay well enough about me.

I will talk to you all later.

Oh BTW...is your refrigerator running...yes?...you better go and catch it!!!! April Fools!:lol: :lol: :lol:

Kanola 04-01-2003 08:05 PM

Hey everyone!! Great to see so many posts already on the new thread!!

Welcome back to Snowey and Hockychic!! Awesome to see that people come back to us!!

Hmmm… I will give you the short version of the life of Nola…. Aka Kanola.

I grew up near Edmonton Alberta and lived there for 8 years. I almost completed a degree in science, almost finished the courses for an accountant, almost finished my designation in North America for a commercial real estate manager…… and have worked in commercial real estate for about 5 years now. I love the industry but dislike my current job as I will likely be made redundant in the next couple of months…. Oh well.

I met my hubby in Whistler when I attended a conference there. He is Aussie and was doing a 5 week ski course. Love at first site and we had a LONG distance relationship for 3 years and finally decided to get married and I moved to Melbourne 2 years ago. I love Australia. We took up motorcycles a year ago and are both still on our restricted licenses so we have a 250 Hornet and a 250 Spada. They are both naked (no plastic bits) sports bikes and my goal is to do a track day outside of Melbourne on an international grand prix track….. with a bigger bike of course!!! We have 2 cats and no children. I am 31 and really have no intentions of pursuing a family at this time, I am enjoying career life and married life right now!!

I started putting on weight once I was out of university and working full time. I could never seem to fit exercise into my schedule. I went back to school part time until I moved to Australia and it seemed like between working, studying, life in general…. Exercise became less and less frequent. DH and I kept in touch via the internet and this meant most evenings included 2 hour chat sessions. I gained 20 lbs between the time I met him and the time I arrived in Aus…. Half of that was during the last 5 months when I sold my house, quit my job and said good bye to my family and friends…. I ate a lot of pizza and drank a lot of beer!!!

I have lost about 20 lbs since joining WW last September. It has been a slow scale loss for me, but I have gone from an 18 – 12 in clothing sizes and could really use some smaller clothes!!! I follow the WW plan modified because I do several fitness classes, cardio and bodypump and circuit classes. I increase my protein intake using protein powder in my oatmeal, egg whites (0 points) and cottage cheese. Consistently I eat over my points, but I make sure that it is healthy good food and not junk!!! I would like to lose another 10 lbs to get me to my pre-college weight. WW is a scale based program and it is tough to lose that mind set, I have been recording my measurements, taking photos and I keep trying on my ‘large’ clothes to remind myself how far I have come. It has been a lifestyle change for us.

I have had some medical tests in the last 2 weeks because there have been some variances in my blood work. I was feeling very fatigued and had low energy levels, which is very out of character for me. On the blood work that came back there was slightly high cholesterol levels and indications of liver problems. I had an ultrasound yesterday and more bloodwork so I should find out by the end of the week what came up with those tests!! The best case scenario is ... gallstones!!

Wow….. I really need to get stuck into work even though my motivation level is low!!!

Have a good on plan day everyone!!!


VermontMom 04-01-2003 10:43 PM

Hi everyone!

Nancy, welcome back! So glad you are happy where you are now.

and welcome back hockeychic!

Okay, I'm Holly, 42 yrs. young, lol, married for 23 years...to the same guy. Two boys, 20 and almost 13. One dog. We live in Vermont; I was born/brought up in NJ, but my family roots are here. I, like Nola, took up motorcycling last year; I have a 2002 Honda Shadow 600, and it is my new passion. Husband, (46 this year, a multi-media designer but night job is security monitoring) also loves riding, so it's a great thing we do together.

Besides riding the motorcycles, I like to kayak, swim, and flower-garden in summer. I hibernate during winter! I'm not a skier, or snowshoe-er. I like to take the dog on long walks when the weather's nicer. And of course I love to bake, and to cook.

We have a small, fixer-upper house...and since my husband isn't much of a home-repairer, it will probably always be a fixer-upper! But I am no great shake at decorating, or imagining rooms differently, so I am not too bothered by it (meaning our home is homey AND homely, haha).

I have been chubby since...like 4th grade. That's when I first remember the teasing/taunting :( . I was just mildly overweight in school, maybe size 13/14. But once I married (at 19), husband and I both started gaining.

I have been a pastry baker for 16 years; and that means alot of time on your legs, all day (or night). My knees were hurting so much by the time I was 30. I bought some video tapes, and started eating differently/exercising, and went from about 170 to 155. The pain in my knees was gone from the exercising, but I lost the weight by going low-fat, not by portions or calorie counting, so slowly the weight came back. I continued with the exercise tapes, but they couldn't compete with the no-limits eating.

I found this website in Feb. of last year; I was at 176 (I'm 5'6") unhappy, felt yucky. With the support here, and counting calories and exercising faithfully (6X week), I have lost 31/+ pounds, and wear loose size 8 and some 6. I now love to have my picture taken, and am almost a bit of an exhibitionist! :devil:

My big thing in life for the next few weeks is preparing for a road trip on the 'cycles - we're meeting some people who are riding from California; meeting at noon on May 1st at the Arch in St. Louis, Missouri. We're not camping out at night; we'll be staying at motels. I will need hot baths and clean sheets after riding 400 mile days! We are also meeting other people there that we met on-line, thru our "biker" group, and I am "spicier" with them than the Holly you know here, so that means some spicy biker chick pics! :D and THAT is more motivation to keep working out.

Wow, I hogged alot of space. But it's great fun to read about all of you!

Your friend, Holly

Feb. 2002 - 176
late August 2002 - 142
post Christmas - 146
current - 143
goal - to see how I look at 141? 140?

Kanola 04-02-2003 05:48 AM

Just wanted to quickly say how awesome this group is!!

The support on this thread is amazing and we are a fantastic and diverse group of chickies!!

You go girls!! :)

aphil 04-02-2003 10:09 AM

Hey everyone!
Holly-I am a bit "spicier"myself....hee hee hee-but this is a family oriented website! :lol:
Nancy-I am so glad that you are back! We all missed you so much!
Hockeychic-welcome back!
Well...I was up pretty late last night with sewing...I am doing 4 sashes, 4 tops, and 4 skirts...so far after only getting the fabric on Sunday afternoon-I have 2 sashes finished, and I cut out the fabric pieces for two of the skirts, which I will start sewing today. It was kindof hard, because of the way that they fit, I have to sortof draft my own alterations to the pattern for each one...so the hip width and the skirt length is a little different for each girl. I will definitely get pics up here when they are done.
It was such a nice day yesterday! I did my workout earlier in the day, but after dinner I put Raiden in the stroller, and Jasmine and I took a small walk-2 laps around our cul-de-sac-which is a perfect distance for her little legs. She just loves it-she points and talks about everything-the houses, the flowers or items in yards...she doesn't complain about getting tired or anything! This is the same child who asks for kiddie yogurt in the store, and not cookies! I have really lucked out there...I just hope that she continues to grow up with healthy habits like that!
It is supposed to be nice today as well, around 70 degrees-so I will take another small walk with them today along with my regular workout.
I am once again going to ask everyone to post a their daily menu for a day or two up here again...for those of us who are going through plateaus and not really losing-it makes it so much easier to have everyone look and give suggestions...it also gives others some new ideas for meals that they may have not thought of before.
Here is mine from yesterday:
2/3c. Grain Shop high fiber cereal
1/2c. skim milk
1c. orange juice
meal total-240 calories
Lean Cuisine Swedish Meatballs
meal total 390
80 calories
Sloppy Joes made with ground turkey and lite buns
meal total 570
100 calories
daily calories-1380
I did really well with getting my 2 servings of fruit and 2 servings of dairy in...my biggest problem yesterday was getting in veggies-this is usually not a problem. The kids ate the SLoppy Joes-and didn't notice that it was made with turkey intead of beef-Jason was not fooled, because he saw the meat in the pan when I was browning it-before it was disguised by the sauce-darn. So of course he could tell a difference because he "saw" it beforehand-I think I could have fooled him otherwise! :lol:
I am still eating between 1200-1800 calories a day, letting my hunger be more of a guide-if I do a huge workout or am havng pms cravings, I let myself go up a little-but I usually average around 1400-1500 each day-NEVER going below 1200. To all newbies, that is so important. If you eat too little, your body will go into starvation mode and conserve calories instead of readily burning them-and this body mechanism is even stronger in women than in men, since we are the "givers of life" and were meant to survive through famines and keep the human race going...:lol: You may lose a couple quickly this way, but that will soon slow down and you will have trouble losing anything at all. A good goal to aim for is about a pound a week, 2 if you are really overweight-200+ pounds-which will tend to slow down a little bit after you lose the first 10-15 pounds.
I am also with Nola on checking your bodies progress in ways other than the scale. I took my measurements yesterday-and was surprised to find that even though I have only lost 1 pound since my last measuring-that I have lost 3/4" of my hips, 1/4" off of each thigh, and 1/4" off my waist! (And this is only been in the last 2 weeks!) Things like that just don't show on the scale...the wonderful changes in your body when you exercise and firm them up! (Officially, since July-my hips have went from 47" to 44"-and my waist from 39" to 34 1/4", and my bust from 42 1/2" to 40"-I take a lot of other measurements, thighs, upper arms, etc. but there is the basic 3!)
Well, I better run-I have to workout, eat breakfast, and get these kids in the tub!

tryin'hard 04-02-2003 11:34 AM

Ok--here's what I ate yesterday. I tend to round things to the nearest 50 or 100 calories.
Bfast--Kashi cereal 200
Lunch--2 pcs diet rye with 2 slices ff cheese 200
apple and baby carrots 100
3 merigue cookies 50
Snack a couple handfuls of popcorn from Wal-mart (weak moment) 150
dried apples 50
Dinner chicken sausage 250
sauteed peppers and onions 50
salad w/ walnuts and bleu cheese 200
2 pcs diet bread 100
Dessert Corn pops 200
Grand total: 1550

I ate a LOT over the weekend (I don't even want to SEE pizza for a while!), so I'm trying to eat a little lower this week.

Idealperson 04-02-2003 12:48 PM

What a great group of people here and we all have alot in common! I have to tell you about my April fools day...while I was at lunch, my cell phone rang and it was my daughter (16 yrs.) and she said she had been in a car crash, I said "ya right" and she goes, "No mom, I'm serious" and started to cry. Anyway, I realized she wasn't April fooling me, so I went to the scene of the accident, her new car was smashed, they were all shaken up, but no one was injured. So we talked to the police and no one was issued a ticket because it was at an uncontrolled intersection, so no one was at fault, (Just not paying attention)! Any way, when she came home after school, I was making liver and onions...I saw her coming up the sidewalk, so I grabbed a piece of raw liver and put it in my hand. I said "Get your dad, I've cut my hand!" She grabs the door knob and faints! So I guess the joke was on me-she had had all she could take for one day! Anyway, all is well and I hope back to normal today!

My menu yesterday:
Breakfast: lite yogurt=2 pts.

Lunch: tortilla=2 pts
chicken breast=3pts.
1 piece bacon=1 pt.
lettuce, tomato, onion=0
lite mayo

Dinner: Liver=3 pts.
1 pice bacon=1 pt.
large salad=1 pt.

Snack: Pudding cup=2 pts.
Choc. Graham Cracker=1 pt.
Cool whip free= 0

Have a great day...

Kanola 04-02-2003 07:36 PM

My meals!!
Here is what I ate yesterday….

Breakfast – 5:45 am before the gym
½ cup oatmeal with ½ cup water and 10 grams Protein Powder
I sneak in some sugar free raspberry jam for flavour
2 pts

Snack – 9:00 am when I get to work
My favourite ‘treat’!!
I make yogurt/cottage cheese/jello mixes and these are 2.5 pts each. The only way I can get hubby to eat cottage cheese!!

Snack – 10:30 am or so
1 cup strawberries & 1 cup green grapes
1.0 pts

Lunch – mid-day!!
WW Lasagne – frozen meal
4.5 pts

Snack – 2:00 or so
Yogurt/cottage cheese/jello
2.5 pts
WW Chocolate Crisp Bar ( I buy these at the meetings!! NOT a sugar point!!)
1.5 pts

Lunch #2 – 4:00
Tuna and veggie salad
1 pt

Dinner – 6:30
Basil & Tomato Pasta
3.5 pts

Snack – 8:00
Yogurt/cottage cheese/jello
2.5 pts

Total 22 points.

For those who do WW, I do believe the Australian vrs North American system of point counting is VERY different!! So if it looks like I am not eating much or your point values are different than mine…. Don’t worry… I am not a wacko over here!!

I have a copy of the WW software and found an interesting point to bring up. When I was working out the points for the Yogurt/cottage cheese/jello snacks I was using a No Fat brand of yogurt. Being the geek that I am, I wrote down the data for about 4 other brands of yogurt and had some interesting results when I entered the details as a recipe to work out the points. The No Fat yogurt has the same point value as a brand over here called Danone Light (advertised as 97% Fat Free) BUT… when you take into consideration that the No Fat yogurt is (are you ready for this??) over 25% sugar I would have to count those treats as SUGAR points!!! Hubby ate the ones I had made just before I was being all geeky and made this discovery.

There is only ‘low fat’ cottage cheese here - No Fat Free, so I have found a brand we like to use. There was a huge difference in the fat levels between the ‘regular’ and ‘low fat’, but very little difference in the sugar content.

Usually I have a much larger point dinner, but I tried a new recipe and needed to add in a couple of points!! I had also done an hour long circuit class at 6 am yesterday, so I was STARVING when I got to work!! According to the software I have, the class would have earned 8 exercise points…. I usually count the classes as 2 pts hehehehe.

I am really conscious of the ‘sugar points’ and try to avoid anything that has more than 10% sugar (reading the label for the stats per 100g). It is truly amazing what is out there that is advertised as ‘Fat Free’ but is often 25%+ sugar!! Yikes!!

Bring on the FAT!!! Or at least a balance between fat and sugar!!

Does anyone else watch the level of sugar in their food?? Or only fat?

Have a great day everyone!!

Kanola 04-02-2003 10:10 PM


I drink between 3 -4 litres of water a day.....

12-16 cups!! This includes water, mineral water (I like the fizzy ones with almost 0% sugar) and herbal tea!! I have one can of diet coke in the afternoon... I can't seem to get rid of that yet!! I love the diet coke!! :)


willbe 04-03-2003 02:18 AM

This sounds like a great thread and I'd love to join. I'm sick and tired of dieting and failing, dieting and failing, etc, etc.

My name is Brenda. I am married to a great guy and we have 3 boys, ages 12, 10, and almost 8. My husband is a building contractor and I'm a stay at home mom. I do the bookkeeping for dh as well as manage the rentals on some property in Whistler, BC. That's a lot of fun. Oh, we also have a dog and he's great fun. Dh is 6'5" and can lose weight by just thinking about it. My kids are all slim (didn't get it from me) and my oldest son is suddenly towering over me. He's now about 5'9" and I'm just 5'4". (Don't they just grow up too fast?)

The first time a doctor told me I was overweight was when I was 10 years old. I weighed 75 lbs and according to his charts I should have only been 70. If only they knew what kind of psychological damage they can do... Anyway, I always felt I was fat when in fact I wasn't, at least not until I had my first child. I also had gestational diabetes with my first pregnancy, but fortunately it was caught early and I only gained 25 lbs. I lost it right away, but then thinking I was doing so great, I started pigging out and gained it all back. With my other 2 pregnancies I also just gained a little weight, but kept it afterwards. In fact, just before my last child I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I only gained 10 lbs during the pregnancy since I was put on thyroid meds. Imagine if I hadn't gotten pregnant, maybe I would have lost some weight.

I am currently at 201 and would love to lose 70 lbs. I joined Curves 2 weeks ago and have been going about 3 times a week. My goal is to go 4 times/week, but that's hard to do sometimes, and walk the dog on off days. We're in the midst of building ourselves a new house and I'm amazed at how many decisions there are to make. I'm sometimes overwhelmed and can't seem to find time to get to anything else.

I'm currently not feeling too motivated to diet, but I need to have a better attitude in that department. I don't want to follow a formal diet, it's not for me. I get tired of counting whatever it is I'm counting and end up quitting. The stories from those of you who have lost weight are very inspiring. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work.

I watched Oprah today and she had a great program about losing weight and eating healthy. I picked up some ideas there and know now that there are different strokes for different folks. I need to find what works for me. I guess I'll have to do some real serious thinking to figure it out and then take action. I am going to take all my measurements though and see if my exercise routine at Curves does anything for the bod (I'm sure it will).

Anyway, enough about me. I look forward to continuing on this journey to health with all of you.

tryin'hard 04-03-2003 08:44 AM

Welcome Willbe! Like you, I had "tried them all", usually making it through Monday, maybe Tuesday, before chucking it all in and going back to eating unhealthily.
In your post, you said you have to find out what will work for you. I suggest you plan that time and have an HONEST talk with yourself about the foods your body needs to work (for me, it's protein at lunch and complex carbs for b'fast) and decide what you need to do to be successful. (I make weekly menus and shop to them.)
Remember, success comes in cans, not in cannots.

aphil 04-03-2003 10:15 AM

Hi Everyone!
Nola-I also religiously watch my sugar intake-even more so than my fat intake. I do not shy away from foods that have fat in them, if they are wonderful sources of nutrients or protein-like nuts and eggs. I totally agree with not eating something just because it is low fat. Sugar is fat free-it doesn't mean I am going to get a straw and suck up a whole bag of it! :lol: When I choose foods, rather than the fat count, I am looking more for good protein sources, or high nutrients and antioxidants-such as in fruits, veggies, legumes, and lean proteins. When I balance all of this out and eat higher quality foods-then it usually comes out in teh end as low fat for the day anyway...I truly loathe to see a dieter eat most of their calories for the day in Snackwell's cookies and the like...they may be eating 1500 calories a day, but they are starving their body of nutrition-and you can see it in their skin and hair...or lack of hair, if they keep doing it. :lol:
willbe-welcome! Feel free to join in anytime. If you are not yet motivated to start changing your eating habits, then just start when you are ready. Take your measurements-it is best to measure your bust at the fullest point, natural waist, fullest part of each hip-and if you want to, you can measure one thigh at teh fullest point, and your upper arm around the bicep area. Use a soft sewing measure tape rather than a stiff "workshop" style for more accuracy-and do this once a month, about the same time-say the 5th or 10th of every month, and record them. One month you may lose in your hips and thighs, the next all over, and maybe the nest in your bust...it is different each time.
As far as diet, I really meant what I said in the first post-that we are all "lifers" here. I know I refuse to go up and down the fat roller coaster one more time...and I know the girls here agree. It is not easy to start out, but as you go along each day, it gets easier and easier. I think the most important tool that you can do is write a daily food journal-writing down what you at each day-whether you are counting calories, points, etc. I know that you said that you got tired of counting whatever you were counting, but it really makes all the difference. Buy a little mini spiral bound notebook, and make it yours. After a while it becomes second nature to write in it when you eat. Foods that you eat often-for me foods like apples, yogurt, etc.-you soon memorize their calories and do not have to look anything up anymore! When you make yourself accountable for your eating-it makes you much more aware of what you are putting in your mouth. No more mindless shoving in of food in front of the television-because when you are done, do you REALLY know exactly how much crackers or chips you just ate? :o Getting a hold on your eating, and doing it for the rest of your life is the key to lifelong weight control.
Let me tell you girls-it has been beautiful here all week...around 70*F, sunny...and with all of this spring-I have come down with a major allergy attack-me and the kids! Itchy red eyes, sneezing, runny nose, itchy sore throat...something is high out there-don't know if it is trees, pollen, grasses, or what...but it is awful!
Jason marked off the area for our little "mini-garden in the back yard...it is small, probably 10'x10', but enough to grow a few melons and a small strip of corn...he and the kids will have fun doing that, and we will have fresh veggies for cheaper than in the store in a couple of months!
Here was my intake for yesterday:
royal jelly supplement in honey-25
grapefruit sections-120
grain shop cereal and 1/2c. skim milk-130
beef vegetable soup-220
ravioli and sauce-380
2 servings mixed vegetables-150
1/2 a cookie-55 (I split it with my daughter)
orange juice-110
total calories-1370
Kanola-your diet looks very good, plenty of fruit, veggies, dairy, and protein sources...you get 2 thumbs up!
Idealperson-things look pretty good, you are getting your veggies in and all, but I am going to suggest that you add a couple of fruit servings to your diet, and that you make sure to eat the minimum of your daily allowed WW points per day-you can bank points if you do not eat your total allowed, but you should ALWAYS eat the minimum...I am pretty sure that the lowest is 19 per day-at least in the manual that I have. (If I am incorrect, please let me know) I would add one of those fruit servings to your breakfast, since you only had a yogurt, and the other either with a meal or as a snack in the afternoon...you want to make sure that you are eating enough-I know it sounds wierd, but you can actually hinder your weight loss by eating too LITTLE.
Everyone, keep up the good work-oh, and Holly-I forgot to say something about the Collage success story thing-you go for it! I have actually thought of doing that myself when I reach my goal fitness level.
Well, its off to get my workout in...have a wonderful day everyone!

Snowey 04-03-2003 01:27 PM

Good morning everyone!

Welcome Willbe , glad to have you join our fine group of ladies.

Well things are going well for me, I have been out for a walk everyday except one since I have been here in Calgary. I found a nice little tanning salon and have been tanning since last friday. I leave for vacation in 9 days and I dont want to go back to the states with fish belly white skin :eek: And for those who know that I am a Subway addict, I have already gotten to know the owner of the Subway that I walk to and she is from Kitimat and went to high school with my hubby, a small world eh?

TOM is fast approaching and am starting to feel the dreaded cravings. I am going to try real hard not to give in to any of them. Why oh why cant we crave things like green beans and cottage cheese instead of chocalate, chocalate and more chocalate?????

Well I hope everyone has a great day, I am off for my daily walk!

See you all later:wave:

highest weight - 304
current weight - 183.5

Idealperson 04-03-2003 01:48 PM

Thanks for the advice Aphil...I was very low on points that day. I did try eating below my allowed points and my weight loss stopped, now I try to eat at a mid-range and I'm averaging about 2 pounds lost a week-I am also working out 5x a week at curves and doing some sit-ups at home. Here's my menu for yesterday:

Breakfast: English Muffin 2 pts.
Canadian Bacon 1 pt.
FF cheese slice 1 pt.
1 orange 1 pt.

Lunch: Large salad w/ FF dressing & 1/2 can of tuna 7 pts.

Dinner: 1 chicken breast 3 pts.
1 cup of corn 2 pts.
1/2 cup Cottage Cheese 2 pt.

Snack: celery & cherry tomatoes w/ lite ranch dressing 2 pts.

Idealperson 04-03-2003 04:20 PM

One more thing... has anyone tried drinking water with lemon in it? I've been reading about it in a magazine and wondered if anyone showed results or benefits from lemon...it is supposed to be a diuretic and flushes the system (purifies)??!!..

willbe 04-03-2003 07:12 PM

Hi all,

Thanks for the words of advice Aphil and Tryin'hard. That's very helpful. I have decided to record everything I eat (I went and bought a little spiral bound notebook, Aphil), but I'm not trying to cut down too much yet. I want to get a feel for what really goes into my mouth each day. I am also going to record my feelings when I feel like eating and am not hungry. I need to figure out why I overeat and I don't think it will be too easy.

I did my curves workout this afternoon and just got home from buying a portable CD player. I need to walk my dog more often, for him and for me, but I get so bored with just my own thoughts. I also prefer to walk alone than with a friend (really I'm not a loner, I just like to walk alone), but with music I should be hoppin'. I'll get out for a walk after the kiddies get home from school (which should be any minute now). It's a beautiful day here in southern BC and I have to take advantage of it before the usual rain sets in again. You know...in BC we don't tan, we rust :D .

Ideal: I have had lemon with my water. I have heard it's good for the complexion, but I just like a little taste sometimes.

Snowey: If all we ever craved was beans and cottage cheese, we wouldn't be here and I wouldn't have met you all :smug:. It's nice to have nice e-friends to talk to, don't ya think? Actually I might just trade you all in for a thin body if given the chance :devil:.

I will post my food intake later or tomorrow. Have a great rest of the day everyone.

missymont 04-03-2003 07:53 PM

Hi all! I woke up today with absolutely no pain in my knees or legs. Yipee. But I woke up with a pounding headache that has not went away (and its 10 hours later). I tried nuprine, fresh air, exercise, cold compress, a little nap..nothing is helping).

But, I went to the library and checked out books on pilates and stretching. So hopefully, I can incorporate that into my workout. I know I don't stretch enough.

Here's what I had yesterday:

Quaker Instant Oatmeal Cinnimmon Roll 160cal

Mid Morning Snack:
Salad w/ Just 2 Good Spicy French 130cal

Michelina's Lean Gourmet Glazed Chicken 260 cal
Sugar Free Jello Chocolate Pudding 80 cal

Mid-Afternoon Snack
Club reduced fat crackers (10) 140 cal

Broiled Lean Top Rond Steak 3oz 160cal
Homemade vegetable soup 1 cup 83 cal

Late night snack
Air popped popcorn( 6 cups) 204 cal

Total cal 1213

Today, I made vegetable egg rolls and baked them with pam sprayed on the top instead of deep frying and it worked! 92-100 cal per egg roll...I'm never sure how much to add on for pam spray. The egg roll wrapper was 75 calories and my filling (steamed cabbage, carrots, onions with some soy sauce, dry mustard and garlic powder) was about 15cal per 1/4 cup. Anybody have any idea how many calories deep frying adds?

Hope everyone is doing well and staying strong.


willbe 04-03-2003 11:32 PM

OK, it's the end of the day and I'm going to post what I ate today. I've kept a good record and amazingly, having to write it down kept me from porking out.

Breakfast: 2 slices 60% whole wheat toast with butter and jam
cup of herbal tea (my fav. is licorice spice mmmmm)
Snack: 1 donut hole
1/2 c coke
Lunch: 1 bowl vegetable beef soup (homemade & nice & thick)
1 dinner roll with butter
Snack: banana
4 ritz crackers
Dinner: Salmon fillet
brocolli, cauliflower & carrots
Snack: strawberries

Now I didn't weigh or measure anything because I'm not keeping really close track yet. I've cut myself off from eating anything more since it's now 7:30 pm.

I also did my curves workout and took the dog for a brisk 30 minute walk. I feel great!!!!!!

Ciao for now all

P.S. Missymont: Those egg rolls sound delish - sorry though, can't tell you how much calories deep frying adds, but I'm sure you're saving a bundle of cals by not deep frying.

aphil 04-04-2003 11:00 AM

The deep frying sort of depends on how high the oil is, if the oil is at too low a temperature slightly, more of it soaks into the food...oils averages 100 calories a tablespoon...so in an average egg roll I would guess it would add 150 calories to each one...
willbe-you are making a good start with the journal. Wrting your feelings down will help you as well...I have found that I am more of a "boredome" and "stress" eater...so I try to keep busy with my hands, and take proper relaxation when things get hectic-baths, yoga, etc.
My husband gave me the funniest compliment last night...I had on a denim dress-the kind that button up the front-and I was bending over and putting groceries away in the fridge-well, first he pulled up my dress while I had my head in the back of the fridge-because my hands were full and I couldn't pull it down right away...and then he told me that he noticed "I had a waist again." He then said that he likes me better heavier...I asked him why, and he said that now that my waist is back, and my hourglass shape is more apparent, that he is "turned on" a lot more, to no avail! (I think he was hinting that he wants more "attention". :lol: He is the type that can't just come out and tell you you look good, he has to do it jokingly or perverted like...
I am down another pound to 178 now...yippee! The other day I was walking around the house, and I realized that when I walk that my arms no longer rest against my sides...I have no idea when they stopped having "sides" to rest upon, but I just noticed it...I also noticed last week that when I type at the keyboard, that my biceps are hitting my forearms...(oh yeah)
Well, I better go-I need to workout, and eat breakfast...today is weight training day...(does Incredible Hulk pose) ggrrrrrr....
Aphil :lol:

Idealperson 04-04-2003 03:03 PM

Happy Friday everyone, let's all drink alot of water, exercise and make good food choices this weekend. Here's what I ate yesterday:

pumpkin bar w/ FF cool whip 3 pts. (& very filling!)

large salad w/ ham & FF dressing 8 pts.

Salad from Mc Donald's w/ FF dressing 8 pts.
(their new salads a great)

Yogurt w/ strawberries 4 pts.

Any more thoughts on the lemon juice...? I am in my third day of drinking lemon in my water...have a great weekend!

silence 04-04-2003 03:31 PM

Hey girls.. I went and got lost again ;)
I am totally not doing well on this diet.. blah..I lost 3.5 pounds and then proceeded to regain 2 of them. .. oh, and I am so totally NOT going to share with you what I ate yesterday :lol:

I'm a little late jumping on the 'about me' bandwagon but such is life...

I'm Christine.. I've been on this thread for who knows how long but somewhere over a year ;)
I just turned 28 a couple weeks ago.. and I'm a SAHM. Married to a younger man (25) who works as a PC Tech. We have two beautiful daughters... Alexa, age 4 and Kairi, almost 10 weeks old!

A little weight history....
In High School I weighed between 124 and 145 pounds... at the high end of this I thought I was HUGE and so I did Weight Watchers a couple times. I was still not happy when I got to 124 and so I gave up and bounced right back up to 145.
During my college years I gained 30 more pounds.. putting me at 175. This is where I was when I met my husband, 5 1/2 years ago. Within a couple months we got pregnant! I gained 24 pounds.. bringing me up to 199! (never hit 200.. that's my claim to fame :lol: ). Two weeks after having my daughter, I'd lost 35 pounds and weighed in at 164! Unfortunately, I didn't put any effort into keeping it this way.. so within 6 months, I was up to 195!
I was still 195 when I got married almost 2 years later... shortly after getting married I started to diet seriously (backwards I know.. they say when you get married you usually gain weight!)... over the next year and a half, I lost about 45 pounds! Then I went and got pregnant again! :o
This time, I gained 39 pounds. I easily lost almost half of those but then stalled. This is when I decided to start 'trying' again.. this was a few weeks ago.. and so far I have not been able to dedicate myself to a true effort :( I really need to get motivated again!! I currently sit at about 172 pounds. I am 5'4"

Anyway, I'm going to try to remember to pop in here more often.. as I really need the motivation of you guys!


jacklyn 04-04-2003 03:57 PM

Hello everyone! I've been a little missing in action lately, but I have been extremely busy with work and all. We are leaving for our vacation tomorrow. I will be spending 8 wonderful days in Cancun:cool: :cool: :cool: I have been so busy at work, this trip is the one thing that has kept me going! So I will once again be missing a week of posting but I will be ready to get back into the action when I get back. I have been so pleased with my results there is no way I will slip back. Although, I will admit that I will most likely eat and drink what I want next week. This is our one big yearly trip and I usually allow myself whatever for one week then hit it the day I get back. I figure as long as the other 51 weeks out of the year are in control, I can allow that one week...right??!? That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Ideal~In my research, I have read that drinking lemon juice in the water can actually help cleanse the liver, allowing the body to better cleanse itself. So drink up! I like to add a little lemon just to add a little flavor. One of the things I want to work on after my vacation is cutting down on diet cokes. I think they actually make me hungrier, than if I just drank water.

Congrats to Aphil on the recent loss and everyone else who is doing such a good job! I'll have to say that adding weights to my workouts have done wonders. My cellulite is actually fading a little!!! Well enough of my babbing, everyone have a wonderful week and I'll check in next Monday....ready to face a new challenge. I'm shooting for 135 by July, just about 15 pounds in 3 1/2 months. Definitely doable!!

Oh yeah....hello to all the new guys and to Nancy, its good to hear from you again! So glad to hear you're back with hubby! I'm outa here for fun in the sun!!

aphil 04-04-2003 04:00 PM

Idealperson-I don't have a lot of info on any nutritional benefit of puttinglemon juice or a lemon slice in your water...but it definitely is better than a diet soda! I drink diet sodas-but I usually limit it to 1 a day, 2 if I go out to a restaurant-because I usually have a refill-keeps me from eating more than I should if everyone is sitting their chatting or having dessert. The rest of the day is usually water for me, sometimes a serving of orange or grapefruit juice for a fruit serving.
I just finished my workout...man, I really worked my buns today-I really felt it! I am thinking I that when I hit 175 in the next couple of weeks-I am going to have to get another picture up here...since my last pic was at 185-you know, kindof show you all my progress in the 10's...I must say, my abs look better than they did in that picture...but then again, in that picture they looked a heck of a lot better than they did when I started up here after Raiden was born! :lol: Maybe I'll flex a bicep in this next one...:lol: You all will have to go back to my last pic and compare...my favorite pic of all time is still Holly's "Christmas" card for us...with the little candy cane in her mouth! :devil: (My husband liked that one, too! :lol: )
Well, I better get going...we have to drive down to the in-law's tonight for a while...and I need to get in the shower-after that workout I am a sweaty mess!
edit: jacklyn-we were postin at the same time! Have a blast on your vacation! You have worked hard, and I know you will look good in your bathing suit! Get a tan for me while you are there!

Kanola 04-04-2003 09:04 PM

Down another pound or so!!! YAY!!

I am right on 150 lbs now.... next week I hope to be below that point.... first time in over 10 years!!! :cb:

Well.... I can't make this long... because I have some things to do, but I will be back later with a longer post for sure!!

Keep on track everyone.... it will happen!!


willbe 04-04-2003 11:51 PM

Hi all,

Well, I have to say I worked quite hard today. I walked the dog, worked out at Curves and took my 8 year old for a bike ride. Now I'm ready to relax. I recorded by food again today. It's amazing though, how I can look at my food diary for the last 2 days and see where I can cut corners to lower my caloric intake. This journaling of food is a great idea!

Congrats to Aphil and Kanola on your loses :bravo: . As the Subway add would say "you're an inspiration to us all :) ".

Jacklyn: Have a great trip to Cancun! You just go ahead and enjoy yourself. I think you deserve one week off. Just having that attitude though, may help you stay on program. I find it's when I'm told I can't have something that I really want it. It's the rebel in me I guess :devil: .

Aphil: Where can I view that picture of you 10 lbs ago? Since I'm new to this thread, I didn't get to see it. I always like to be able to put a face to the names.

Silence: Don't worry about your little gain. It will come off again, just jump back on the wagon and get yourself back on track. Like you, I also lost my weight quickly after childbirth. How quickly those pounds can come back though, when you don't watch it. I'm also amazed at how our perception of ourselves can be so out of whack. I was about 130 lbs in highschool and was always trying to lose weight. Looking back, I looked pretty good, if only I could be there again (the weight that is, not high school :fr: ).

Here's my food for the day. Since it's past 7:30, I'm now cut off from anymore.
Bfast: Cheerios with 1% milk and a little sugar
Snack: 2 slices (count 'em t-w-o) date/pineapple loaf with butter (it's the rebel in me coming out ;) ).
Lunch: 4 crackers with 4 slices of cheese
diet coke
little tiny hard candy
Snack: 2 twizzlers
2" x 1" piece of chocolate cake (I was bored)
Dinner: BBQ teriyaki chicken breast on toasted bun with mayo (only a little), lettuce and mozza cheese
salad with slivered almonds & strawberries and homemade oil/vinegar dressing
Doritos (that's really bad, I know, but I'm just recording now, not dieting yet)

I was so full that I don't need anything else to eat tonight.

For all you calorie counters, please don't add up my calories cause I'm sure I'm way over the top.

Ciao for now!

VermontMom 04-05-2003 11:33 AM

Hello everyone!

Hi willbe, and welcome! congratulations on the steps you've taken so far!

Aphil, you must be feeling SO good with the great changes that you're seeing! and the ones that your husband is commenting on !:devil: :devil: :lol:

my face turned red as I remembered that Christmas pic - that was a "WHAT was I thinking" moment! :o

Our weather is enough to get anybody down - after we had a "tease " of warm weather last week, we got 5" of snow last Sunday; it's been below freezing every since, with occasional snow showers; and today, freezing rain/up to 6" of snow expected. Sigh....!!!!

I can post my good choices for meals here, up to a certain point, then I would NOT be a good role model...

breakfast - 1/2 cup Kashi Good Friends cereal, mixed with 6 or 8 ounces of fat-free. nutrasweet-ened yogurt; and small apple, chopped up and mixed in. Plus coffee with about 1/2 cup 1% milk.

or alternate breakfast is 1/2 cup oatmeal, with small chopped apple and a few raisins

lunch, if I'm at work - 1 slice regular bread, with honey mustard, a little cranberry sauce, lettuce, tomato, and 3-4 ounces deli turkey breast.

after that...bad me, sometimes a cookie or two in afternoon.

if I'm home, lunch is a can of tuna, mixed with honey mustard and 2 T reduced fat mayo; with lettuce on 2 slices lite bread. As many baby carrots as I can crunch/stand. Coffee with a fruitgrain bar (usually 120-130 cals. each) . No cookies here to be bad with :D

dinner - I should cut myself down to 1 piece of baked chicken, but have been having two; good with steamed veggies and a green salad; I TRY to limit the starch of the meal to one small serving, but that's hard. Ifeel I'm doing very well when I do the "chew each mouthful 30X" - that really slows down the inhaling of the dinner - bad habit with me to eat fast.

no junk food or dessert in the house - so there's only breakfast cereal for an evening snack. Well, good choices would be yogurt, fruit, sugar-free jello.

I'm not gaining - still hovering around the 145 mark. Feeling good from the exercising, as always, but haven't felt sore the next day, which means, sigh, up the intensity, right?

It'll be time to wear shorts soon; actually, at work, I'd be comfortable with them even now, as it's so warm in there - myboss has been wearing shorts to worknow for a couple of weeks - but I sam still so self-conscious of my legs. That is what I need to keep in mind, I guess - that I want to work towards being able to wear shorts with a free mind.

'Nola - got my Joe Rocket jacket yesterday!! The 4.0 ballistic weatherproof jacket, with removeable armor in the shoulders, elbows, and spine protector. and the 4.0 ballistic pants are coming next week! ALSO big motivation to not ever get bigger, as alot of $$$ were invested in these garments! and congrats on your discipline and being down some more!!!!

Nancy - hi hi hi again!! so good to have you back. Doesn't tanning feel good??? I just love the warmth. I fell asleep in there the other day, which has become usual; BUT i was having a dream where someone (? maybe a cabana boy) was feeding me these HUGE delicious shrimp; and I woke myself up moving my mouth like I was chewing!!! oh my G! Isn't that pathetic but funny?! so glad that there is no hidden camera in there!!!!!

well, I'm hungry so I'm going to find some baby carrots and make some jello for the hungry snack attack later! and do my Gilad Step n tone video.

Have a great day!!! and yes, we can DO it!!!

Your friend

aphil 04-05-2003 11:34 AM

Hi everyone!
willbe-the pic of me 10 pounds ago SHOULD be in the last thread...in the first half I should say...I am in a tribal bellydance costume and makeup-so I do not look like that every day!
Aphil ;)

aphil 04-07-2003 10:46 AM

Hi everyone!
I had a pretty good weekend...my weigh in this week has me down another pound to 177 as well. :)
We went to the in-law's last night, and I got a couple of comments from my "sort of" brother in law...he has been dating my sister in law for a couple of years, and they are talking marriage now.
He hasn't really seen me in a month or two, and the changes must be more apparent, because the first thing he said to me jokingly was, "You're starting to slim down some, isn't it about time for another one of those?" (As he points to my kids) :lol: Did I mention our family is full of Seinfeld-esque smart mouths? :lol:
Later he made a joking comment to my husband (they tease each other about their "bellies" and lovehandles and growing girth) that it is a good thing Amy has lost some weight, or she wouldn't be able to pass you (my husband) in the hallway! (Not meaning anything toward me, but to my husband)
It feels so good to hear comments like that...to know that your hard work is paying off, and people are noticing the changes in you. If that is not the best motivation to keep going, I don't know what is.

silence 04-07-2003 11:57 AM

Hey girls... hows everyone doing?

Well, today is supposed to be weigh-in day but I'm skipping it because I just haven't been putting in the effort.
This week I'm going to try to incorporate one thing into my 'diet' ... it is my goal to drink only water & diet drinks this week (mostly water).
Perhaps, if I can add one healthy habit a week, I'll be able to get back into the swing of things!!

Hope everyone else is having better luck than me!!

mini-goal: 169

silence 04-07-2003 12:16 PM

A quote for you gals...


Having tried a gajillion diets, I understand how when we want to lose weight, we tend to look for the answer outside ourselves. We want a magic solution--a secret formula. I used to wish somebody would just tell me the answer--show me the way. Someone did. But I've also learned when Glenda, the good witch, told Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, "You always had it. You always had the power." The real secret is within you. -- Oprah Winfrey

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