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Default I'm going crazy! Everything is NOT working..

Ok so a few weeks ago I posted about losing the last 10 pounds or so. It was suggested that I cut out carbs, sweets, etc, and step up my exercise. Well, in the last 3 weeks of eating nothing but fruits, veggies, tea, water (and some protein powder and nuts), and running a couple miles consistently every day...I have gained more than 20 pounds! I have lost any tone that I had. I feel absolutely disgusting. When I look at myself in the mirror I feel physically sick. I can't fit any of my old clothes.

Does anyone have any explanations for what is happening???
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It's shocking to hear you've gained 20 pounds in a few weeks! I know I've read that when you start exercising you will gain weight because you are building muscles and muscles weigh more than fat -- but 20 pounds really sounds excessive. I'd cut back on the exercise, and maybe post your menu for a day or two....I'm sure someone will be able to give more info.

Good luck.

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Fruit has a lot os sugar, how much fruit a day are you eating ?
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back to square 1(70)
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To add onto what noregrets4me you log everything you eat, either online or in a journal or something? I also encourage you to post on here every single thing you've eaten in an average day and someone here might be able to give you a better idea of what's going wrong.

Unless you're eating a TON of nuts or their candied, deep fried veg and fruits with sugar...I can't imagine why you're gaining. 20 lbs in a few weeks is a lot, but hopefully when you figure out where the problem is and change it, the 20 lbs will fall off.
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Ok, well today my food was:
(Banana Smoothie)
-1 Banana
-3 ice cubes
-1 cup of milk
-1/2 scoop protein powder (9g protein, 50 cal)
-1 Tomato
-1/3 cup plain almonds (not salted or coated with anything)
Dinner: (probably where I'm going the most wrong..)
-1 sliced sweet potato, fried in vegetable oil
-5 strawberries, no toppings

Walked/Jogged 2.09 mi, in 24 minutes.
100 crunches
20 pushups
30 squats

I know I'm probably not eating enough calories, but I think I'm developing an eating disorder; I'm just so terrifyed of gaining weight that I just can't make myself eat any more. I feel so weighted down when I eat any more.

I HAVE been known to eat junk food when I'm bored, though (and soo deeply regret it afterwards) But I HAVE not been doing much of that (or any more than normal in the last month).

I just don't understand why I'm getting bigger with increased execise and decreased food intake.

I should probably add that at my recent physical, my doctor told me that I'm in the 56th percentile for my age and height, so my lack of NEEDING to lose weight may also be affecting this. I'm just looking to lose a little and tone up, but then this happened. Mostly all of my friends are around my height and 110-115lbs. I was consistently 115-120 (125 on a bad day) just a few weeks ago, but now the scale will not drop below 130 and has been hovering ever more closely to 140 today.

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Looking at you meal plan, it seems like your problem could be stemming from a lack of sufficient calories/nutrients coupled with too much exercise. On extremely restrictive diets the body tends to make it harder and harder to lose weight in an attempt to hold on to the few calories that you are actually consuming.

I know from my own experience that it is easy to get so caught up in the idea that 'less food = less weight" that it becomes both a physical and emotional obsession. However, if you keep eating like you are chances are that you will never lose the weight that you want to. You said that you feel too weighed down when you eat anything more, but you should try to incorporate more nutrients into your diet. For example, you could try oatmeal for breakfast (with milk if you want, sliced banana, maybe nuts, brown sugar, even peanut butter) instead of the smoothie, or perhaps 'beef up' what you are drinking in the morning by putting more protein powder and perhaps more fruit or even spinach. Try adding new things in small doses, a baked chicken breast or brown rice or a salad, in an attempt to add to the number of calories you are eating per day.

It may sound sort of skewed that you should eat more to lose, but I've found that when my diet gets too limited or restrictive, the weight loss stalls. Have you considered going to a nutritionist? They will be able to provide you with a balanced meal plan that should help you meet all of your goals.
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I would advise you to see your doctor. All theories of fruit consumption, "starvation" mode, etc. aside, there is no way you could gain 20 lbs. on what you're eating. I don't know when you last posted, but even if it were five weeks ago, you would have had to gain two pounds a week since then, and that's 7000 more calories a week beyond your maintenance calories. If what you posted is really a typical day for you, then my guess is that it must be some sort of medical issue. See your doctor.
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Please see a doctor! To gain 20 lbs in 3 weeks while exercising and eating nothing but fruits, veggies, nuts and drinking water is abnormal.
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