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My wife has jumped on the Atkins bandwagon, and after one week, seems *very* happy about it. She's cooking our meals along those guidelines, and for the most part, I'm not starving!

I plan to follow her on one of these low-carb adventures... but I'm doing a bit more research before following suit. From the library, we've both gotten the Atkins book, and the Hellers' "Carbohydrate Addicts Lifestyle Plan." I put a hold on the Eades' "Protein Power" book.

At the suggestion of someone in the Low-Carb area of the 3FC message boards, I'm here to find info on the zone. Read through the "Zone #28" thread, but I'd like a little more info, please.

The one thing that concerns me about the Sears plan is the timing. I've read a couple of magazine articles about "The Zone," and in both cases, I recall it saying that you had to be absolutely *meticulous* about *when* you eat. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are eaten at the same time, *every* day, *regardless* of what your schedule is like.

Is that true? Any other comparisons/contrasts that can be drawn between "The Zone" and some of the other low-carb plans out there?

Thanks a lot!


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Can't really comment much about THE ZONE, skimmed through it, but really not enough to comment about it.

I would tell you to look into SUGAR BUSTERS. Despite myths, it is NOT a low carb diet, but really a very sensible WOE that has you watch foods that are high on the glycemic index. You have low GI foods and your intake is healthy in the way that approx. 30% of your daily intake comes from fat, 40% from carbs & 40% from protein.

One individual that has a good site that can sum up this WOE in a nutshell is located below, just click on the link. This is one health WOE that many Dr's are recommending their patients to try-not many Dr.s do that these days.

From a personal point of view, I can tell you I've been following this WOE for almost 1 year and haven't cheated a lick yet-once you get the sugar out of your system, you don't have cravings for things like that anymore, and replacing refined foods with the whole grain and healthier counterparts, well, what could be better!

Anyhow, whatever you choose, good luck!

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RoadRash, You do not have to eat every meal and snack at the exact same time every day. Breakfast should be eaten within an hour of rising. However, if it's going to be longer than that you can have half a zone bar or anyother 1 block snack to keep you insulin level where it belongs.
Recommended reading is Mastering the Zone, if you are the scientific type you might want to read Enter the Zone. Recommended websites, and
The Zone is a 40 30 30 diet plan. 40% of the diet is low density carbs (fruit and vegetables), 30% is lowfat protein and 30% is healthy fat. The book will outline the favorable carbs, protein and fat choices. You have 3 meals and 2 snacks everyday.
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Hello Roadrash. I have not had much luck with a protein diet. After a couple of weeks I don't feel well on them. I started on a diet called The Formula - it is also like the Zone a 40-30-30 diet, except I believe it is easier to understand. Comes with recipe to incorporate into your diet . The first 21 days is a "fat busters" plan, and you can have no high carbs, such as rice, pasta, potatoes etc. Lots of fruit and vegetables (low glycemic). It is a much healthier diet that the protein diets, I believe. You can stay on the fat buster diet until you lose whatever weight you want, and then proceed to the regular diet, that starts to include the higher carbs. Also, you can make desserts (cheese cake etc). You never feel deprived, and adding a Balance Bar makes it feel like you are getting something sweet. It is written by the Dausts.
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